Joaquin Phoenix and Amy Adams talk about the future in 'Her'

Joaquin Phoenix and Amy Adams talk about the future in 'Her'

Well, at least Amy does

NEW YORK - I'm somewhat torn as to whether to communicate just how awkward my interview with Joaquin Phoenix and Amy Adams was for Spike Jonze's masterful "Her" last month. Our video editing team did a wonderful job of making it seem less so, but let's just say that Mr. Phoenix lived up to his well deserved reputation. It's one reason you hear a lot more from the wonderfully charming Ms. Adams in the interview embedded at the top of the post than the movie's leading man. Granted, we were able to discuss a bit about Jonze's vision of a future Los Angeles and the changes to the project through production, but it certainly wasn't what I'd hoped for when I walked in the interview room. Certainly not for a film that ended up at no. 9 on my top ten list of 2013.

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<p>Oscar Isaac picks up another Best Actor prize after winning the NSFC award over the weekend.</p>

Oscar Isaac picks up another Best Actor prize after winning the NSFC award over the weekend.

Credit: CBS Films

'12 Years a Slave,' Alfonso Cuarón win Vancouver critics prizes

And Oscar Isaac lands another lead actor trophy

The Vancouver Film Critics Circle has hopped on the "12 Years a Slave"/Alfonso Cuarón bandwagon, but I'm mostly interested in that Best Actor win for Oscar Isaac. After the guy couldn't get arrested on the circuit, he's finally landed a couple of wins, first from the National Society of Film Critics over the weekend and today with the Vancouver crowd. "Inside Llewyn Davis" also won the group's screenplay prize. Check out the nominees here, the full list of winners below, and remember to keep track of it all via The Circuit.

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<p>Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara in &quot;Her.&quot;</p>

Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara in "Her."

Credit: Warner Bros.

'Her' comes out on top in Oklahoma

But they're not so keen on 'August: Osage County'

How many more states do we have to go? Oklahoma is the latest to weigh in with their favorites, and they've picked Spike Jonze's "Her" as their film of the year, also handing it Best Original Screenplay. "12 Years a Slave" took Best Actor for Chiwetel Ejiofor and Best Adapted Screenplay, but beyond that, the love was generously spread around, with "American Hustle," "Dallas Buyers Club," "Gravity," "Blue Jasmine" and "The Hunt" among the other winners. Matthew McConaughey, meanwhile, received a Body of Work award for three performances, while "August: Osage County" received a Worst of 2013 "prize." Full list after the jump, and everything else at The Circuit.

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<p>Richard Linklater (center)&nbsp;with&nbsp;Julie Delpy and&nbsp;Ethan Hawke on the set of &quot;Before Midnight&quot;</p>

Richard Linklater (center) with Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke on the set of "Before Midnight"

Credit: Sony Classics

Linklater, Hawke and Delpy discuss their 'Before' trilogy and why 'life is magic enough'

Also: How each film has mirrored the film industry's status quo every step of the way

For Richard Linklater, Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke, the goal of three unique films — 1995's "Before Sunrise," 2004's "Before Sunset" and 2013's "Before Midnight" — that have followed the lives of Celine and Jesse, a pair of love-struck individuals, has been to make viewers feel like they know them. These are people trying to be understood, and the idea is "to get in on their communication," as Linklater puts it. The films have aimed to depict Celine and Jesse as fully as they can, and the result has been one of the most singular on-going cinematic experiences in the modern canon.

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<p>Christian Bale in &quot;American Hustle.&quot;</p>

Christian Bale in "American Hustle."

