Sad Sailors Your Mouth: The National sings the 'Bob's Burgers' Thanksgiving song

Sad Sailors Your Mouth: The National sings the 'Bob's Burgers' Thanksgiving song

It's the gravy boat

If you spent the week singing the words "Sailors in your mouth" like I did, then you may be pleased to know there is a proper indie rock version of the new cult classic.

The "Bob's Burger's" newest Thanksgiving episode yielded another inspired Linda moment, as she and sister Gayle plunged deep into the topic of gravy for a new turkey day anthem. Brooklyn rockers The National showed back up for the holiday this year, in the animated form of your favorite pan-made condiment, for the "Bob's Buskers" series, only to slide down Bob's gullet.

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R. Kelly, Kendrick Lamar answer 'What's your 2013 jam?' on the spot
Credit: HitFix

R. Kelly, Kendrick Lamar answer 'What's your 2013 jam?' on the spot

We caught up with Shemar Moore, Fifth Harmony, Nelly and others at the AMAs

Don't want you to count 'em, but just note: some artists think their own jam is the jam of 2013. And why shouldn't they?

HitFix caught up with a number of stars on the red carpet at the American Music Awards, including Akon, Fifth Harmony, Nelly, Kendrick Lamar, 2 Chainz, R. Kelly and Shemar Moore (?!) and asked, "What's your No. 1 song this year?"

Kells said "Do What You Want With My Body," his jam with Lady Gaga, Lamar went with his "Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe." And Shemar Moore? He's a Drake man.

Watch our quick-hitting video from the AMAs above and answer for yourself: what's your 2013 jam?

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<p>Broken Bells and Anton Yelchin in &quot;After the Disco&quot;</p>

Broken Bells and Anton Yelchin in "After the Disco"

Credit: PopFilms/Columbia/The Creators Project

Jacob Gentry, Anton Yelchin talk Broken Bells space adventure

Kate Mara also stars in the retro-cool intergalactic love story

By now you may have seen Part 1 and Part 2 of music crew Broken Bells' mini-film "After the Disco." What you may not know is what Bob Fosse has to do with any of it.

Helmed by Jacob Gentry ("The Signal") and starring Kate Mara and Anton Yelchin, this sentimental space journey is both retro-cool and futuristic, a look the director intended with the eye-popping space-scapes against throwback colors schemes and costumes.

"Science fiction is my favorite genre," Gentry said in our interview, an it shows. His first go with Broken Bells -- which consists of James Mercer of the Shins and producer/songwriter Danger Mouse -- was for 2010 music vid "The Ghost Inside," featuring Christina Hendricks literally selling pieces of herself to enjoy an intergalactic utopia straight from of a 1940's style Hollywood postcard.

The love story for "After the Disco" had Yelchin's character, boring and lifeless, finding his way into the arms of space cadet Mara, then lulled into the belly of a ship and a dance party that goes on forever. Sweet living, no? Tough luck, sweethearts, the scene goes sour. Read a full Q&A with Kate Mara on the video and more here.

"I wanted to take the deign elements of 'Logan's Run' and give it a melancholy," Gentry continues, mentioning that Broken Bells' "bold pop music references" suited the scope of a small story in a big universe. Gentry and Danger Mouse (aka Brian Burton) have known each other since college and each being a fan of each others' work appears to have helped with the shorthand and creative vision it takes to shoot a story like this in only two days.

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Miley Cyrus trolled the AMAs with her 'Wrecking Ball' performance

Miley Cyrus trolled the AMAs with her 'Wrecking Ball' performance

Kitten sings

Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball" performance at the 2013 American Music Awards tended toward the minimal, but not because of what she wasn't wearing this time.

The young star donned a cat-themed two-piece and sang a straight-forward rendition of the "Bangerz" hit, and behind her was a giant kitten lip-syncing the song while being projected into space.

Seriously. That's it. Why, LOLCAT? In the words of Childish Gambino: Because the internet.

Cyrus showed no wink in her eye, and actually appeared quite emotional toward the end of the powerful tear-jerker, while the semi-static image of a cat peered thousands of yards into our soul. For such a massive troll, we even forgive her for missing a beat.

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<p>Kate Mara in Broken Bells' &quot;After the Disco&quot;</p>

Kate Mara in Broken Bells' "After the Disco"

Credit: PopFilms/Columbia/The Creators Project

Kate Mara on ‘House of Cards’ Season 2: ‘Never a boring moment’

Actress talks Broken Bells, Miley Cyrus, ‘Transcendence,’ ‘Captive’ and the color pink

In our interview this week, Kate Mara described the second season of “House of Cards” and her character in it, Zoe Barnes, as never having a dull moment. The same can probably be said of her professional life right now, as she promotes the two-part mini film “After the Disco” for Broken Bells, currently shoots “Captive” in Mexico City with David Oyelowo and will soon see the result of her turn in “Transcendence” with Johnny Depp. Mara also said that “House of Cards” finished shooting about a month ago, and the second season with drop – all at once, again – “relatively soon."

