We had the poster for "The Bling Ring" a couple of days ago, and now the marketing push for Sofia Coppola's teen crime drama is in full swing. MTV closed out its Sneak Peek Week with a new clip rom the film introduced live by its five young stars: Emma Watson, Taissa Farmiga, Katie Chang, Israel Broussard and Claire Julien. I can't watch the clip because I live outside the US and am therefore not worthy -- thanks, MTV! -- but it's embedded after the jump, so check it out if you can and tell us what you think.

The MTV association is, of course, a canny choice for a film that's positioning itself as classy summer counterprogramming for female teens -- whether that demographic target jives with Sofia Coppola's woozy aesthetic remains to be seen, but I'm hearing good things about the film.

Sneak Peek Week -- which also showcased "The Heat," "This Is the End," "Pain and Gain" and "The To-Do List" is, of course, an appetite-builder for the MTV Movie Awards, which take place on Sunday evening. "Bling Ring" star Emma Watson is nominated in three categories herself for "The Perks of Being a Wallflower," and will also be receiving the Trailblazer Award. Because, hey, why not? Check out Kris and Greg's rundown on the awards here


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