Oscar Talk: Nominations postmortem (finally) and Sundance chatter

Oscar Talk: Nominations postmortem (finally) and Sundance chatter

Is this really going to be a split year?

Welcome to Oscar Talk.

In case you're new to the site and/or the podcast, Oscar Talk is your one-stop awards chat shop between yours truly and Anne Thompson of Thompson on Hollywood. The podcast is broadcast in special installments throughout the season, charting the ups and downs of contenders along the way. Plenty of things change en route to Oscar's stage and we're here to address it all as it unfolds.

On the docket today…

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<p>&quot;Mr. Hublot&quot;</p>

"Mr. Hublot"

Credit: ZEILT Productions

Mickey Mouse and Disney square off with independents in animated shorts Oscar race

The charm of one unassuming entry might make it the one to beat

Last year the Academy finally made a move to open the short film races up to the entire voting membership. By providing screeners of all the nominees (for shorts as well as documentary features), the ballot is now free of all crevices of exclusivity, where formerly only members who showed up at sanctioned screenings of the nominees were allowed to vote in those specific categories.

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<p>Nicole Kidman in &quot;Grace of Monaco.&quot;</p>

Nicole Kidman in "Grace of Monaco."

Credit: The Weinstein Company

'Grace of Monaco' to open the 67th Cannes Film Festival

The Nicole Kidman starrer finally locks down a premiere date

Well, this is a positive turn of events for "Grace of Monaco." Olivier Dahan's biopic of Hollywood-turned-European princess Grace Kelly was initially slated to open until November last year, until The Weinstein Company booted it from their prestige release schedule and announced it'd be a spring 2014 release instead. With iffy word brewing about the Nicole Kidman starrer, and Dahan voicing his reservations about the Weinsteins' handling, it looked like the film might be quietly swept under the rug.

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<p>'The One I Love'</p>

'The One I Love'

Credit: TWC/Radius

Elisabeth Moss' 'The One I Love' is officially coming to theaters

Sony Pictures Classics nabs rights to 'Love is Strange'

"Love" was all around at Sundance this week, as Radius-TWC gave some love to the Sundance entry "The One I Love," while Sony Pictures Classics fell for "Love is Strange."

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<p>Sandra Bullock in &quot;Gravity&quot;</p>

Sandra Bullock in "Gravity"

Credit: Warner Bros.

'Gravity' wins big with Denver critics

Alfonso Cuarón's film takes four prizes

We're about a week late in wising up to the Denver Film Critics Society's list of winners this year but, well, better late than never. "Gravity" was the big winner, taking prizes for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Score and Best Sci-Fi/Horror Film. The acting categories all went to the frontrunners save Best Supporting Actress, which went to "American Hustle's" Jennifer Lawrence rather than "12 Years a Slave's" Lupita Nyong'o. Steve McQueen's slavery drama, which was nominated for seven awards, received no trophies. Check out the nominations here, the winners below and keep track of the season at The Circuit.

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<p>&quot;Blue is the Warmest Color&quot;</p>

"Blue is the Warmest Color"

Credit: IFC Films

'12 Years a Slave' and 'Blue is the Warmest Color' win with Gay and Lesbian critics

'Behind the Candelabra' and 'Orange is the New Black' win in TV fields

"12 Years a Slave" has picked up yet another Best Picture prize from a critics organization, as the Gay & Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association (GALECA) tapped it the year's best for 2013. Oscar frontrunners Matthew McConaughey and Cate Blanchett won top acting honors, while "Blue is the Warmest Color" received a pair of prizes including LGBT Film of the Year. HBO's "Behind the Candelabra" and Netflix's "Orange is the New Black" picked up awards in the TV categories, including a tie for TV Drama of the Year. Check out the full list of nominees and winners below and remember to keep track of the season via The Circuit.

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<p>Uma Thurman in &quot;Nymphomaniac (Part One).&quot;</p>

Uma Thurman in "Nymphomaniac (Part One)."

Credit: Magnolia Pictures

Review: Lars von Trier's 'Nymphomaniac' is thrilling and hilarious... so far

The first part of the erotic epic played as the Secret Screening at Sundance

PARK CITY - Reviewing a new Lars von Trier joint is never exactly a breeze, though it's usually a little easier when you've seen the whole thing. Presented last night as the not-so-secret Secret Screening at the Sundance Film Festival, "Nymphomaniac (Part One)" offers at least a full film's worth of theories, provocations and retina-branding images in its first half -- as well it might, given that its first half is nearly two hours long. But they're cut off cruelly in limbo, with nothing so much as a tidy temporary knot or mini-catharsis to tide us over until Part Two, and I can't feign any insight as to the film's narrative or thematic endgame.

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Review: 'The One I Love' with Elisabeth Moss is a sensational surprise

Review: 'The One I Love' with Elisabeth Moss is a sensational surprise

Don't spoil the secret, well...

PARK CITY - During the Q&A for Charlie McDaniel's "The One I Love," an audience member asked the director and cast how would anyone be able to market this film without giving its big secret away? McDaniel, stars Mark Duplass, Elisabeth Moss and screenwriter Justin Lader laughed it off, but the same question could also be asked of someone reviewing the film. How do you attempt to review a movie where part of its success is not knowing a major key ingredient to the story? Perhaps that's why the term "spoiler alert" was invented. In any case, we're going to give it the old college try. And, provide an out if you'd like to stay ignorant of the set-up because this is one movie with more surprises than you could ever imagine.

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<p>Disney's &quot;Frozen&quot;</p>

Disney's "Frozen"

Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

Disney's 'Frozen' rocks a 25-language music video for 'Let It Go'

Sing along with your Rosetta Stone handy

One of the most foregone conclusions of this year's Oscar race, probably right up there with Best Visual Effects going to "Gravity," is the Best Original Song Oscar going to "Let It Go" from "Frozen." But maybe Disney doesn't think it's so in the bag, as a music video for the song featuring 25 languages just hit the web.

Check it out below. Your move, "Alone Yet Not Alone."

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<p>&quot;The Dark&nbsp;Knight,&quot;&nbsp;largely considered the impetus for the Academy's rule change a few years ago.</p>

"The Dark Knight," largely considered the impetus for the Academy's rule change a few years ago.

Credit: Warner Bros.

Roundup: How the Best Picture rule change narrowed Oscar's usual crop

Also: 'Wolf' producing credits settled and Clooney pranks Damon

Would you be surprised to learn that the Academy's goal of opening up the Oscars to a wider array of films with its expansion of the Best Picture field has hit a brick wall and that the complete obvious has, in fact, been the result? Mark Harris hit it out of the park yesterday with "The Christopher Nolan Effect," an analysis of how that simple rule change a few years ago has yielded, increasingly, the smallest assortment of Oscar nominated films in history. Key quote: "...there’s zero evidence that the expanded field has done anything but dilute the prestige of a nomination." The dilution has been my stance from the beginning but now there's data to back it up. Is it time for the Academy to do away with this dubious little experiment? [Grantland]

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