<p>The Joy Formidable</p>
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The Joy Formidable

Song Of The Day: Joy Formidable back with explosive 'Wolf's Law'

Wait for it... wait for it...

Joy Formidable has one of those band names that fits its sound perfectly, like dogs that look like their owners.

So here's a wolf. Or "Wolf's Law." The music video is made of the stuff that's the core of those Inspiration Posters, all in black and white, while Ritzy Bryan's Welch vowels saturate her powerful voice and drapes all over this quiet-LOUD piece. They give a piano a good ride and then let the earth rise up and nearly implode. I half expected the "2001" star-child fetus to appear in the end.

"The band really wanted the film to translate the idea of a re-awakening and rebirth. We worked together to select a series of stills and moving imagery that showed the Real and the truth of nature. Through rhythmical editing we created a real symbiosis of imagery and music to evoke the powerful kinetic energy of life in all forms," said the video's director Cat Botibol.

"Wolf's Law" is the title track off the band's new album, due in 2013. The sophomore set is the follow-up to Joy Formidable's awesome 2011 album "The Big Roar."

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<p>Christina Aguilera</p>

Christina Aguilera

Listen to a leaked Christina Aguilera song about 'Your Body'

'I think you already know my name'

Guys, I'm sorry to do this to you, but it's worth warning you that there's a link to a Perez Hilton video below.

Phew. Got that out of the way.

Let's talk about Christina Aguilera, and her newly leaked -- or was it "leaked"? -- song "Your Body." The singer previously confirmed to Rolling Stone that "Your Body" would be the title to her next single, and here it is, a stunning song that seems to be lacking a master.

And Christina Aguilera is making it abundantly clear she wants to "f*ck ya body."

This one has the cool-headed, dance floor approach a la Enrique Iglesias to said sacking. I can already hear the radio edit: "All I wanna do is love your body." The simple, mindless four-on-the-floor refrain has Aguilera flaunting her famous pipes on either side with the verses. It sounds like she had fun recording, and that there's ample room for endless iterations and remixes. It's true: somebody's getting lucky, and it's you!

The song arrives suspiciously close to the Sept. 10 premiere of the new season of "The Voice," on which Aguilera will mount her judge's chair and now all we'll be thinking of when she does is that.

What do you think of this nasty little number?

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<p>Smoke &amp; Jackal's &quot;No Tell&quot;</p>

Smoke & Jackal's "No Tell"

Song Of The Day: Kings Of Leon, Mona members combine for Smoke & Jackal

'No Tell': hint, it rhymes with 'motel'

If you wonder what the guys in Kings Of Leon have been up to beyond marrying models and bearing children, the new side project Smoke & Jackal may be some indication.

KoL bassist Jared Followill has combined with Nick Brown, the frontman for Ohio rockers Mona, and made an EP called "EP1" under the Smoke & Jackal moniker. That set will be out Oct. 16 via RCA, and preceding is a new track "No Tell."

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<p>Mariah Carey in &quot;Triumphant&quot;</p>

Mariah Carey in "Triumphant"

Watch: Mariah Carey, Meek Mill, Rick Ross hit the ropes in 'Triumphant' vid

Mimi announces the rounds

Mariah Carey tells the listener to "get off the ropes" in her new single "Triumphant," advice she takes to the next level in her music video for the track. The singer is actually in the ring -- as an announces and the girlie who announces the rounds in a boxing match that also features guest rappers Meek Mill and Rick Ross.

Mill is the fighter and Ross is the fat cat promoter, and both fit their roles well, with the former lavishing in all his sweat and the latter rocking the robes and they stereotypical rings and cigars. What could have been fabulous is Carey stepping up to either of those, beat either at their own game, but like in this particular iteration of the song, she's much less a leader and more of a mere participant.

But it's gold everywhere, and Carey spends plenty of time in the literal spotlight showing off her body in bright lights.

She'll have more time upfront during her first stint as judge on "American Idol" and helping to kick off the 2012-2013 NFL season with No Doubt.

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Listen: Muse's new single 'Madness' is a lucid ballad

Lyric video worth skipping

After two album teaser tracks -- a goober-y Olympic theme ("Survival") and goofy dubstep-Hans Zimmer hybrid ("Unsustainable") -- Muse have finally named their first single from new album "The 2nd Law." And it's a ballad.

"Madness," unlike other single-word declarative titles from the British troupe, hardly sounds like crazy-time at all. It's slow-moving with a a fairly pedestrian melodic line, harmless lyrics and a grounded guitar solo. It's listenable modern rock when it slows down with more electronica, as the band has been prone to these days.

