Exclusive: Coldplay, John Legend and Common enter the Best Original Song Oscar race

Exclusive: Coldplay, John Legend and Common enter the Best Original Song Oscar race

Tracks from 'Selma' and 'Unbroken' break out the heavy hitters this year

Last year's "Alone Yet Not Alone" shenanigans were a nice reminder that the Academy's Music Branch can certainly march to its own drum (no pun intended), for better or worse. So you never can tell how the Best Original Song Oscar race will turn out, and the highest of profiles isn't necessarily a guaranteed pass. Nevertheless, this year's race — already marked by contenders from popular music such as New Radicals' Gregg Alexander ("Begin Again") and the legendary Patti Smith ("Noah") — has just picked up a trio of heavy hitters.

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Credit: Cinelou Films

Jennifer Aniston’s 'Cake' performance sneaks into the Best Actress race

Cinelou Releasing will release the film in time for consideration.

With early, festival-driven campaigns already ramping up (see: Julianne Moore in “Still Alice”) and sleeper candidates generating buzz (major question marks like Amy Adams in “Big Eyes”), the 2015 Best Actress race is tightening up. Is there room for surprises? Jennifer Aniston hopes so.

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Emma Watson can’t escape Mikael Nyqvist’s grip in 'Colonia' first look

Somewhere, costar Daniel Brühl is worried

Fresh off his bloody beating in Keanu Reeves’ gun-fu action movie “John Wick,” Deadline announced that Mikael Nyqvist has joined the cast of Florian Gallenberger's directorial debut “Colonia.” With the announcement comes the first still to make its way off the active set, a rather creepy glimpse at Emma Watson’s next role. Breathe, “Harry Potter” Tumblr contingent! It’s just a movie.

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Paul Greengrass
Credit: Sony Pictures

'Bourne' director Paul Greengrass to docudramatize a Berlin Wall escape

Riding high from ‘Captain Phillips,’ the filmmaker signs on to ‘The Tunnels’

Paul Greengrass is like the Ricky Jay of Hollywood directors. Every few months, the “Captain Phillips” filmmaker becomes attached to a new project, the likelihood of it actually happening a complete unknown, but fascinating nonetheless. Maybe it’s a Martin Luther King biopic. Or an adaptation of “Agent Storm: My Life Inside Al Qaeda.” Or a crime picture with George Clooney. Or Aaron Sorkin’s long-gestating “The Trial Of The Chicago 7.” Or even a triumphant return to the “Bourne” franchise! When Greengrass eventually makes a movie, it can come out of nowhere. He (or his agent) is the master of industry illusions.

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Credit: Paramount Pictures

Off the Carpet: Enter Nolan - 'Interstellar' has arrived

The space epic has achieved liftoff...now what?

Observing Christopher Nolan move further and further into macro territory with larger and larger canvases that couldn't be more removed from the imposed modesty of his debut, "Following," one thing has become increasingly clear: he's a master of the big picture (as in the greater takeaway from a project, not scale and scope — though that's obviously applicable, too). This has never been more the case than with "Interstellar."

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<p>Christopher Nolan</p>

Christopher Nolan

Credit: Warner Bros.

When will Christopher Nolan make a smaller movie again?

'Interstellar' is 'the best of both world for a director,' he says

BEVERLY HILLS — Four years ago, when he was in the thick of an "Inception" Oscar campaign, I couldn't help but ask Christopher Nolan if he had any desire to go back to more modest filmmaking, smaller films akin to "Memento," which debuted at Slamdance in 1999. "It depends on the story, really," he said, unsurprisingly. "I tend to think that if you have the chance to do a big film, you should do it while you can. I’m always worried maybe I won’t be able to do a big film again."

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Tell us what you thought of 'Birdman'

Tell us what you thought of 'Birdman'

The Michael Keaton vehicle makes it to 50 more locations this weekend

I'd say we've pretty much covered it around here as it pertains to "Birdman." Interviews with Alejandro González Iñárritu, Michael Keaton, Edward Norton, Emma Stone, Andrea Riseborough, Naomi Watts, Zach Galifianakis & Amy Ryan, etc. I've banged the gong for Keaton this season (I have a favorite, sue me) and the Academy seemed receptive enough. We've even gone deep on the costuming of it and the creation of the iconic Birdman superhero suit. The movie is out there in the world now, though, dealing in the court of public opinion.

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<p>Gregg Alexander</p>

Gregg Alexander

Credit: Photo © Robert G. Zuckerman

New Radicals frontman Gregg Alexander breaking his silence to talk 'Begin Again'

He's set to perform for the first time in 15 years at next month's Hollywood Music in Media Awards

BEVERLY HILLS — Gregg Alexander is enamored by movies. He grew up in a conservative household where television was "Satan's tool," but he'd sneak off to friends' houses to watch theirs instead. He talks passionately about filmmakers like the Coen brothers, Michael Haneke and Mike Leigh and seems eager to be a part of an industry he finds incredibly efficient. So it's perfectly fitting that he would eventually make his way there via a collaboration on John Carney's "Begin Again," and maybe even more understanding that after 15 years of being relatively reclusive away from touring and the media, he's finally speaking out again in support of the film and his work on tracks like "Lost Stars," which is primed for a Best Original Song Oscar nomination.

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<p>Anne Hathaway in &quot;Interstellar&quot;</p>

Anne Hathaway in "Interstellar"

Credit: Paramount Pictures

'Interstellar' director Christopher Nolan says it's important 'to start looking up again'

The director's comments get at the heart of one of the film's themes: hope

BEVERLY HILLS — When you see "Interstellar," you'll get the sense right away that a deep admiration for exploration lies at the root of it all. Amid all of that epic imagery (and equally epic familial drama), there is a seething indictment of our general abandonment of space programs. At a press conference Friday afternoon, filmmaker Christopher Nolan and three of the film's stars spoke about their early experiences with space travel and the value of keeping NASA funded while continuing to push for the outer limits.

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Stephen Hawking

In time for 'The Theory of Everything,' Stephen Hawking joins Facebook

The renowned physicist takes us inside his life through social media magic

Through number-crunching and theorizing, Stephen Hawking opened our universe to new possibilities. Now, the theoretical physicist is hoping to do the same for his lifetime of work, connecting with curious followers in a way that represents the future of communication. Just in time for “The Theory of Everything,” a biopic delving into the 72-year-old scientist’s life, Stephen Hawking has joined Facebook.

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