Credit: Sony Pictures

'12 Years a Slave,' 'American Hustle,' 'Gravity' score in Denver critics' nods

Christian Bale, Brie Larson, Woody Harrelson and James Franco all recognized
No offence to the good people of Denver, but it's a bit odd for a critics' group to give an award for Best Original Song, but not, say, Best Cinematography. Are the Golden Globes really such a good model? Anyway, the Denver Film Critics' Society nomination list is led by the three perceived Best Picture frontrunners: "12 Years a Slave" gets seven nods, while "American Hustle" and "Gravity" are right behind with six. Otherwise, things are mostly as you'd expect, though Woody Harrelson is an against-the-grain pick for Best Supporting Actor. Full list below; catch up with all the other regional critics' awards at The Circuit.
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<p>A scene from &quot;Philomena.&quot;</p>

A scene from "Philomena."

Credit: The Weinstein Company

Predicting tomorrow's BAFTA nominations

'12 Years a Slave' will dominate, but what about 'Philomena?'

Bright and early tomorrow morning -- or just as you're about to go to bed, depending on where you are -- the British Academy of Film & Television Arts will announce their annual film nominations. And predicting those has got slightly less easy in the last two years, since BAFTA brass revised their voting system and ditched those telltale pre-nomination longlists. 

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<p>Harry Belafonte at the New York Mayor Inauguration on January 1.</p>

Harry Belafonte at the New York Mayor Inauguration on January 1.

Credit: AP Photo/Frank Franklin II

Harry Belafonte pays tribute to Steve McQueen's 'genius' at NYFCC Awards

86-year-old legend delivered a heartfelt speech praising '12 Years a Slave'

Last night's New York Film Critics' Circle awards dinner have already made industry headlines for the wrong reasons -- Armond White's regrettable outburst was already covered in this morning's roundup -- which has thus far obscured talk of the awards themselves. Which is doubly unfortunate, since it would appear that there were a number of valuable takeaways from that side of the evening -- and none more so than Harry Belafonte's eloquent address to Steve McQueen.

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<p>Bradley&nbsp;Cooper&nbsp;(left)&nbsp;and David&nbsp;O. Russell on the set of &quot;American Hustle&quot;</p>

Bradley Cooper (left) and David O. Russell on the set of "American Hustle"

Credit: Sony Pictures

Alfonso Cuarón, David O. Russell, Martin Scorsese earn DGA nominations

The Coen brothers and Spike Jonze miss in the significant precursor

The nominees for the 66th annual Directors Guild of America (DGA) Awards were revealed today, narrowing the Oscar race considerably as the industry precursor has long been an indicator for which way the Academy might fall. So those who missed the cut this morning — the Coen brothers, Spike Jonze, Alexander Payne — will be facing a steep uphill climb after today.

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<p>Steve McQueen at the New York Film Critics' Circle Awards.</p>

Steve McQueen at the New York Film Critics' Circle Awards.

Credit: AP Photo/Evan Agostini

Roundup: Armond White jeers Steve McQueen at NYFCC Awards

Also: Liza Minnelli's Oscar promise to McConaughey

Another year, another Armond White controversy. The famously against-the-grain critic routinely gets people's backs up with his reviews, but he's also taken in recent years to making a nuisance of himself at the New York Film Critics' Circle Awards, denigrating his colleagues' choices in the presence of the winners themselves. Last night saw his ugliest display yet, as he disrupted Best Director winner Steve McQueen's speech by calling him "an embarrassing doorman and garbage man." McQueen classily ignored him; the NYFCC, of which White is a former chair, should not do the same. A critic's opinions are his to freely express in print; personal public abuse is another matter. [Variety]

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<p>Jane&nbsp;Campion at the 2009 Cannes&nbsp;Film&nbsp;Festival</p>

Jane Campion at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival

Credit: AP Photo

Jane Campion to head 2014 Cannes jury

The filmmaker has a long and rich history with the festival

Filmmaker Jane Campion has found herself in the Palme d'Or mix three times at Cannes: for 1989's "Sweetie," 1993's "The Piano" (which one the prize in a tie with Kaige Chen's "Farewell My Concubine") and 2009's "Bright Star." She also won a prize for her short film "An Exercise in Discipline - Peel" in 1982. Suffice it to say, she has a rich history with the fest, and now she adds one more notch on her Croisette belt: she'll be heading up the 2014 edition's jury.

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