<p>Skylar Grey</p>

Skylar Grey

Listen: Skylar Grey and Eminem's 'C'Mon Let Me Ride' is dumber than a bicycle

Daddy, what's a banana seat?: Satire in song form

Skylar Grey's collaboration with Eminem, "C'Mon Let Me Ride," contains filthy, unclever and thinly veiled euphemisms for screwing. It's got a playful verse structure and an equally childish lyric video, and a chorus that is as tooth-rotteningly sweet as a Capri Sun jingle. It takes the melodic and lyrical page from Queen's "Bicycle Race" and has it sung by Eminem doing his best Pee-Wee Herman imitation, while the term "banana seat" is beaten (eh? get it?) to it's maxim.

It's a joke.... no, really, it's meant as a joke.

It was written as a satire of “overly sexified music, media and the girls who try and imitate it.” Hence the tossed-off effect of the terms "slut," "bitch" and Em's dragging-d*ck rhymes.

"I've learned from Em I can have more fun," she told Rolling Stone in an interview published in October. "He's very sarcastic and makes me laugh all the time and there are parts of my attitude I have in person but I've never shown in a song. I feel like he showed me I don't have to be afraid to show that side."

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<p>Andre 3000</p>

Andre 3000

Andre 3000 joins T.I. to say 'Sorry' on new track: Listen

Is the former OutKast rapper apologizing to Big Boi?

Former OutKast member Andre 3000 makes a rare guest spot on the new T.I. track "Sorry," from T.I.'s upcoming "Trouble Man: Heavy Is the Head." 

Over a sparse track featuring a number of keys and synths and some subtly funky bass from producer Jazze Pha, T.I. brags about his hustle, his money, his college grades and the fact that it's his time to shine. With a line like "Never mind what the blogs say/do what my mind and my heart say," T.I. doesn't sound like he feels the need to apologize for any of his success.

Then the relatively reclusive Andre 3000 arrives and blows the track wide open. The former OutKast rapper intones "I don't even like rapping fast," before slowing it down. In what is no doubt aimed at his former OutKast partner Big Boi, Dre offers this olive branch: "This the type shit that make you call your rap partner and say I'm sorry I'm awkward, my fault for fucking up the tours/ I hated all the attention so I ran from it."

In a strange twist, Big Boi just released the new track "In the A" which features guest spots from Ludacris....and T.I. 

Listen to "Sorry" here:

What do you think of "Sorry"?


Watch: 50 Cent, Eminem and Adam Levine are running scared in 'My Life'

Watch: 50 Cent, Eminem and Adam Levine are running scared in 'My Life'

Single was presented on 'The Voice' last night, sans Slim Shady

It was only yesterday that 50 Cent presented one of his strongest mainstream hip-hop/pop tracks in years, "My Life." It's felt like an eternity, particularly since he was on "The Voice" only a few hours after. Today, we have the full music video featuring Eminem and Adam Lambert running around scared.

I've taken the term "My Life" as in "F*ck my life," a statement that Fif, Shady and the Maroon 5 frontman are all trying to express. This isn't the space to boast (entirely), this is their sad, dark creative corner of the house to flip off the shenanigans. None of this is made more clear than during Em's verse and appearance in the vid. If it wasn't readily apparent yesterday, please note: dude's on fire here.

What I remain unconvinced of is Levine's emotional presentation. He makes a terrible hobo.

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<p>Ke$ha on the &quot;Today&quot; show</p>

Ke$ha on the "Today" show

Credit: AP Photo

Listen: Ke$ha and Iggy Pop combine for some 'Dirty Love'

Update: Stream all of 'Warrior,' in full

It may not surprise you that Ke$ha collaborated with at least one half of the Black Keys on her new set "Warrior," particularly after hearing her track "Dirty Love" featuring Iggy Pop.

The "whooooa" of the chorus will ring reminiscent of the blues-rock outfit's "Lonely Boy." But lets just say "Boy" is legions cleaner.

"Dirty Love" starts with a Mickey Mouseketeerian introduction between Ke$ha and the legendary Stooges frontman, and the politeness stops there. They take turns referencing the nasty, and not just your, erm, vanilla variety.

