Closing out the acting categories this week it's time for Team HitFix to turn our gaze to the supporting actresses, and like usual, it's pretty fluid here in the early stages. There aren't a ton of obvious contenders and further clouding matters is the fact that some campaigns aren't necessarily firmed up; some of these ladies could be positioned in lead or supporting, depending on the argument.

There are veterans and newcomers, performances in definitive Best Picture players and others in fringe curiosities. It's pretty wide open, really, so we tried to cast another wide-ish net. Studio fare, tiny indies — it's an interesting cross section. And most interesting of all: could a certain beloved star extend her Oscar nominations record this year? She just might.

So click through the gallery story below to see what we're thinking. Are we missing anything? Is there an underdog possibility you think deserves the boost? Tell us in the comments section!

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