<p>Johnny Knoxville in makeup as Irving from &quot;Bad Grandpa.&quot;</p>

Johnny Knoxville in makeup as Irving from "Bad Grandpa."

'Bad Grandpa's' Irving on the Oscars, Helen Mirren and finding tail

Plus: Best makeup nominee talks skin in sunlight

Even after $102 million at the box office and an Academy Award nomination for Best Makeup and Hairstyling, "Bad Grandpa's" Irving has just one thing on his mind: Yes, he still can't get enough tail.

Irving sat down with HitFix last week to talk about his neverending quest for tail, Billy's current status (let's just say he's under supervision), his affection for Helen Mirren and whether or not he has a ticket to the Oscars. It's an incredibly unconventional interview, but if you're a fan of "Bad Grandpa" you'll probably eat it up.

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<p>Joaquin Phoenix performs &quot;The Moon Song&quot; in &quot;Her.&quot;</p>

Joaquin Phoenix performs "The Moon Song" in "Her."

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Vampire Weekend frontman joins Karen O as Oscar campaign for 'Her' song ramps up

Does it have any chance at the Oscar?

I can't remember the last time there was this much active campaigning for the Best Original Song Oscar -- perhaps this is what happens when the music branch actually thinks to nominate a handful of decent songs. (And "Alone Yet Not Alone," but perhaps studios are capitalizing on the attention that scandal directed to the category in the first place.)

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<p>&quot;Song of the Sea&quot;</p>

"Song of the Sea"

Credit: GKIDS

GKIDS eye another Oscar nod with Irish animated feature 'Song of the Sea'

Director Tomm Moore previously made the Oscar-nominated 'Secret of Kells'

They may never win the award itself, but independent animation distributors GKIDS have really settled into their role as the regular giant-slayers of the Best Animated Feature Oscar race: many pundits fail to give them due consideration when handicapping the category at nominations stage, yet their foreign titles have now repeatedly shown up at the expense of a studio heavyweight. They may have missed with a few shots on goal last year, but came back fighting this year, snaring a nod for French critics' pet "Ernest and Celestine" as Pixar's "Monsters University" failed to make the grade.

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Guess who Amy Adams and Bradley Cooper missed at the Oscars luncheon?

Guess who Amy Adams and Bradley Cooper missed at the Oscars luncheon?

Plus: Red carpet stylings and living the dream

BEVERLY HILLS - "American Hustle" was well-represented at the annual Oscars luncheon on Monday. Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams, Christian Bale and David O. Russell were all in attendance, but sadly, one nominated member of the crew was not. The wonderful Jennifer Lawrence was unavailable to attend (Adams thought it might be due to "Mockingjay" production commitments). Yep, sorry internet. No J-Law gifs or memes for you to explode over this time around. Still, Adams and Cooper were happy to share the spotlight when they popped by the press room for a quick Q&A with assembled media.

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"Evil Dead"

Credit: Sony Pictures

'Evil Dead,' 'Gravity' and 'The Hobbit' lead film music critics nominations

'All is Lost' composer and Globe winner Alexander Ebert cited for breakthrough

Always a bit of a unique take on the year, the International Film Music Critics Association's annual assessment of the year in movie and TV scores has brought with it, well, something different. And looking across the nominees, it's two genre films — "Evil Dead" and "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug" — that led the field with three specific nominations each. Though you could make it four for the former as composer Roque Baños was also nominated for Film Composer of the Year, alongside "Gravity" composer Steven Price, in fact, which I guess would bring its total up to three as well. The real champ, though, was composer Abel Korzeniowski, who landed six nominations across two films that were nowhere near this year's Oscar race: "Romeo and Juliet" and "Escape from Tomorrow." Check out the full list of nominees below and remember to keep track of the season via The Circuit.

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<p>Sandra Bullock in &quot;Gravity&quot;</p>

Sandra Bullock in "Gravity"

Credit: Warner Bros.

The top 10 shots of 2013: part one

Celebrating the year in individual film images

If you look here and there on the web these days, you might notice that more than a few outlets are now cooking up their own "top 10 shots of the year" pieces. Here we are in our seventh year of producing such a collective, but imitation is flattery, and frankly, I'm glad others have caught on to the idea. Singular images and the thematic impact they make are as subjective as anything else we end up praising at the end of a given year, so having separate takes on the matter is only a good thing.

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<p>Probably the most awesome photo of Hugh Jackman at the Tony Awards (in 2003) that I could find.</p>

Probably the most awesome photo of Hugh Jackman at the Tony Awards (in 2003) that I could find.

Credit: AP Photo

Hugh Jackman is coming back to host the Tony Awards

June 2014 ceremony will mark his fourth stint as emcee

Hugh Jackman's stint as Oscars host remains one of the best, largely because he was part of an overall show with an amazing vision from director Bill Condon and producer Laurence Mark. That came after a few impressive stints emceeing the annual Tony Awards, including one such Emmy-winning example in 2004.

He hasn't hosted the show in nearly a decade but it's just been announced he'll be back for a fourth time at the 68th annual Tony Awards on Sunday, June 8, 2014.

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<p>Princess Elsa, as voiced by Idina Menzel, in &quot;Frozen.&quot;</p>

Princess Elsa, as voiced by Idina Menzel, in "Frozen."

Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

Idina Menzel to heat up Oscar show with 'Frozen' performance

The Tony winner will perform Best Original Song favorite 'Let It Go' on stage

When Pharrell Williams was confirmed last week to perform his Oscar-nominated "Despicable Me 2" track "Happy" at the Academy Awards, there was no doubt that this news would follow in short order. Yes, Idina Menzel will be performing "Frozen's" anthemic power ballad "Let It Go" on the show too.

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<p>Cheer up, it's only a couple more weeks.</p>

Cheer up, it's only a couple more weeks.

Credit: Sony Classics

Roundup: Mark Harris on a soured Oscar season

Also: Revisiting the 1993 race, and James Toback on losing at the Oscars

I think most would agree that the Oscar season has felt especially long this year -- how did we tolerate it running to late March for seven years? With BAFTA winners the only new information we're likely to receive in the next three weeks, it's time when the conversation can really pall, and mountains get made out of molehills. Mark Harris refers to the questioning of Cate Blanchett's Best Actress chances following the reignition of the Woody Allen scandal as an example of this souring. But it's not all bad, he says: "The biggest fights about 2014’s Oscar contenders have not been about their aesthetics but about their politics and morality ... I’m going to raise my half-full glass and give a mild cheer for the fact that they’re happening at all." As always, a good read. [Grantland]

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Sandra Bullock says she never thought she'd work with 'Gravity' director in a million years

Sandra Bullock says she never thought she'd work with 'Gravity' director in a million years

Plus: Why she thinks the movie moves people

BEVERLY HILLS — It's been a much different awards season for Sandra Bullock than when she won her first Oscar a little less than four years ago. She became the frontrunner after that year's Golden Globes and you could sort of tell the pressure got to her toward the end (not that she wasn't her always down-to-earth, affable self). This year, Cate Blanchett has been in the driver's seat for most of the season and if Bullock won it would be something of an upset. Still, the blockbuster star shows no signs of abandoning ship. There is a joy in how she lovingly and energetically discusses director Alfonso Cuarón and "Gravity," unarguably the best film she's ever starred in.

On Monday, she joined many of her fellow nominees at the annual Oscar luncheon. She didn't have to make a quick trip to the press room, but discussing "Gravity" has clearly never been a chore for Bullock. At one point she was asked about whether it was difficult to trust Cuarón on such a risky endeavor. Her response speaks volumes.

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