<p>Bruce Springsteen at the 2012 Grammy Awards</p>

Bruce Springsteen at the 2012 Grammy Awards

Credit: AP Photo

Listen: Bruce Springsteen debuting new song a day, starting with 'Easy Money'

'Wrecking Ball' getting a premiere, track by track

Bruce Springsteen will let fans hear his new album in its entirety prior to release, with one new track debuting a day now until March 6, when the "Wrecking Ball" drops.

Today starts this sequenced chain of daily events, with "Easy Money" over on Backstreets.com. Rolling Stone gets dibs on "Shackled and Drawn" tomorrow. An incomplete schedule is below and, lest you forget, album opener "We Take Care of Our Own" has already manifested in stream and music video form.

"Easy Money" is an Americana-tinged stomper, swimming in choral and gang vocals, driven by a stomp-and-clap rhythm section and laced with fiddles. It's actually pretty, well, easy.

Here are the Boss' current tour dates, starting on March 18.

    •    Today: "Easy Money" on Backstreets.com
    •    Tuesday, Feb. 21: "Shackled and Drawn" at Rollingstone.com
    •    Wednesday, Feb 22: "Jack of All Trades"
    •    Thursday, Feb. 23: "Death to My Hometown"
    •    Friday, Feb. 24: "This Depression"
    •    Monday, Feb. 27: "Wrecking Ball"
    •    Tuesday, Feb. 28: "You've Got It"
    •    Wednesday, Feb. 29: "Rocky Ground"
    •    Thursday, March 1: "Land of Hope and Dreams"
    •    Friday, March 2: "We Are Alive"

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Listen: Blur performs new song 'Under the West Way' live

More news that another album's on the way: We told you so

Blur made a charity concert appearance this weekend, but ended up giving even more to fans all over the world.

In a video clip posted from the War Child benefit show at Shepherd's Bush Empire in London, Graham Coxon and Damon Albarn are seen performing a brand new song, titled "Under the West Way," with the former on acoustic guitar and the latter on piano. The slow-burner is a little theatric though instrumentally understated. And it is very, very Blur.

And do your best to ignore the show-goer who is practicing his whistle: wrong time, dude.

The band may play "West Way" or maybe even more new material tomorrow night (Feb. 21) during the Brit Awards. The last recording they dropped was in 2010, for Record Store Day, but their last album was 2003's "Think Tank." And, as previously reported, Coxon said that there is definitely another Blur album in the works, on the heels of their 2009 live reunion.

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<p>Jason Mraz in &quot;I Won't Give Up&quot;</p>

Jason Mraz in "I Won't Give Up"

Today in New Music Videos: Jason Mraz, Lil Jon, Nas, Atmosphere

Red solo cups. Everywhere. Plus: Tyga, The Drums, K'Naan and more

Solo cups, the Toronto thug life, wolves and a tear-jerker: Here is a sampling of music videos floating around today, from Jason Mraz, The Drums, Lil Jon, Tyga and Atmosphere.

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Credit: AP Photo

Watch: Skrillex explains what lost boys do when they grow up in 'Bangarang'

Captain Hook has all the ice cream in Grammy winner's newest music video

How did Captain Hook get his hook? Skrillex has some idea.

The recent Grammy Award winner has released the music video for the title track to his brand new EP "Bangarang," and not only do things go bang: they go boom.

Lost Boys take the shape of the nasty neighborhood trouble-making kid-gang, those damn kids who kicked the back of your seat on the bus (cut it out). The local ice cream man -- who is, by the way, evil, because he eats too much ice cream and has a mustache -- is then hoodwinked by the crew. Fast-forward through some morally questionable upbringing, and you have all the handsome stars from your favorite new action film.

It's an entertaining spin on an old tale, though the violence may have you questioning your own sympathies for the ol' Hook Hand.

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<p>Chris Brown in &quot;Turn Up the Music&quot;</p>

Chris Brown in "Turn Up the Music"

Watch: Chris Brown says 'Turn Up the Music' in dance-heavy music video

Party Animals, shirtlessness, a cane and goodwill

Whether you like it or not, it's been a week of Chris Brown. From his controversial, multiple appearances at the Grammy Awards to rumors of his extremely unfunny pickup line to anonymous sources confirming he'll be on Rihnna's "Birthday Cake" to his bratty deleted Tweets, the rapper/R&B singer has been popping up.

And trying to break out. Again. And "Turn Up the Music" will help.

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<p>Missy Elliott in 2010</p>

Missy Elliott in 2010

Missy Elliott really is back: Listen to Busta Rhymes remix with Chris Brown and Lil Wayne

Speedy 'Why Stop Now' will have you up on your 'tippy toes'

Get up "on your tippy toes" or "sit down in yo' seat": Missy Elliott is back, and she can still throw down.

I was wiping my eyes like a dream-state a couple weeks ago when Timbaland said he was working with the Original Misdemeanor, and he and she would be releasing solo albums concurrently this summer. Now I'm rubbing my ears.

Busta Rhymes' "Why Stop Now" got a remix reuniting the "Look at Me Now" personnel, with Chris Brown rawr-rawring the hook, Lil Wanye batting around .200 as per usual, Busta providing evidence that his gains on age have no inverse impact on the speed with which he can spit. He's still a name that can attract a rhymer like Miss. And, oh Missy.

