Q: Have you had that chance on any other film?

Yeah. I've been lucky. Not everybody was super interested in talking about that stuff. And that's kind of like, not a sad thing, but it's just a bit of a downer, you know? But I got to work on the remake of "Robocop" with Michael Keaton and Gary Oldman. And pretty much all my scenes were with Keaton. Oldman was in most of 'em and Jennifer Ehle and Marianne Jean-Baptiste. And so here I am with Commissioner Gordon and Batman from two different generations together and I was there privy to the moment where that penny dropped and they realized that. It was like, "Wait a second, you're in the new one? Who you playing, Gordon?" "Yeah, Batman." It was like, "Oh my God!" But then to hear production stories about "The Dream Team," about "Johnny Dangerously" and fucking "Batman," "Beetlejuice," I mean -- and then from Oldman I got to pick his brain about "State of Grace," about "The Professional," the Nolan Batmans. And that's the thing, it's like it's like a bit of an agreement. I think they're fine talking about it if I'm actually interested. And they saw that I am [really] a movie nerd. That's the one thing I'll be super fucking arrogant about and say I know my shit. And so when they talk to me they can see that. And it was just like it's a movie nerd's dream to get to be with fucking Keaton and Oldman every day.

Q: Since you proclaim yourself a movie nerd, should we take that as a stamp of approval that before you made "Robocop," you thought it would be good?

Well, yeah.

Q: Because I was at Comic-Con this summer and they showed the footage for the first time. And a lot of us went in very skeptical.

I know, yeah, as well you should, as well you should.

Q: And I was like, "Huh. This looks a lot better than I thought it would."

Yeah. Because it's all pros and cons when you have an opportunity like this. And I had to weigh, sort of, getting the chance to be alongside Oldman and Keaton, five-hour train ride away from where I live every day [and] working with a director who I was a fan of before. I was a fan of José years before this movie ever came about because I had sought out "Elite Squad" and "Elite Squad 2." And I love "City of God." He was a guy who I'd been checking myself as a film fan. And so when they said he's directing, he's finally doing a movie in English and it's with these guys and it's a remake of "Robocop" and it's in Toronto, like it was pretty obvious to me that I had to do it.

Q: You keep saying the five hours from Toronto.

I live in Montreal.

Q: Right, but you're not like taking the train every morning?

Not every morning, no. But when I come here I take the train usually. I took the train in yesterday.

Q: But, you're not going home like every night are you?

Fuck no. I stay here. [Laughs.]

Q: Like you love your home so much you…

No, I'll stay here when I'm shooting but I just mean like as opposed to fucking having to leave the continent or something or, you know, or across the continent even.

Q: Well, that's my next question. "This Is the End." Great movie. You're playing a version of yourself that most people think you are really like in person. And that raise the question, honestly: do you really hate L.A. that much?

I can't – I don't like shitting on people's homes.

Q: No, no, it's okay. I had to ask. [Laughs.]

It's just like cup of tea, right? And you were just talking about what places we don't, you know, you'd have to be paid to be in France. But for some people it's the greatest place on Earth. L.A.'s just not for me. It never has been. Never once did I have that moment where I am like, "I'm home." I was always fucking square peg there. There's a lot about it that I like because it's a city of square pegs and it's a city where no one gives a shit what you look like because everyone's so high on themselves. So, like, you can walk around in fucking athletic gray sweatpants and no one gives a shit. And that's nice and that's liberating and I have a lot of friends there and there's, like, some great restaurants, but it's just not my fucking city. It never felt like it. And unfortunately, when I'm there, I am exposed to a very narrow aspect of Los Angeles. Like I'm not working at Northrop Grumman or something like that. So I'm seeing a part of L.A. that fucking grates on me.

With over a decade of experience in the movie industry, Ellwood survived working for two major studios and has written for Variety, MSN and the LA Times. A co-founder of HitFix, Ellwood spends his time relaxing hitting 3’s on the basketball court and following his beloved Clippers.