At Awards shows, there are winners. And there are losers. Or, at least, there are people who lose the awards to the winners.

Then there are losers, as in they cannot contain the indignity of their loss.

In cases like Lauren Bacall at the Oscars, we're practically bitter for her.

In cases like Justin Bieber winning a career achievement honor, we're bitter for... us. Because nobody really wins there, right?

Below we outline some of the most sad, bummed and bitter reactions to awards, from the Oscars and Golden Globes, to the Grammys and MTV VMAs. Who could forget the bitter reaction "I'mma let you finish," which rang out across the world?

After five years as a columnist and editor at Billboard, Katie Hasty joined HitFix in 2009 for music and film reporting out of New York. The Midwest native has worked as a writer, music promoter and in A&R since 1999 and performs with her band Numbers And Letters.