Listen: Santigold unveils new song 'Girls' on HBO's 'Girls' soundtrack

Belle & Sebastian, Robyn, fun., Icona Pop round out Vol. 1 compilation in time for Season 2

Hey, if you're gonna loan a song to HBO series "Girls," you might as well call it "Girls," right?

Santigold did just that, as she contributes the new track "Girls" for the first volume soundtrack for the cable comedy. As the characters struggle with their own idiosyncrasies and repeat their mistakes, so does Santi repeat her vocal rhythms "around the block." The a cappella opening gives way to a minimal drum machine beat with all the high-end your hungover heart can handle.

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<p>Nicki Minaj at the Grammys last year</p>

Nicki Minaj at the Grammys last year

Credit: AP Photo

Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj Grammy snub controversies: Dispute won't die

Scooter Braun clarifies he wasn't 'mad'; Minaj's manager calls bull; Dave Grohl has a laugh

On Wednesday, the nominees for Grammy's 81 categories were announced, but fan favorites Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj weren't among the hundreds of names. Those two artists have been mum on the social networks since then (so far), but their managers are having none of it (so far).

Biebs' manager Scooter Braun, as previously reported, had some choice words for the Recording Academy the day following the announcements. "U blew it." But rather than being angry about the no-nods, Braun told Billboard he was just "voicing my opinion," man.

"I wasn't mad, just voicing my opinion," Braun said. "I saw a lot of chatter online and made a comment. I don't think there was anything wrong with any other nomination. I just felt Justin deserved to be acknowledged."

He further articulated why he was totally not mad.

"If he was 35, he'd be nominated in numerous categories... When you are so much younger than your industry peers, you tend to be overlooked," he said. "If you want to see me mad, read my Jets tweets -- read what I have to say about my favorite football team."

Meanwhile, Nicki Minaj's co-manager and Lil Wayne's manager Cortez Bryant called Nicki's snub some straight-up "bullsh*t." 


Minaj has been mum on Twitter since Dec. 5, last promoting her new lip color for a popular cosmetics maker, and Bieber has spent the rest of this week not being mad and workin in the studio on a follow-up to his popular set "Believe." Both artists have garnered nominations in the past, so better luck next year.

But maybe Dave Grohl -- of all people -- has the last word. He guest-hosted "Chelsea Lately" last night and provided a little commentary.

"I like him, too. I think that if I were 18 or 19 years old and had $100 million, I would look exactly like that," Grohl, who is gorgeous, said. He did, however, submit that Bieber's concert presentations would suffer were he to sing live all the time, otherwise it'd sound like the heavy breathing of a dying man. Perhaps a 35-year-old?

All this being said, I hope this doesn't become a trend. Snubs are the regular, and while Bieber and MInaj have put time into helping the Grammys as an institution, it's voters have spoken. And they'd rather have a hack in the Best Dance Recording category than they would put Bieber in a pop category.

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<p>Piney Gir</p>

Piney Gir

Premiere: Piney Gir's 'Outta Sight' music video will hold you tight

Jingle bells and 'Mystery Date'

Jingle Bells, holding tight to the one you love, singing puppets: no, it's not another lousy Christmas song, it's Piney Gir's "Outta Sight."

The Kansas-born (holler) pop songwriter assembled a team of sock puppets for her take on "Mystery Date," the video backdrop to unabashedly catchy "Outta Sight" from her album "Geronimo!" The track's strengths lie in her lyrical simplicity, a realness in that sweet voice, rounded out with bright arrangement power.

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<p>Mariah on &quot;Fallon&quot;</p>

Mariah on "Fallon"

Christmas, Good and Bad: Mariah Carey and 'Fallon' vs. John Travolta and Oliva Newton-John

Music videos made for viral marketing

Today is a lesson for making-of viral hits. Make them very darling or make them insanely bad. These two particular approaches are exemplified by Mariah Carey with Jimmy Fallon and the Roots, and by John Travolta with Olivia Newton-John. Both clips are for Christmas. Both will succeed in procuring clicks from the collective Internet. One is what we could call "nice," the other "naughty."

First off, Carey stopped by "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" and video recorded her hit "All I Want For Christmas Is You" with her host and house band The Roots. It was done in a similar "home movie" style that Fallon has done other hits, like with Carly Rae Jepsen and "Call Me Maybe." This one is particularly successful with a dash of children singing and a prominent kazoo and Casio "drum" parts. The result is a better Wednesday.

Secondly, John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John reunited for a Christmas album this year, if you haven't heard (or seen), and for it they combined for "I Think You Might Like It," a music video weaved from iPhone footage and your nightmares. It features a crumpled Kleenex, an inexplicably slow-moving vehicle, a cheesy "I'll run for you" jaunt and footage taken at an airport. Did you know Travolta has his pilots license? Of course you did. Merry Christmas and pick up your jaw from the floor as you leave. The result of this video is also a better Wednesday.