Despite the space-based theme of “After the Disco,” Mara seems pretty grounded, happy and humbled by her work lately. Below, we discuss acting with Anton Yelchin, jamming to Miley Cyrus and Cliff Martinez, “Transcendence,” technology and the color pink.
HitFix: Your spacesuit for “After the Disco” was pretty great. Did you get to keep it?
Kate Mara: I didn’t get to keep it, but what are they going to do with it, yknow? It was made specifically for my 5’2” body. It’d be a cool Halloween costume.
Is pink your color?
I hate pink, I just sometimes end up wearing it. [Broken Bells] wanted to use an image from the album cover – a lady in this outfit. It’s awesome for the video.

What made you say yes to this project?
There was no spoken conversation, it was an email I got from my agent just saying, “Do you want to do this music video with Anton Yelchin?” and I was like “Yes, I love Anton Yelchin,” and then I thought, “Oh wait, maybe I should listen to the song first…” I’ve always wanted to work with [Yelchin], and I watched [director Jacob Gentry’s] video that he did previous to this with Christina Hendricks, which I thought it was so unique. Broken Bells’ music is so cinematic, so I thought it was a no-brainer.
Were you pretty up-to-date on their music when you said yes, with Broken Bells, or the Shins or Gnarls Barkley or anything?
I’m one of those people who loves a lot of songs but I don’t know who sings any of them.
You must’ve loved the fact that you didn’t have any dialogue.
Yeah on the first day it was just me and Anton in Malibu. [Gentry] sent me the lookbook for it, gave me the storyline and that was it. It was very improvisational, and yet it was Jacob talking to us while we were shooting.
I loved the experience. I think not having dialogue, it’s a very different challenge and yet trying to get people to understand what you’re going through.
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The 20 best movie soundtracks of all time

The 20 best movie soundtracks of all time

With 'Catching Fire' and 'Inside Llewyn Davis' releases, we celebrate Prince, Beatles and 'Pretty in Pink'

Two major soundtrack releases -- last week's "Inside Llewyn Davis" and "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" -- take two different tacks in regards to their tracks.

Like "O Brother, Where Art Thou?", the Coen Brothers' latest film integrates its songs firmly into the story, shy of a musical, but without meaning if not for its songs. Justin Timberlake, the film's star Oscar Isaac, Marcus Mumford and more topline the traditionals and golden Greenwich-era folk music.

"Catching Fire" is the latest in a string of major Hollywood flicks that assembled several previously unreleased songs from top-line artists like Coldplay, Ellie Goulding and Christina Aguilera, some of whom composed and recorded specifically for the movie.

Thinking about high profile releases like these, HitFix staffers put our heads together to rank some of the best film soundtrack releases we could think of. There were fierce defenses of sole votes, and no shortage of those who claimed they wore their record/tape/CD down to ashes. It was also no surprise there were great mixes for terrible movies -- we'll leave it to you to determine which those are.

But for every "Shaft," "Judgement Night," "The Crow," "Menace II Society," "Stealing Beauty," "American Graffiti" and "Twilight" film soundtrack we couldn't include in the Top 20, there were no-brainer classics like "Purple Rain," "Pulp Fiction" and "Pretty in Pink" to keep the conversation calm.

Check out our ranked list of the 20 Best Soundtracks Of All Time below, and rank 5 of your own, too. And don't fuss too bad, we'll do a Best Soundtrack Score some other time, you "There Will Be Blood" fans.

If you're feeling extra-charged, check out our Top 20 Movie Musicals of the Last 50 Years.

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<p>Malcolm D. Lee</p>

Malcolm D. Lee

Credit: HitFix

Malcolm D. Lee talks 'the Black Pack' in 'Best Man Holiday'

What has changed in African-American cinema since the director's initial film?

Malcolm D. Lee is fairly comfortable calling his first film "The Best Man" a "classic" African-American-centered film. The 1999 flick was "one of the movies that started it all, so to speak, with African-American movies, African-American as just being American, just being human beings and not always causing mayhem and what-have-you." 

That doesn't mean "The Best Man Holiday," that film's sequel, doesn't have its fair share of what-have-you, which is stoked by its returning cast like Terrence Howard, Melissa De Sousa and Taye Diggs. In the 15 years that it's taken to arrive at the next chapter of the "Best Man" story, Lee said he wanted to arrive at a story that was more "complex, sophisticated and worthy" of the talents from what he calls his Black Pack.

But the holidays will bring out the crazy out of anyone, and Lee said that choosing to work with a Christmas-themed story helped "illustrate" and push along his plot. Family holidays don't hurt a color palate, either, with lush decor and stage-like scenery for brawls, breakups, perils, absurdities, music and celebrations of the couples from the film.

Watch our full interview above on how Lee knew his timing was right for a sequel more than a dozen years on, and how to portray deep topics like faith in a non-cheesy way. Stay tuned for more interviews from the cast.

"The Best Man Holiday" is out on Friday (Nov. 15).


