Credit: Sony Pictures

Brad Pitt WWII drama 'Fury' moves to October

David Ayer's latest could be a major Oscar play for Sony

Sony Pictures has jerked David Ayer's World War II drama "Fury," starring Brad Pitt, from an original Nov. 14 release date to Oct. 17. That's a date currently occupied by the limited bow of Alejandro González Iñárritu's "Birdman," which shares a producer with "Fury" in John Lesher, but it puts the film right in the mid-month corridor that has worked out for awards season players like "Argo," "Gravity" and "12 Years a Slave" in recent years.

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Update: Billy Crystal and Whoopi Goldberg give the most eloquent reaction to Robin Williams' death

Update: Billy Crystal and Whoopi Goldberg give the most eloquent reaction to Robin Williams' death

Perhaps the most appropriate statement yet

To a generation, Robin Williams, Billy Crystal and Whoopi Goldberg will forever be linked. The trio of comedy talents hosted the groundbreaking "Comic Relief" specials from 1986 to 2006. Over those two decades all three stars had major ups, major downs and ended up hosting the Academy Awards (OK, technically Williams hosted the Oscar show four days before the first "Relief," but it had been announced). And when one hosted you could almost guarantee one of the remaining two would appear as a presenter on the show with a wave or a kiss back to his or her good friend.

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We might have Robin Williams to thank for Jessica Chastain

We might have Robin Williams to thank for Jessica Chastain

Another life he touched in a profound way

She's a two-time Academy Award nominee who has delivered impressive performances in films such as "The Tree of Life," "The Help," "Take Shelter," "The Debt," "Zero Dark Thirty," "Mama" and the upcoming "The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby." She's been called the next Cate Blanchett or Meryl Streep (take your pick). Yes, Jessica Chastain is well on her way to earning the title of America's finest actress, and it turns out we may have Robin Williams to thank for her.

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<p>Robin Williams in &quot;Good Morning, Vietnam&quot;</p>

Robin Williams in "Good Morning, Vietnam"

Credit: Buena Vista Pictures

Robin Williams moved from commercial productions to prestige cinema with ease

From 'Good Morning, Vietnam' to 'Good Will Hunting,' he had a range most only dream of

I had to stop and think about it. When was the first time I encountered Robin Williams? I'm pretty sure it was reruns of "Mork & Mindy" at a young age, if not the boisterous Oscar-nominated performance he gave in Barry Levinson's "Good Morning, Vietnam." By then he had already dazzled countless audiences in "The World According to Garp." Whatever it was, like so many, it was the start of, as his widow noted in a release, "countless moments of joy and laughter" he would deliver for the next three decades of my life. And now, he's gone.

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<p>Nicole Kidman</p>

Nicole Kidman

Credit: AP Photo

'Queen of the Desert' with Nicole Kidman and Robert Pattinson won't play Telluride, Toronto

Werner Herzog's Gertrude Bell biopic has hit 'technical issues,' producer says

One of the films we've been expecting to land on the annually secretive Telluride line-up this year is Werner Herzog's "Queen of the Desert" with Nicole Kidman. A period piece chronicle of the life of traveler, writer, archaeologist, explorer and political attaché Gertrude Bell, the film sounds like it could be a meaty opportunity for Kidman, and if a studio were to bite at these late stages and prime a strategy, it might even be a potential awards player. Alas, the film won't be ready for the early festival circuit, at the very least, and that includes Telluride.

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Exclusive: Fall crowdpleaser 'Pride' gets a poster

Exclusive: Fall crowdpleaser 'Pride' gets a poster

A movie you and your mom will love

One of the better movies I missed at this year's Cannes Film Festival turned out to be Matthew Warchus' crowd pleaser "Pride." The British film made its debut in Director's Fortnight and, unfortunately, as less hectic as Cannes is compared to its prestige festival cousins it rarely allows you to catch up with everything on the schedule.  From a distance the film seemed like "The Full Monty," "Waking Ned Devine" or "Calendar Girls" with a slight Working Title spin. Basically, a movie I could catch down the road. Plus, it was screening at the end of the festival when there were a number of other priorities.  Excuses, excuses, excuses.  Needless to say, I'm kicking myself for not seeing it at Cannes because it's a good one.

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<p>James Franco</p>

James Franco

Credit: AP Photo

James Franco to be honored for innovation at 2014 Venice Film Festival

His Faulkner adaptation 'The Sound and the Fury' will screen Out of Competition

Despite his work being sometimes tepidly received at all corners of the globe, James Franco, the filmmaker, has been a major force on the world festival stage. He'll be showing up at Venice once again this year with his William Faulkner adaptation "The Sound and the Fury," but while he's there he'll be picking up some hardware.

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<p>&quot;Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles&quot;</p>

"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"

Credit: Paramount Pictures

Tell us what you thought of 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'

Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo leap onto screens this weekend

I sort of feel like if you can check your brain for "Guardians of the Galaxy," you can check your brain for "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles." These things are both basically children's movies. Yeah, Marvel's big end-of-summer king got a lot of great reviews, but it also instantly shot to the top of the most-overrated-film-of-the-year-by-a-staggering-margin list. And I liked it just fine! We're just in this weird space of polar reactions. The media either has to love something or hate it. I feel like these two movies are a perfect illustration of the inherent hypocrisy in that, but that's just my opinion.

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Credit: Fox Searchlight Pictures

Brendan Gleeson recalls his 'High Noon' moment in the dark and bold 'Calvary'

Plus: What can we expect from Ron Howard's 'Heart of the Sea?'

John Michael McDonagh's "Calvary" is a gorgeously photographed, exquisitely acted, richly written tale of the underbelly of faith. At the end of a lackluster summer that seemed full of more malnourished product than normal, it's wonderful to sink your teeth into something like this that has so much to say and does so in so efficient a manner.

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<p>&quot;The Theory of Everything&quot;</p>

"The Theory of Everything"

Credit: Focus Features

Eddie Redmayne delivers a brief history of Stephen Hawking in 'Theory of Everything' trailer

Focus Features' big awards play will premiere at TIFF in September

It seems rather surprising that a biopic tackling the life of famed physicist Stephen Hawking is just now making its way to the big screen, but courtesy of director James Marsh ("Man on Wire," "Red Riding") and actor Eddie Redmayne ("My Week with Marilyn," "Les Misérables"), it's finally doing just that. And ahead of a world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival next month, Focus Features has launched the first trailer for the film.

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