Is it that she wants between your cheeks? Or is it sheets that make it dirty? Pop makes a reference to Santorum, in both its noun and pronoun forms. Both vocals appear to have been completed in a couple takes, and if my fantasy serves me at all, Ke$ha and Iggy Pop then finished their sessions and set fire to a limo full of sex toys. Because that's what this sounds like.

It's terrible, I hate it. I'm also lusty for it, and entertained. These may all be the same thing.

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<p>will.i.am and Britney Spears</p>

will.i.am and Britney Spears

5 reasons why will.i.am and Britney Spears' 'Scream & Shout' is awful

Watch some previews of the music video, out Wednesday

Today, will.i.am's "Scream & Shout" featuring Britney Spears was finally farmed to radio stations, a week after the single had a slippery debut post-leak. On Wednesday, the music video is set to premiere around Spears' new gig on "The X Factor." A preview to the Ben Mor-directed clip has been posted below.

I'll admit it. The refrain "Scream and shout and let it all out" is super catchy. It's got that. But a catchy phrase does not a great song make. Below I outline my hoarse-voiced disappointments with "Scream & Shout":

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<p>One Direction at German's Bambi awards</p>

One Direction at German's Bambi awards

Credit: AP Photo

One Direction wish they were 'cool' enough for a Jay-Z collaboration

Hey, we hear Snoop Dogg's always available

After bowing at No. 1 with their new album "Take Me Home," One Direction are now busily preparing for 101 touring dates for 2013. But a packed schedule isn't keeping the boy band from dreaming a little.

Speaking with MTV, Liam Payne revealed it'd be a dream for the troupe to lay down a some track work with Jay-Z.

"I would love to do a hip-hop collaboration with Jay-Z," Payne said. "I don't know how to talk to him, though. I think he's wicked. I love Jay-Z. It upsets me that we're not cool enough, but I wish we could."

Define "upset" there, young pup. The group is obviously not doing so bad for itself: does the admission of uncoolness also imply the crew has already tried approaching the "Blueprint"-maker? Because Jay-Z may not work with just anybody, but he's the same man who's shown up with lesser-knowns like Santigold and on pop tracks with Mariah Carey (OK, OK, OK and isn't above still working with nerds like Diddy. There. I said it.).

Payne, adorably, snapped a pic of himself with Hov backstage at Justin Bieber's concert in Brooklyn this fall. He called Jay-Z one of his idols.

"Imagine going on tour with Jay-Z," Zayn Malik also said in the interview. I imagine him saying this while his hands clinch tightly and shake excitedly.

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<p>50 Cent and Eminem perform together at SXSW in March</p>

50 Cent and Eminem perform together at SXSW in March

Listen and Watch: 50 Cent's new 'My Life' with Eminem and Adam Levine

'I almost wish that I would have never made 'Recovery,' kid': Performance tonight on 'The Voice'

50 Cent's had a few failed re-starts on his music career, where he's struggled at stoking his own interest in rapping as well as getting fans invested again. "My Life" may be the necessary element to get the next round off the ground, however.

Eminem and Maroon 5's Adam Levine guest on this rap track with a hum-worthy chorus, with both rappers expressing some melancholy and confusion of their lives as the singer touts the whole reason this may be a hit.

Among the curiousities of the verses is Em's admission that he feels like he may be unspooling again. The Detroit-bred MC has been sober for three years, and yet is pre-occupied with "revenge" and "Feels like I'mma snap in a minute, yeah it's happening again." He poses some regrets on that "Recovery" album, too, though that's no new news.

50 Cent also does his business of reminding listeners he sold millions of albums back in the day. Will this track -- purportedly a promo single for his album "Street King Immortal" -- be enough to propel big sales in February?

"My Life" will be available on iTunes tomorrow (Nov. 27) and is set to be performed on Levine's reality talent show "The Voice" tonight. The trailer to the epic-looking music video is also below, release pending.

Interview: Adrianne Palicki and Josh Peck talk teens and 'Red Dawn's' race change

Interview: Adrianne Palicki and Josh Peck talk teens and 'Red Dawn's' race change

How do you start to feel like a family (with guns)?