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<p>Rachel McAdams</p>

Rachel McAdams

Credit: HitFix

'Rom-com' a dirty word? Rachel McAdams keeps 'About Time' out of it

Watch our interview with the actress: Is more time travel in her future with 'Passenger?'

It seems odd to have to declare a spoiler alert for a romantic comedy, but here's an **"About Time" spoiler alert:***

The couple, Mary and Tim stays together throughout.

I know, I know, shocking, right? That's how co-lead Rachel McAdams feels about the film, which hit theaters over the weekend. Promoting the film, the actress discussed whether "rom-com" or romantic comedies are a dirty word -- which can partially be attributed to some predictable elements that otherwise split up or threaten romantic leads.

McAdams said she loved Richard Curtis' script because of the "surprises," that the "love story doesn't fall apart. That's not where the drama is," she said. "We get to watch this couple stay together."

Her co-star Domhnall Gleeson shares in the many intimate scenes, and not just the sexual ones: "About Time" follows almost a whole adult life, including births and deaths and illness. McAdams said that, too, is Curtis' gift, "He's the best at not glossing over the really heartfelt stuff, and undercutting it with humor too.

Check out the rest of our interview above, on fun costumes and filming intimacy in front of dozens of people.

Also watch my chat with Curtis, on "About Time" being his last film and on the flick's musical moments.

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<p>Diane Coffee's Shaun Fleming</p>

Diane Coffee's Shaun Fleming

Exclusive Song Of The Day: Diane Coffee's 'Never Lonely'

Foxygen drummer sets out solo

I've talked about Foxygen on here before, but the psych-rock band's drummer Shaun Fleming has stepped out solo under the name Diane Coffee and now I'm kinda smitten with it, too.

Had HitFix been born under different auspices, we would have already written about Fleming on his own. He used to be a voice actor for family shows and TV movies like "Kim Possible," "The Legend of Tarzan" and "Lilo and Stitch." And now he's spread out into this glam-rock meeting green, bratty pop amalgam for Diane Coffee's debut "My Friend Fish," out Oct. 29.

"Never Lonely" is my favorite of the 10-track album, though "Eat Your Love (With Sriracha)" owns the best song title. Good catch, Western Vinyl.

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Credit: HitFix

Leafing through a celebrity magazine with Peaches: 'Does Herself' heads to theaters

Watch our interview with the queer music icon on fashion, rappers and exploding genitals

LOS ANGELES - Peaches hit Cinefamily in L.A. last night to promote her movie "Peaches Does Herself," which is "an electro rock opera stage show that recounts a mythical history of Peaches and follows her journey from bedroom musician-wannabe to rock star." The film features a 65-year-old stripper, a body suit with breast and penis prosthesis, spandex orgies, gore and full-frontal transsexual porn star and performer Danni Daniels.

"...The most beautiful human being possible," as Peaches said of the latter during our interview.

It's easy to remember the visuals of the musical film, along with its choreography, and that's part of the reason why it's hard to forget Peaches herself. An icon in the queer community, Peaches uses sexuality, fashion and lyricism as an affront, in "Does Herself" as much as she has in concerts since the late-'90s.

"Peaches Does Herself" is as provocative (and funny) a title as some of her best-known songs, including "Boys Want to Be Her," "Fatherf*cker," "Impeach My Bush," "F*ck the Pain Away," "Shake Yer Dix." However, the film, appropriately, ends with a salute to herself, the song "The Teaches of Peaches," as she flees from a theater onto a customized bicycle, covered in fake blood with her privates having "exploded." It sounds like a genre film -- and it is, though it defies such a convention.

And now it's years behind her (the film, that is). The ambitious "Peaches Does Herself" was made over a year that ultimately led up to its premiere at the Toronto Film Fest in 2012, and it's only now making more rounds in theaters and at various venues.

The gender-bending performer said she's moved on, mentally, from the musical and is now heading into her next album. When we spoke in the middle of last month, she had two ideas for songs, and plans on having something new for 2014.

"It's just one day you're not working on music, then suddenly you are," she said. "So here I am." She said she wants to lean away from more "messaging" music (like "Impeach..." very much was) and "getting to have fun again."

As you'll see in the video above, Peaches has some "teaches" left for style too, as she always has. I thought it'd be fun to give her a celebrity magazine to leaf through, to talk about celebrities and fashions that she loves (FYI, she chose "People" over "In Touch"). While she said she didn't feel "up" on American pop culture much due her years living as an American transplant in Berlin, the 46-year-old did have quite a few nice things to say about Janelle Monae, Tilda Swinton, Diane Keaton, plus had some notes on "acting your age" and how she views her own look.

We talked about contemporary hip-hop artists are using "electro music" in their songs more than ever. Peaches said she loves Nicki Minaj's rise in the rap world, and -- despite some misogyny and LGBT-unfriendly lyricism -- she adores rhymers like Tiga.

"Oh, isn't that terrible?" she joked, as we discussed "Rack City." "Maybe he could use a tip."


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