PARK CITY - It certainly won't go down as one of the greatest editions of the Sundance Film Festival, but reports of it being a bad or weak festival are completely off base.  There were few highs, few terrible lows (although some).  Instead, there were many good, very good, but not great films.  The festival experimented with mixing up the genres in the dramatic competition and for some longtime media it might have been off putting. Well, if they attended the public screenings they would have found audiences more engaged than usual. It was an experiment for the programmers and gave high profile debuts for movies such as "Life as Beth," "Dear White People" and "Cold in July."  Those are flicks that could have been relegated to the Midnight or NEXT sections in the past.  That's a win in our book.

Where much of the buzz occurred this year was in premieres and World Dramatic where Richard Linklater stole the festival with the debut of "Boyhood" and "The Calvary" became one of the first awards season players of the 2014-2015 year.  Oh, and if this was your first visit to Sundance, you might wonder why anyone ever complained about the weather.

With all that in mind, the HitFix editorial team has picked our best and worst of this year's Park City extravaganza. Agree? Disagree? Share your thoughts below.