The American Film Institute released its annual best of the year film list and, for the first time, increased the number of honorees to 11.

Each film needed to be an "American" film -- one guesses that is determined by financing -- and while "The Imitation Game" was eligible due to financing "Theory of Everything" was not.

AFI's list is as follows:

"American Sniper"
"The Imitation Game"
"Into the Woods"

The only truly surprises are "Into the Woods" and "American Sniper."  Overlooked were "Gone Girl," "Inherent Vice," NBR winner "A Most Violent Year," "The Grand Budapest Hotel" and "Wild."  "Budapest" is, quite honestly, the most glaring omission.

It's worth noting that last year seven of the eventual best picture nominees were on AFI's list.  In 2012, eight of the nine made AFI's list. In 2011, seven of the nine made AFI's list.  Needless to say, if "Theory" is considered a lock it appears "Budapest" and "Gone Girl" will need to impress over the next few weeks to make the Oscar cut.

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