2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards nominees - complete list

2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards nominees - complete list

'12 Years A Slave' and 'Breaking Bad' lead with 4 nods each

The Screen Actors Guild announced this year's nominees for the 2014 SAG Awards. The winners will be announced during a live telecast on TNT and TBS on Saturday, Jan. 18. The nominees are as follows...

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<p>For your consideration: Oscar Isaac and cat in &quot;Inside Llewyn Davis.&quot;</p>

For your consideration: Oscar Isaac and cat in "Inside Llewyn Davis."

Credit: CBS Films

Roundup: The rights and wrongs of campaigning cats

Also: R.I.P. Eleanor Parker, and Disney's self-referencing awards campaign

It happens pretty much every year: some adorable animal in one of the year's major awards titles charms critics enough that its "performance" places in various year-end polls, while others make irony-laced calls for awards recognition. Two years ago it was that craven red-carpet whore Uggie; this year, it's the cat/s of "Inside Llewyn Davis" that has surfaced in the Indiewire critics' poll for Best Supporting Performance. Joe Reid, albeit with his own tongue fairly far in cheek, is tired of the joke: "Handing an Academy Award to your cat is something to do when you're eight years old and holding pretend Academy Awards in your bedroom, because you're an only gay child who just wants to re-enact the Whoopi Goldberg-hosted 1998 Oscars, and the cat makes a better Gwyneth Paltrow than you do." The old Billy DeWolfe song "Don't Dress Your Cat in an Apron" comes to mind. [The Wire]

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"Captain Phillips" and "Blue Jasmine"
"Captain Phillips" and "Blue Jasmine"
Credit: Sony Pictures/Sony Classics

'Blue Jasmine' and 'Captain Phillips' set for Oscar season re-releases

Will putting them back into theaters pay off for Sony?

It's not a new trick to put Oscar contenders that have mostly come and gone from the multiplex back into theaters this time of year. It can often help regain steam heading into the voting period or, better yet, rack up on extra box office dollars in the latter-year fog of awards season.

Today, Sony Classics and Sony Pictures each announced that Woody Allen's "Blue Jasmine" and Paul Greengrass' "Captain Phillips," respectively, would be heading back to screens. Allen's film, which features a Cate Blanchett performance that has been dominating on the critics circuit and may well win the Oscar, will re-release into 300 theaters this weekend, while Greengrass' gripping account of Somali piracy off the coast of Africa starring Tom Hanks will expand into a whopping 1,000 theaters on January 15, just one day before the Oscar nominations.

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<p>A scene from &quot;Nebraska&quot;</p>

A scene from "Nebraska"

Credit: Paramount Pictures

Exclusive: 'Nebraska' score not submitted for Oscar consideration

Mark Orton's music in the film was previously used in 2005's 'Sweet Land'

Those who have seen Alexander Payne's "Nebraska" have likely taken plenty of pleasure in Mark Orton's musical compositions in the film. The heartland plucking and bowing of strings throughout carries the narrative with a helping of nostalgia and a touch of levity and you might end up humming this or that tune on your way out of the theater. But what you might not know is that the music is not original to the film.

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<p>Will &quot;Lee Daniels' The Butler&quot; be well served in tomorrow's SAG nods?</p>

Will "Lee Daniels' The Butler" be well served in tomorrow's SAG nods?

Credit: The Weinstein Company

SAG nomination predictions: Who will make the cut?

HitFix's trio of awards experts weighs in on the film categories

Tomorrow, the Oscar race takes a significant turn, as we move beyond the critics' awards -- though there are still plenty of those to come, of course -- and into the realm of industry opinion. The Screen Actors Guilds are the first taste we get of peer voting, and more often than not, the Academy echoes their selections with only a couple of exceptions -- not least because the bodies share a not-inconsiderable number of voters.

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<p>Zoe Saldana</p>

Zoe Saldana

Credit: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

Zoe Saldana, Olivia Wilde and Aziz Ansari to announce 2014 Golden Globe nominees

Nominations to be revealed on Thursday morning

Zoe Saldana, Olivia Wilde and Aziz Ansari will be announcing the 2014 Golden Globe nominees.

The trio of actors will be joined by Sosie Bacon, 21-year-old daughter of Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick, who has been crowned Miss Golden Globes 2014. The nominations will be announced live on NBC's "Today Show" at 8:38am EST on Thursday and be streamed via GoldenGlboes.com and HFPA.com.

The 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards airs Sunday, January 12 on NBC with returning hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

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Sundance 2014: Brendan Gleeson reunites with 'Guard' director in new 'Calvary' trailer

Sundance 2014: Brendan Gleeson reunites with 'Guard' director in new 'Calvary' trailer

Religious comedy also stars Chris O'Dowd, Moran and Aidan Gillen

Several years ago, Brendan Gleeson and writer-director John Michael McDonagh scored a Sundance hit with the low-key dark comedy "The Guard."

Sundance 2014 finds them reuniting for more bleak laughs and some religious introspection in "Calvary," with "Bridesmaids" star Chris O'Dowd in tow.

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<p>&quot;12 Years a Slave&quot;</p>

"12 Years a Slave"

Credit: Fox Searchlight

'12 Years a Slave' leads yet another critics group's nominations, in San Diego

'Short Term 12' also has another great showing

You guessed it, another regional group has gone for "12 Years a Slave" in a big way. As noted in yesterday's Oscar column, these groups speak to consensus more than the more "prestigious" groups that went last week. Though it's not to say the critics groups across the country won't be without their quirks that may not easily translate to the Academy. For instance, I find it interesting (in a good way) that "Short Term 12" has been doing so well with these groups. Here the film landed five nominations. Anyway, check out the full list below. Winners will be announced on Wednesday, Dec. 11. And as always, keep track of the season at The Circuit.

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<p>Jeff Nichols' &quot;Mud&quot;&nbsp;also sparked for the group, picking up five nominations.</p>

Jeff Nichols' "Mud" also sparked for the group, picking up five nominations.

Credit: Roadside Attractions

'12 Years a Slave' dominates Phoenix Film Critics Society nominations

'Saving Mr. Banks' comes in a distant second

Another day, another regional critics group that dives full force into the "12 Years a Slave" tank. The film dominated the Phoenix Film Critics Society nominations today with 13 mentions. "Saving Mr. Banks" was a distant second nailing down nine, while "Gravity" picked up eight. Jeff Nichols' "Mud" also sparked for the group, picking up as many nominations as top Oscar players like "American Hustle" and "Captain Phillips." It showed up in the group's lengthy Best Picture/Top 10 list category as well as in Best Original Screenplay. Check out the full list below, and remember to keep track of the season via The Circuit.

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<p>Leonardo DiCaprio in &quot;The Wolf of Wall Street.&quot;</p>

Leonardo DiCaprio in "The Wolf of Wall Street."

Credit: Paramount Pictures

Roundup: Schoonmaker's NSFW moments in editing 'Wolf of Wall Street'

Also: Inside the LAFCA vote, and Hollywood's most overpaid actors

The editing of "The Wolf of Wall Street" has been a long-running story, as Martin Scorsese's film scrambled to get in under the wire -- with reports of various running times (one as long as four hours) along the way. Three-time Oscar winner Thelma Schoonmaker, who is probably more informed than most on this matter, talks to Melena Ryzik about the "shaving down" process, the improvisations she reluctantly had to lose, and the awkward NSFW moments she encountered along the way. “This is a lot of sex and a lot of drugs. It was a bit of a shock at first. Sometimes people would come in the editing room and there’d be some outrageous image on the screen and I’d say, ‘Wait a minute, let me move that off.’” [New York Times]

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