<p>Ben Affleck in &quot;Gone Girl&quot;</p>

Ben Affleck in "Gone Girl"

Credit: 20th Century Fox

Rosamund Pike narrates dark new trailer for David Fincher's 'Gone Girl'

Tyler Perry and Neil Patrick Harris also join the party

Fox pretty much sat the Oscar season out last year after coming off a big 2012-2013 season with Ang Lee's "Life of Pi." This year, they have a David Fincher film to peddle, and indeed, "Gone Girl" could be an intriguing zeitgeist play dealing in elements of misogyny and misandry and the overall war of the sexes just four years after the director tapped an au courant vein with his critically acclaimed "Social Network." The latest trailer for the film (teased over the weekend by the studio on a key date) sets the stage nicely.

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<p>Christian Bale and Natalie Portman in &quot;Knight of Cups&quot;</p>

Christian Bale and Natalie Portman in "Knight of Cups"

Italian 'Knight of Cups' distributor says to expect Terrence Malick's film this year

I'm sure we'd like to just take this guy's word for it...

Terrence Malick is so secretive with his projects that it's sort of a perfect storm for the internet era. People track down any and all morsels of information and get hung up on whatever might be breathed about this or that project (the filmmaker is uncharacteristically prolific these last few years). Naturally, with a pair of films on the way sooner or later, the feeding frenzy is on, particularly as it pertains to "Knight of Cups" (the only one of them with a title). Is it going to hit theaters this year? That's what the film's Italian distributor says, anyway.

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<p>Isabelle Huppert in &quot;White Material.&quot;</p>

Isabelle Huppert in "White Material."

Credit: IFC Films

Looking back on six great years at In Contention

As I leave for pastures new, a reflection on the site that made it all happen

I've had several weeks to draft this piece, and several drafts it has taken, but the introduction is always the hardest part – the part where the bittersweet reason for breaking from our daily programming has to be announced. So let's lead with the good news: I'm excited to announce that my three-year relationship with Variety is growing into something more permanent and prominent – starting this month, I will be contributing regularly to the trade paper, both as a film critic and a features writer. The bad news you may have guessed: this means my time at In Contention has come to an affectionate close.

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Angelina Jolie reacts to passing of 'Unbroken' inspiration Louis Zamperini at age 97
Credit: Universal Pictures

Angelina Jolie reacts to passing of 'Unbroken' inspiration Louis Zamperini at age 97

The film based on his life story will hit theaters this Christmas

Louis Zamperini is a hero, no question about it. From Olympian to POW, his story is one for the ages, one laid out on the page beautifully by author Laura Hillenbrand in the book "Unbroken" and adapted by filmmaker Angelina Jolie in a film that will be released later this year. But just six months shy of seeing that life story writ large on the big screen for movie fans the world over to learn about his struggle, Zamperini has passed away, having lived a long and full 97 years.

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<p>Tom Cruise in &quot;Collateral&quot;</p>

Tom Cruise in "Collateral"

Credit: DreamWorks Studios

On the digital legacy of Michael Mann's 'Collateral' nearly 10 years later

How long did it take the Academy's cinematography branch to catch up?

If you're interested in an anniversary conversation that really has some bearing on today's film industry, I highly recommend American Cinematographer's recent chat with "Collateral" DP Dion Beebe. It's been nearly a decade (if you can believe it) since Beebe and Paul Cameron carved out a serious place for digital with that film, earning an American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) nomination in the process. It got me thinking about the history of the industry's acceptance of digital as reflected in the nominations handed out by both the ASC and Academy's cinematography branch over the last 10 years.

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<p>Channing Tatum in &quot;Foxcatcher&quot;</p>

Channing Tatum in "Foxcatcher"

Credit: Sony Classics

New 'Foxcatcher' teaser trailer keeps the focus on Channing Tatum

The marketing is doubling down on the '22 Jump Street' star lately

Sony Classics (or maybe it's big Sony behind the scenes) is getting interestingly Tatum-centric with its "Foxcatcher" marketing as of late. First there was the new poster for the film earlier this week, which featured the "22 Jump Street" star front and center, and today a new teaser trailer is quite focused on the heartthrob's contribution to Bennett Miller's film.

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'Unmarried Woman' director Paul Mazursky dies at 84

'Unmarried Woman' director Paul Mazursky dies at 84

The five-time Oscar nominee passed away in Los Angeles Monday

Filmmaker Paul Mazursky, the five-time Oscar nominee most famous for films such as "Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice," "Down and Out in Beverly Hills" and "An Unmarried Woman," has passed away. According to a family spokesperson, he died of pulmonary cardiac arrest Monday in Los Angeles. He was 84.

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<p>Shia Labeouf, Logan Lerman and Brad Pitt in David Ayer&#39;s &quot;Fury.&quot;</p>

Shia Labeouf, Logan Lerman and Brad Pitt in David Ayer's "Fury."

Credit: Sony Pictures

David Ayer says Shia LaBeouf is more 'calculated' than the public understands

'He's just a regular guy'

Visiting the set of "Fury" last October, it was impossible to imagine what cast member Shia LaBeouf would be up to less than two months later.

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<p>Brad Pitt in David Ayer&#39;s &quot;Fury.&quot;</p>

Brad Pitt in David Ayer's "Fury."

Credit: Sony Pictures

Brad Pitt, Sherman tanks and lots of mud on the set of Oscar contender 'Fury'

A WWII movie where historical accuracy is paramount

LONDON - On a chilly October day, four Sherman tanks rumble through the mud of the English countryside. They are battle worn and weary, their crews resolute, but they carry scars of a long campaign. For a brief moment the visage makes you believe you've stepped back in time: to April 1945 and the last days of World War II. You haven't, of course; it's just an impressive set for the new period thriller "Fury."

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<p>Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader in &quot;The Skeleton Twins.&quot;</p>

Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader in "The Skeleton Twins."

Credit: Roadside Attractions

Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader laugh out their issues in 'The Skeleton Twins' trailer

Craig Johnson's dramedy was a hit with the Sundance crowd

I haven't yet seen Craig Johnson's sibling-centered dramedy "The Skeleton Twins," but have heard mostly warm and fuzzy reports since its January premiere at Sundance -- where it won the screenwriting award for Johnson and co-writer Mark Heyman. This newly released trailer suggests why it went down so well, playing up to Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader's "Saturday Night Live"-trained comic pizzazz, while indicating some not-so-subtle heart-tugging. Greg Ellwood was a fan at the festival, describing it as Wiig's best work and citing Hader's "first chance to show his real dramatic range." The film opens on September 19, presumably after a fall festival berth or two. Check out the trailer at the top and see what you think.

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