PARK CITY, UTAH -- Taylor Hawkins and Pat Smear have no fear that the Foo Fighters are finished. They're merely enjoying their break, supporting the lead Foo. At the "Sound City" premiere at Sundance, the two members fleshed out their feelings on Dave Grohl's non-album project  -- which, coincidentally, turned into an album project anyway ("Sound City - Real to Reel").

Smear -- who also played in Nirvana -- said that the assembled Sound City Players may just become "the greatest cover or backing band of all time."

As for the future of the Foos, "Today, it's just this. We're all here and we're all playing," he said, referring to the fact that all personnel was on hand for the premiere and helped on its soundtrack.

Drummer Hawkins said that the Foo Fighters have a "natural never-ending future... we're family." When Grohl told festival-goers last year that the band was going away for a while, "people made a bit more out of it" than it was. "I don't think it was meant to be dramatic. We should have said nothing, then everybody would be really happy when we came back. It's cyclical," said, commenting o n the album release cycle, "then everybody needs to go do something else."

For Hawkins, something else are "small" projects, mountain biking "every day of my life" and making time with his kids. "My 'that' is this, helping Dave out."

Watch the rest of our red carpet interview above, with a cameo from film buff and Slipknot leader Corey Taylor and Smear talking about the term "reunion" with Nirvana in mind.