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Credit: Kraftwerk.com

Kraftwerk announce New York museum residency

German electronic pioneers will play all of their albums live

German trend-setters Kraftwerk have always put as much effort in their visual presentation as they have in their music, and New York's fancy MoMA is heralding the electronic group's innovations with a rare residency that will celebrate Kraftwerk's 30+ year history.

The museum is promising an "exploration of the sonic and visual experiments" of the iconic group, as they perform their entire catalogue over eight nights in the Museum's Marron Atrium. Each show will include a live performance and "3-D visualization" of one of Kraftwerk's studio albums.

With their cerebral, hypnotic live show, which eschews most human movement in favor of synchronized lights, post-modern imagery and cold, metallic electronic instruments, is well-suited for a museum setting. 

The Dusseldorf group have never been known for being road warriors, and last hit the U.S. in 2008, after founding member Florian Schneider exited the band. On a personal note, seeing them at Coachella in 2004 was a revelatory experience, whereas their subsequent '08 performance at the same festival felt flat and uninspired (which may have been due to the Schneider factor, or the move from the more intimate dance tent to the massive main stage). The only original member at the NYC shows will be leader Ralf Hutter. 

In typically chilly fashion, the series is called Kraftwerk Retrospective 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8.

"Kraftwerk is an influential force not only in music, but also in visual culture," Klaus Biesenbach, MoMA's chief curator at large, said in a release. "Through their experimentation with how images and sound are shaped by the latest recording and visualisation tools, they have anticipated the impact of technology on everyday life, and have captured the human condition in an era of rapidly changing mobility and telecommunication."

They've certainly helped inspire everyone from Daft Punk to LCD Soundsystem, David Bowie to Big Black and Coldplay to Kanye, and Kraftwerk's minimalist melodies continue to influence electronic musicians allover the Computer World

Here are the MoMA dates:

Tuesday, April 10 – Autobahn (1974)

Wednesday, April 11 – Radio-Activity (1975)

Thursday, April 12 – Trans Europe Express (1977)

Friday, April 13 – The Man-Machine (1978)

Saturday April 14 – Computer World (1981)

Sunday, April 15 – Techno Pop (1986)

Monday, April 16 – The Mix (1991)

Tuesday, April 17 – Tour de France (2003)

Tickets - a steal at $25 - go on sale February 22. Kraftwerk will also play the Ultra Music Festival in Miami on March 23.

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<p>Childish Gambino (aka Donald Glover)</p>

Childish Gambino (aka Donald Glover)

Today in New Music Videos: will.i.am., The Rapture, Childish Gambino, Laura Marling

'One Tree Hill's' Jana Kramer cries on a bicycle, Burial is overground, EMA's charity

Go on a bike ride, crawl in a kaleidescope, play with dolls, make-out in a backset and more in today's music video roundup: Childish Gambino, EMA, The Rapture, will.i.am, Laura Marling and Burial.

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<p>Fiona Apple</p>

Fiona Apple

Credit: Facebook

Fiona Apple confirms SXSW festival gig: What can we expect?

New Apple album on the way in 2012, so is this a way to introduce it?

Fiona Apple hasn't done many high-profile gigs in the last five years, but the Los Angeles-based songwriter is stepping out this spring at South By Southwest. The 34-year-old has been confirmed for Pitchfork's SXSW showcase at the Central Presbyterian Church in Austin, Texas on March 15.

The space holds around 400 people, reserved only for badgeholders during the music conference -- that's not a lot of people to witness what may be Apple's first new songs since 2005's "Extraordinary Machine."

Epic's LA Reed Tweeted earlier this year that fans could expect her next album in a "few weeks," causing a spokesperson to reel that claim in. “It’ll absolutely be this year,” said the spokeswoman. "But timing wise, I don’t know exactly when.”

Every year breeds talk that it will be the year Apple releases new music, but even Apple herself mentioned that an album was finished -- and has been finished for more than a year. During a rare appearance at Largo in L.A. with frequent collaborator Jon Brion, Apple declined singing any of her new songs. "I can't remember [how to play] any of my new songs because they've been done for a f*cking year."

Apple has sung jazz and traditional tunes live in years after she was finished touring off of "Machines," and contributed some help to new recordings like the Buddy Holly cover "Everyday" for 2011's "Rave On Buddy Holly" tribute comp and "Hey Big Dog" on Margaret Cho's 2010 comedy album "Cho Independent."

SXSW may be Apple's larger-scale introduction to her new music.

Are you ready to have her back?

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<p>Jack White and Ruby Amanfu in &quot;Love Interruption&quot;</p>

Jack White and Ruby Amanfu in "Love Interruption"

Credit: Third Man Records

Watch: Jack White has a 'Love Interruption' with blue-hued music video

Former White Stripes frontman set solo dates in conjunction with 'Blunderbuss'

Nothing says Valentine's Day like the line "I want love / to murder my own mother."

Jack White has released the accompanying music video to his single "Love Interruption," and you can be assured by his baller status because he surrounds himself with beautiful women. Duetting singer Ruby Amanfu, singer-songwriter Brooke Waggoner on wurlitzer and classical performer Emily Bowland on bass clarinet round out the band on this sparse track, their beehives cast into the blue, blue air of the clip.

OH! And there's a dog. There's a widdle wuv for you. White directed the clip himself.

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