<p>Mumford &amp; Sons</p>

Mumford & Sons

Credit: AP Photo

Mumford & Sons, Paul McCartney, Bjork and Tom Petty headlining 2013 Bonnaroo

R. Kelly, Wu-Tang Clan, the National, Kendrick Lamar and more headed to Tennessee fest

Paul McCartney, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Mumford & Sons, Bjork and R. Kelly are headlining the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival this year, marking a lineup that has hedged a little bit away from the fest's jam-oriented roots.

Organizers announced the complete lineup today during an hour-long press conference by "Weird Al" Yankovic, who's also headed to Manchester, Tenn. for the four-day event, which runs June 13-16.

Other big names to join the bill are The National, the reunited Wu-Tang Clan, David Byrne and St. Vincent, Immaculate Noise favorite Kendrick Lamar, Grizzly Bear, Animal Collective, Of Monsters and Men, Nas, ZZ Top, Cat Power, Jim James from My Morning Jacket and more.

Early bird tickets already sold out, but general onsale begins on Saturday (Feb. 23) at noon EST. Like years previous, only 4-day tickets can be bought, no single-days.

It's good seeing names like McCartney and Petty on festival bills like these: normally, we'd see such veteran artists only do headlining tours or one-offs. It looks like Bonnaroo is interested in full catalog artists instead of long-termers who merely have a new album to promote. McCartney puts on a damn fine show, with more than three hours of legwork ahead of him with each date, so I'm curious how long his slot will be at the festival. Not bad for a septuagenarian.

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Win! Signed vinyl copy of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds' new 'Push the Sky Away'

Win! Signed vinyl copy of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds' new 'Push the Sky Away'

HitFix is giving away an autographed record, plus tour dates and more

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds fans rejoiced this winter when it was announced that the legendary songwriter and his band had completed a new album, "Push the Sky Away."

Now one of you may have an even bigger reason to cheer: HitFix is giving away an autographed vinyl copy of "Push the Sky Away" this week.

Check out the promotion below, share it basically everyone you know, and you could win!

"Push the Sky Away" hit stores today (Feb. 19) and you can buy it through iTunes here. The group is also supporting the set on the road, with a stop at the South By Southwest music conference plus tour dates below.

Watch Cave's "We No Who U R" video here.
Read more about "Push the Sky Away" here.

Here are Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds' tour dates:

Mar 14: Dallas, TX McFarlin Memorial Auditorium, Southern Methodist University
Mar 16: Nashville, TN Ryman Auditorium
Mar 17: Asheville, NC The Orange Peel
Mar 20: North Bethesda, MD The Music Center at Strathmore
Mar 22: Montreal, Canada Metropolis
Mar 23: Toronto, Canada Massey Hall
Mar 24: Boston, MA Orpheum Theatre
Mar 28: New York, NY Beacon Theatre
Mar 29: New York, NY Beacon Theatre
Apr 1: Chicago, IL Chicago Theatre
Apr 3: Denver, CO Ogden Theatre

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<p>The single artwork to Phoenix's &quot;Entertainment&quot;</p>

The single artwork to Phoenix's "Entertainment"

Listen: Phoenix releases new song 'Entertainment' from 'Bankrupt!'

Is it exotic or just... different?

When I read the term "pentatonic" as a descriptor for the new Phoenix album "Bankrupt!," I felt a little skeptical  (the usual emotion after a hearty eye-roll). But that is an honest, qualitative way of illustrating just what "Entertainment" is.

The lead synth melody line sounds like something sampled from a Chinese film, or a movie that's trying at least to depict that. It's both cinematic and a little exotic, more challenging than their big hits like "Lisztomania" and "1901." Furthermore, it comes off as emotionally ambiguous, nesting in neither a major or a minor, and lacks a big explosive proper chorus to let you know either way. It's mostly like a long pre-chorus, with some tricky rhythm work that warrants a repeat listen.