Adrianne Palicki and Josh Peck battled one of Hollywood’s biggest monsters for action remake “Red Dawn”: the threat of casualty, after MGM imploded and it and “Cabin in the Woods” were shelved indefinitely. “Poor Chris” Hemsworth, as Peck called him in our recent interview, were in both. 

FilmDistrict picked “Red Dawn” back up again; the invaders in the film were changed from Chinese to North Korean so it could get release in China; and actors like Peck and Palicki continued to be cast in roles outside their known TV realms, in Nickelodeon’s “Drake & Josh” and “Friday Night Lights,” respectively.
“Red Dawn” has finally broken. Palicki’s got “G.I. Joe: Retalitiation” on the horizon, as Lady J, and Peck will be putting down his gun and breaking down instead in “Battle of the Year.”  
Below, we discuss remaking the film, the controversy surrounding the race and plot changes and what it takes to never play a teenager again.
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<p>T.I.'s &quot;Trouble Man&quot;</p>

T.I.'s "Trouble Man"

Credit: Grand Hustle/Atlantic

T.I.'s 'Trouble Man' has a cover and a tracklist: Album's existence confirmed

R. Kelly, CeeLo, Pink, Lil Wayne and more made the set cut

Looks like Frank Ocean wasn't the only artist inspired by Quentin Tarantino's work. T.I.'s "Trouble Man" finally has an official cover and is a nod at gambling, war, gun violence and -- of course -- the movies.

And like many movies, "Trouble Man" has a firm release date now: Dec. 18 has stayed put for at least a month, so now Atlantic and Grand Hustle can have a Christmas party. With that, the tracklist has been unveiled and is bursting with guest talent, particularly with some pop majors. Labelmate CeeLo Green is on there, with Pink, R. Kelly, Lil Wayne, Meek Mill and others.

The Lil Wayne single "Ball" is already out there, with a video. "Wonderful Life" with Akon may be a curiousity, considering Akon's general absence; "Guns and Roses," I pray, will be a tribute to Guns 'N Roses with Pink singing her best Axl impression.

It will be wonder what Atlantic will bow as the next single, considering "Ball" entered and promptly left the Hot 100 at No. 50 earlier this month and it's stalled at hip-hop airplay. There seems to be a split of what could be great street tracks and collabs with A$AP Rocky... or then there's pop. T.I. doesn't have the sizzle that he did a couple years ago, when he first mentioned "Trouble Man." Is it in trouble?

Here is the tracklist for "Trouble Man":

1. The Introduction
2. G Season featuring Meek Mill
3. Trap Back Jumpin
4. Wildside featuring A$AP Rocky
5. Ball featuring Lil Wayne
6. Sorry featuring André 3000
7. Can You Learn featuring R. Kelly
8. Go Get It
9. Guns and Roses featuring P!nk
10. The Way We Ride
11. Cruisin’
12. Addresses
13. Hello featuring CeeLo Green
14. Who Want Some
15. Wonderful Life featuring Akon
16. Hallelujah

<p>Nicki Minaj in &quot;Freedom&quot;</p>

Nicki Minaj in "Freedom"

Watch: Nicki Minaj's 'Freedom' breaks out of black and white

'The Re-Up' is almost here

Nicki Minaj's does good work repeating her own lyrics back to herself in "Freedom," but in the video she's rocking looks we've never seen before.

The clip starts out in black and white, and transitions into color (get it? Freedom from the confines of black and white? Or something? Anyway) as Minaj poses elegantly against Noah's Arc to mansion banisters to modern sculpture. It's the rapper-singer through the ages, an eternal beauty proudly hocking her wares from Macy's.

One repeating motif in this epic is Minaj's inability to quit touching her hair. Her many wigs are no match for wandering fingertips, but frankly, if I had that many weaves, I'd be poking at 'em too.

Minaj performed a chilly rendition of "Freedom" at last night's American Music Awards, as it's one of the new tracks off of her "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded - The Re-Up." It hit stores today (Nov. 19).