Holidays are just full of misfires, crass commercialism, unnecessary slow-motion and unwieldly ways of dress. Some just do it better than others. Enjoy both videos-gone-viral below.

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Very funny: Eels frontman thanks Grammys for all those nominations

Very funny: Eels frontman thanks Grammys for all those nominations

Best catalog number

Happy Grammy Nominations day! Eels aren't really up for any awards, but the frontman wanted to thank the Recording Academy anyway, y'know, for all those awards they gave him.

Mark Oliver Everett allows his sarcasm to shine in all its glory in a newly posted video, as though it were his own album. He awards himself various honors like "best female slow jam," "best good hair day," for commercial flops and "catalog number." He is phoning in his acceptance speeches because he's detained at previously scheduled events, like those at the "Sydney Rock Opera House." It's all good stuff, give the man an award.

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<p>Buke &amp; Gase</p>

Buke & Gase

Credit: Brassland

Song Of The Day: Buke & Gase's 'General Dome'

Intricate webs of noise

At this point, Buke & Gase's "General Dome" has been available to stream for 15 days. It's been in my browser tabs for 14 of those. I've listened to it daily and I still don't quite have the words to describe it.

This urgently-timed piece of noise combines about 10 layers of rhythmic sound, with Arone Dyer sharp, pining report dotting throughout. "Takes one to know one," she says accusingly, shortly before a operatic bridge diverges into this false climax and murky cipher. I don't know what to do with it beyond keeping it on hand while I do all things internet, and maybe that's the point.

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Listen: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds announce live dates as 'We No Who U R'

Listen: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds announce live dates as 'We No Who U R'

Watch the lyric video

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds have released the first song from their new album "Push the Sky Away," along with a slew of tour dates for 2013. It's a good weekd for Nick Cave fans.

"We No Who U R" has a title straight out of a ransom note, but the song itself is a sorrowful batch of natural images, filtered through a blues structure and dotted with flute. Just like 'im, ain't it? The trudging beat may not be the best intro for the notice into Cave's work, but for longtime listeners, it's a strong indication of the spare sounds to come.

As I noted last week, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds' current incarnation is essentially Grinderman (sans Mick Harvey), with two longtime Bad Seeds members added in. That six-piece crew has committed to a dozen or so tour dates starting in March, with Sharon Van Etten opening. Looks like a great big "Sorry West Coast" to me. Also looks like we can expect a playdate at SXSW. Tickets for announced shows go up tomorrow (Dec. 5).

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<p>Drake's outfit is a problem</p>

Drake's outfit is a problem

Watch: A$AP Rocky, Drake, 2 Chainz and Kendrick Lamar combine for 'Problems'

Costume department ran out of tuxedo jackets

Today, A$AP Rocky released the video for his single "F**ckin' Problems," off of "LongLiveA$AP." It coincides with the announcement that the album is now due on Jan. 15.

Here are five points for clarification:

1) "F**ckin' Problems" does not refer to having difficulties fornicating. It's about problems that are more difficult than others, first and foremost, plus needing to have sex so much and ample reserve of game girls that such a lifestyle becomes an issue. Suspiciously, f*cking b*tches helps to solve said problems. SO DEEP.

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Thom York's Atoms For Peace confirm album tracklist, cover art and release date

Thom York's Atoms For Peace confirm album tracklist, cover art and release date

'AMOK' now due a month later

Finally, a word directly from Thom Yorke on the future of his Atoms For Peace supercrew: the band has confirmed a new released date, some artwork and a tracklist for album "AMOK."

The full-length debut will be out via XL on Feb. 26, a month after initially reported, with the personnel as expected, featuring Radiohead frontman Yorke, longtime collaborator Nigel Godrich, Joey Waronker, Mauro Refosco and Flea. The set is only nine tracks long, which is actually unsurprising, considering Radiohead's last effort "The King of Limbs" was only eight.

Stanley Donwood, who has also worked with Yorke & Co. for stretches, is also behind artwork for the album. You can see the cover below.

Atoms For Peace have promised to post new material on their website soon; Yorke said in his statement that Atoms For Peace may play shows next year, and that the project is "ongoing."

"Atoms is a ongoing and open ended project, where it leads i know not for certain... which is what is nice about it."

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Watch a video teaser for Beyonce's HBO documentary


Beyonce's documentary and directorial debut on HBO may not have a name yet, but the excitement builds nonetheless.

The network has released a "special tease" video for the film, which debuts on Feb. 16. From the looks and sounds of it -- the title TBA -- Beyonce's doc is mostly about fear and hair.

"HBO has a history of pushing every boundary with class and authenticity," Beyonce said in a recent statement. "Some of my favorite shows are on HBO, so I am excited that my film will be part of its bold programming. This film was so personal to me, it had to have the right home."

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