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<p>Phillip Phillips</p>

Phillip Phillips

Stroll through time with Phillip Phillips in his new 'Gone, Gone, Gone' video

Should-be hit will ring Mumfords fans' bells

As I wrote in my review of his debut album, Phillip Phillips has more than a few things in common with Mumford & Sons -- which is to say, his song "Gone, Gone, Gone" should soon be a certifiable hit, or someone's not doing their job.

"Babel" took home the Grammy for Album of the Year earlier this week, and the charm of that album is in its universality and earnestness, rife with gang vocals, rockets into the four-on-the-floor with the choruses, rolling acoustics whether on guitars or banjos... Phillips' "Gone" arrives with perfect timing, as its video presents goosebumps-inducing home footage of families who are not yours, effecting in the same way military-themed commercials for phones or chocolate or Wal-Mart hit that sentimental spot.

Phillips takes his viewer on a stroll at sunset, on your way to a bonfire. Super-8 and scratchy frames blow through his promises of being there when you're down, laying next to you and helping you up and stuff. It's generic and it's generically uplifting.

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Listen: Usher and Diplo combine again for 'Go Missin''

From the makers of 'Climax': An abduction love story

Ladies, keep track of your drink, keep your purse zipped up and help to prevent a prevalent crime: Usher wants to steal your heart, by kidnapping you from the dance floor.

The singing superstar has reteamed with recent Grammy nominee Diplo -- who is half of the reason why "Climax" is so climactic -- and released "Go Missin'," which appears suggestively as a way to stick it your man if he's done you wrong.

Usher's voice sails comfortably in that saucy range, but it's the big booming bass that makes this track as foreboding (and forbidden!) as it is. Clicks and hisses and what sounds like an alarm warns ye who ventures to the club solo: Usher wants to take care of you, falsetto ("oh!") style.

"Go Missin'" arrived in the twilight of Valentine's Day, so even if you didn't have a sweetheart to celebrate with yesterday, an abduction may be in order*.

What do you think of this suggestive electronica-meets-R&B jam?

*Not really, do not abduct girls, its rude and against the law

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<p>Tyler, The Creator</p>

Tyler, The Creator

Tyler, the Creator's new video 'Domo 23': The 10 Best Moments

'Bimmer' also gets a bedtime debut, plus a Frank Ocean sighting

Tyler, the Creator is hard at work on his next solo album, "Wolf," and released two new songs and one long video in promoting it.

Below is the clip for smack-talker "Domo 23" as well as bedtime story (no, not the kid kind) "Bimmer," both of which prominently feature the Odd Future rapper. OFWGKTA cohorts like Domo Genesis, Frank Ocean and manager Christian Clancy also make cameos as well in the Mexican slash Sumo wrestling clip.

Check out the video, check it again, and look at my list of the best 10 moments from the video.

"Wolf" is due on April 2nd through the Odd Future record label.

:06 The lip mumbling, pre-ring interview with Domo

:28 A penis banner

:52 Zombie hipster girl arm candies + malaise

1:20: "I ate one roach and I made a lot of money."

2:09 After hell-raising for the last couple of years and raising ire from rape jokes, "fag" jokes and general race-baiting, Tyler looks the listener square in the face and says "no homo." The same reference Chris Brown used in his long, academic considerations of Odd Future's Frank Ocean coming out of the closet. "Too soon?" Blam.

2:19 Who hasn't thought of smoking a joint in-ring?

2:40 Those triplets. My God.

3:23 Ref gets down

4:06 "I'm the king of the world" Titanic riff in slow-motion.

4:28 Thanks to our Creator: a the song comparing a lady-lover to a car sticks to a strict 1-minute marker.

Bonus: Frank Ocean singing all over "Bimmer."

Thanks for all the spit, guys.

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<p>Lil Wayne in 'Love Me'</p>

Lil Wayne in 'Love Me'

Watch Lil Wayne and Drake's kinky, gross 'Love Me' video with Future

A list of things you should never write inside of a valentine

Happy Valentine's Day! Here's a sentiment for the day, from the video "B*tches Love Me" by Lil Wayne, featuring Future and Drake: "She said 'I never want to make you mad / I just want to make you proud' / I said 'Baby just make me cum / Then don't make a sound.'"

