Credit: Universal Pictures

You know the new 'Unbroken' trailer means business when it whips out M83

Angelina Jolie's uplifting WWII drama is ready to devour emotions.

“I'd made it this far and refused to give up, because all my life, I had always finished the race," wrote American World War II POW and Olympic long-distance runner Louis Zamperini in his autobiography "Devil at My Heels." It's a powerful line considering Zamperini's tragic life story, one the new trailer for "Unbroken" boils down the quote Sean Parker-style to its punchiest (and slightly nonsensical) bit: "All my life I had always finished the race." Sure, that sounds inspirational.

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In the Heart of the Sea
Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

'In the Heart of the Sea' trailer: Chris Hemsworth survives a 'Moby Dick' disaster movie

Ron Howard dredges up his 'Apollo 13' instincts for the high seas adventure.

I never pictured Ron Howard as much of a Roland Emmerich guy, but that's the unexpected spirit exploding off the trailer for his latest film, "In the Heart of the Sea." The film tells the true story the American whaleship "Essex" and its ill-fated run-in with a mighty sperm whale in November 1820. The story became the basis for Herman Melville's contemplative novel "Moby Dick." Howard's version of the story looks more like that time the Kraken ate Jack Sparrow, a beefed up, seafaring 'Apollo 13.' That's not bad thing.

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Pedro Pascal
Credit: HBO

'Game of Thrones' star Pedro Pascal will sentence Jesus to death in the 'Ben-Hur' remake

Actor sets his intact-eyes on Pontius Pilate.

Movies give Pontius Pilate a bad wrap. Yes, he gave the orders to crucify Jesus Christ. But check canonical Biblical writing and one finds a tinge of reluctance, a man of power caving under the peoples' demands. Plus, would we still be talking about God's Son if Pilate didn't off him in the grisliest way possible? Silver linings.

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<p>Neil Patrick Harris</p>

Neil Patrick Harris

Credit: AP Photo

'Gone Girl's' Neil Patrick Harris to host the Oscars

He told HitFix nearly two years ago that he had no interest...things change!

Former Tony and Emmy host Neil Patrick Harris is extending his emcee portfolio to the Oscars: he's tapped to host the 87th annual Academy Awards on Feb. 22. Harris confirmed the news via Twitter like only he could...

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The Theory of Everything
Credit: Focus Features

Watch Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones vindicate the existence of 'Theory of Everything'

Why the Stephen Hawking biopic isn't a mere science lesson.

"We all have the sense of Stephen Hawking, the icon," Eddie Redmayne says in an explanatory video for the science-minded biopic, "The Theory of Everything." What fewer people know, according to the Best Actor candidate, is the life before Hawking published "A Brief History of Time" catapulted the wheelchair-bound scientist to mainstream fame. For instance, Redmayne was not aware that Hawking's motor neuron disease only began inhibiting him while pursuing a doctorate in his twenties. We forgive you, Eddie — mostly because there's even more to discover in "Theory of Everything" than the straight-forward facts.

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<p>Jake Gyllenhaal</p>

Jake Gyllenhaal

Credit: AP Photo

Jake Gyllenhaal says he heeded the universe's call with 'Enemy' and 'Nightcrawler'

'My focus has shifted to character.'

SANTA MONICA — Jake Gyllenhaal continues to move into an interesting stage in his career. His choices as of late have been outside the box, almost like the actor is searching for something. And indeed, spend a few minutes talking specifics with him, you'll quickly learn that's the case. He's marching to his own drum, eager to explore complexity in his performances, not just wear another character's skin for a little while.

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<p>&quot;Inherent Vice&quot;</p>

"Inherent Vice"

Credit: Warner Bros.

'Inherent Vice' announced as Centerpiece Gala for 2014 AFI Fest

Also: A conversation with PTA is on the books

And the other shoe drops on AFI Fest's major galas as Paul Thomas Anderson's "Inherent Vice" has been announced as this year's centerpiece. The film will be presented at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood on Nov. 8, and the festival will also feature a conversation with Paul Thomas Anderson.

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Channing Tatum - Foxcatcher
Credit: Sony Pictures Classics

Channing Tatum and Steve Carell are both contenders in new 'Foxcatcher' trailer

Bennett Miller's docudrama is a true ensemble effort

Will Steve Carell fight for a Best Actor slot? Will Sony Pictures Classics give Channing Tatum the push he needs to make his way into an acting category? Will anyone hone in on Mark Ruffalo's brilliance?

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A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting Existence
Credit: Magnolia Pictures

Magnolia acquires 'A Pigeon Sat on a Branch,' already one of the funniest films of 2015

Roy Andersson's film took home Venice's Golden Lion award

Do not take "A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence" at face value. What sounds like a horrifically arty student film is the latest from Roy Andersson, wry sociological observer and "Swedish master," as he's correctly touted in a press release announcing the film's acquisition. In "Pigeon," Andersson confronts the mundanity of life, humanity's strangest impulses, and the absolutes of death in Monty Python-like vignettes, realized with a painterly quality. With a distributor in place, audiences now have a deadline for digesting Andersson's previous work in preparation for this trilogy-capping "Pigeon," a true tragicomedy triumph.

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Sam Raimi
Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

Sam Raimi in talks for 'Silver Linings Playbook' novelist's 'Love May Fail'

Matthew Quick's romantic drama will hit shelves in June 2015.

There's the mischievous horrormeister Sam Raimi, the blockbuster wizard Sam Raimi, and the pensive character-observing Sam Raimi. The latter doesn't get enough work — welcome to Hollywood, folks! — but sturdy relationships from the "Spider-Man" director's past may put a high-profile, awards-friendly project at the front of his "to do" queue. Fans of the "A Simple Plan" and "The Gift," rejoice.

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