And it keeps reminding me of a more lethargic "One Tree Hill" by U2. Matthew Bellamy has those pre-note groans down before a long big pop run. Like the river to the sea.

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<p>Frankenweenie Unleashed album art</p>

Frankenweenie Unleashed album art

Credit: Disney

Listen to Karen O's song for 'Frankenweenie,' 'Strange Love'

Cha cha cha

We're heard Yeah Yeah Yeahs frontlady Karen O tackle a Led Zeppelin classic for "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" and make tunes for traipsing around a pretend adventure-land for "Where the Wild Things Are." Now the singer has tried on a little calypso number for size, for "Frankenweenie."

Tim Burton's stop-motion feature will feature a zombie dog and other various hodge-podge animalia, all in black and white. Karen O's "Strange Love" also features dogs, but it's colorful and cha-cha-child-like, featuring a zither (bless her heart), congos, bongos and steel drum. It's a good time and, yes, strange.

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<p>Philip Seymour Hoffman in &quot;The Master&quot;</p>

Philip Seymour Hoffman in "The Master"

Credit: The Weinstein Company

Listen: A track from Jonny Greenwood's score of 'The Master' is mad (good)

Radiohead sound-maker pairs with Paul Thomas Anderson yet again

Judging from all the trailers of "The Master," some of the themes seem to be dealing with the disorienting feeling that down is up, and what you know is never the full truth. And listening to a bit of Jonny Greenwood's work for the film, the score will be rolling with that tide.

"Application 45 Version 1" is the track that you'll get if you pre-order Nonesuch's Sept. 11 drop of the soundtrack to the Paul Thomas Anderson film. And it'll have you poking around for the downbeat, wondering if it's minor or major and generally exciting the jitters that are beyond your 4 p.m. cup of caffeine. The cello is enough to give you goosebumps.

This is the second time Greenwood and Anderson have teamed up, after their phenomenal combination on "There Will Be Blood": the score to that film was ruled ineligible for a soundtrack Academy Award, as it included previously recorded material. However, it did earn a Grammy nod for Best Score Soundtrack but lost out to "The Dark Knight" because, man, seriously.

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<p>From &quot;Today's Supernatural&quot;</p>

From "Today's Supernatural"

Watch: Animal Collective debuts trippy 'Today's Supernatural' video

Dunebuggy and the Clown

Working with the same visuals director over and over again, Animal Collective get to play around with their strong suits and are allowed to experiment. Their suits in "Today's Supernatural" are clown suits, and a Chinese dragon.

The Danny Perez-helmed full-length-movie-thing "ODDSAC" was a good example of how the members of the New York band sort of ooze and bolt in and out of their own tracks, musically and visually. There was a lot of similar electricity and tech-y weirdness that shows up in this track -- culled from AC's forthcoming full-length "Centipede Hz" --  and it works. The desert pastels and decadent styling enhance this upbeat ode, which is about as close to "pop music" as Animal Collective really gets.

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Watch: T.I. shows off his rich and poor lives in 'Go Get It'

When you're rich, girls don't have to eat with you

That T.I. "Trouble Man" album may just never come out. I think Warner's waiting for something to hit, and very little is; the rapper's "Go Get It" is no exception.

Released today, the video and track featuring the "sophisticated convict" extolling his own riches since bouncing from the clink more than a year ago. This sticks with the general formula of bad bitches with thick asses, the piece he has tucked away in his car, the dope that he is almost assuredly not smoking and the Molly he is certainly not dropping (remember what happened the last relapse, T.I. & Tiny?).

The video could have taking a more interesting tack, putting his rags and riches parallel lives side-by-side. T.I. got a second chance after jail to correct the course, went back to jail, and now here's the third chance. The empty-pocketed side of the clip contains all the small pleasures of Atlanta living without "millions stacked to the ceilings." But it's got its weird, small-time, lonely problems.

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Song Of The Day: Poliça’s 'Dark Star' lights up the night

Something so good so far

One of SXSW's toasts of the town (and there were many toasts, and many got toasted) was Poliça, whose decadent use of cedilla may have you placing them from Brazil or some other exotic locale. At least their brand of chilly, vibrant electronica is decadent: the Minneapolis based crew just got another big chance to hit big, by signing to Mom + Pop and getting their album "Give You the Ghost" a hardy re-release this week.

The Channy Leaneagh-fronted group has also just released the music video for "Dark Star," another shining (heh) example of quality usage of auto-tune.

Now, don't go pokin' around for a plot here: the visuals are simply there to amp up the blues of Leaneagh's chosen hue. It's an easy listen, and delightfully easy to remember. In fact, several artists liked it enough to give "Dark Star" a remix for an EP, also out this week.

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