If that mild form of female oppression doesn't get your heart a-racing, try writing this sentiment in a card: "These hoes got pussies like craters / Can't treat these hoes like ladies... Girl, I f*ck who I want and f*ck who I don't / Got that A1 credit, that's that filet mignon."

Delicious! Say yes to another date and there's a promise of another meal: "She wake up, eat this d*ck / Call that breakfast in bed, $69.96."

All from the delicate fountain pen of "I Am Not A Human Being" human being Lil Wayne, who just got shushed and shut down by his verse on a remix to Future's "Karate Chop." (The offending phrase referred to a brutal murder that helped to spark a civil rights movement: "Beat that pussy up like Emmett Till." Because haha vagina haha mauling and torture haha.)

Also, did you know that Lil Wayne skates? Because Lil Wayne wants you to know, for sure, that Lil Wayne skates.

All this to say that Lil Wayne used to spit some great verses, but with the completion of some recent tracks, fans can only count on him being gross and sloppy, returning to the blood red well (who's blood? what water?) of sex and violence.

For the rest of the clip -- with so much kink and death, you'd think Lady Gaga had a hand -- Drake just kinda throws his arms around being Drakey. Ballot's still out on Future because he can work that mumble around this beat, but neither he nor Drizzy even take a turn at bat for a verse.

But you can totally tell they're badasses because they keep their bitches animals in cages, mirite?

Were Aaliyah around to hear her song referenced, she's shake her head and shut this down, too. As gorgeous, tantalizing and controversy-courting as the "Love Me" video is, it can't save a bad track.

"My B*tches Love Me" -- or, buy its clean title "Love Me" -- has so many uses of the term "b*tch" blanked out, it might as well be instrumental. Suffice it to say it's a contestable third single from "I Am Not A Human Being II," the release of which has been continually delayed and currently sits at March 26.

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<p>Justin Timberlake</p>

Justin Timberlake

Watch: Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z's 'Suit & Tie' video directed by David Fincher

He'd like to show you a few things

David Fincher got back in the music video saddle specifically for his "Social Network" compadre Justin Timberlake and his new jam "Suit & Tie" featuring Jay-Z. The result is the two superstars all dressed up in black in white -- meaning, their clothes and the shades of the video -- in a gorgeous Old Hollywood setup.

Timberlake appears in scenes from his hotel bedroom to the big stage, with the best scenery taken from the latter as he's flanked by dancers and a horn orchestra.

Let him show you a few things:

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<p>The Weeknd</p>

The Weeknd

Watch The Weeknd's NSFW music video to 'Twenty Eight'

Happy Valentine's Day to all you broken-hearted, here's some self-loathing

The music video for the Weeknd's "Twenty Eight" is the next in a long series of clips that feature women dancing for the R&B singer, under the auspices that romances are apparitions that just happen to the Weeknd, and not relationships in which he plays an active part.

And again, the passivity of being either behind or in front of the camera: either way, he's not a participant. Truly, to be a sexual partner of the Weeknd, one must keep it on the "down low" as he suggests (though, do not mistake "secret" for "subtlety." This clip is all but subtle.). Lesson being that he's not exactly Loverman of the Year, but boy can he sing, right?

Fashion week in New York can transpire now. The hottest accessory of the season is topless, melancholy women.

"Twenty Eight" is part of "Trilogy," the re-released collection of mixtapes dropped late last year. The Weeknd said on Twitter that he's already hard at work for a new album in 2013.

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<p>The Strokes</p>

The Strokes

Listen: The Strokes release new radio single 'All the Time'

From 'Comedown Machine,' due in March

If the new Strokes song "One Way Trigger" didn't remind you much of the garage-snarl of the band's past, then the much safer, rock-friendly single "All the Time" may scratch that itch.

The track was farmed to radio today, and will be a free download on Feb. 19 to those who pre-order The Strokes' new album "Comedown Machine," which will be out on March 26.

Not sure how much traction they'll get with this, since it doesn't seem to have much bite, even compared to 2011's "Angles" single "Under Cover of Darkness." And while I love Albert Hammond, Jr.'s hand at a solo, this one made me forget I was listening to a song; I went and made a sandwich.

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