<p>The Julie Ruin</p>

The Julie Ruin

Credit: Shervin Lainez

Listen to two new songs from Kathleen Hanna's The Julie Ruin

Punk-rock band from former Le Tigre/Bikini Kill frontwoman unleashes armageddon

I can't wait for you see "The Punk Singer," I really can't. That film's subject -- the former Bikini Kill and Le Tigre frontwoman Kathleen Hanna -- has had a long journey, which includes a stint away from stage and studio due to illness from Lyme disease. The documentary serializes her career so well, and now everything's coming up stinking roses. The singer and performer is primed for a stunning comeback.

So now we're a month away from the album release from Hanna's new band The Julie Ruin (not to be confused with her former solo handle, simply Julie Ruin), and the rock 'n' roll group now has two songs to show off.

"Ha Ha Ha" arrived today via EW, and it warns of Armageddon. I think. I knocked over a box of nail polish and ran wildly through my rooms while listening to it, so I'm only assuming that was the theme.

UPDATE: Here you go:

The band also dropped "Oh Come On" just a couple of weeks ago, and it too has the appropriate amounts of screaming and sarcasm to get me through cleaning up all this nail polish. Hear it below.

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Watch a wacky new MGMT video for 'Your Life Is a Lie'

Watch a wacky new MGMT video for 'Your Life Is a Lie'

Eggs, lizards, a little person, bondage gear and a disappointed little girl

Sometimes, you'll dream of random artifacts from your day and your childhood, with every object and silly action feeling like it's all in good fun. But then you wake up feeling icky, like you forgot to do something important from the day before, or have many secrets you're bound to share.

In the music video for MGMT's new song "Your Life Is a Lie," those artifacts are of life and illusion. It is filled with symbolic and random ephemera including lizards, soccer balls, a dying man, bondage gear, a pyramid of eggs and your wife.

And like your dream, MGMT forgot to do something important, as in: they forgot to make a real song. The video is kind of great. The song may be from a forgotten episode of "Space Ghost."

"Your Life Is a Lie" is off of MGMT's next, self-titled album, out Sept. 17.

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Jason Bateman, Ed Helms, Jason Sudeikis are Mumford & Sons in new video

Jason Bateman, Ed Helms, Jason Sudeikis are Mumford & Sons in new video

Two 'Horrible Bosses' leads reunite for hilarious clip for 'Hopeless Wanderer'

Band wanders down a dusty road. Band in a barn. Band in a boat. Band under old-timey lightbulbs. Band in matching outfits. Band metaphorically making out with itself. Band making out with itself.

With exception to the latter, the new music video for Mumford & Sons' "Hopeless Wanderer" makes fun of the folksy tropes of roots rock bands with the help of Jason Bateman, Ed Helms, Jason Sudeikis and Will Forte starring as Mumford & Sons themselves.

What starts out as a normal, sun-spattered trip into a grassy field turns into literal chaos as two "Horrible Bosses" leads, Helms and Sudeikis' "Saturday Night Live" cohort Forte bang out comedy gold. Homoeroticism, unbearable melancholy, banjo solos, The Who-inspired breakage, dripping instruments, vaudeville and a singularly spectacular beard combine for this effective interpretation of the "Babel" track.

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Watch: Kanye West remixes 'The Canyons' trailer with new music

Watch: Kanye West remixes 'The Canyons' trailer with new music

Also, Yeezy makes a surprise concert cameo that is off the hook: 'New Slaves'

There may be a few things that have blighted the release of director Paul Schrader's "The Canyons," including the trailer. Or maybe that's what Kanye West thought, so he and his arts company DONDA made a "Canyons" trailer remix, which includes new music from the hitmaker.

"The Canyons," starring Lindsay Lohan and James Deen, was penned by West's pal Bret Easton Ellis; the "American Psycho" writer helped put together West's "American Psycho" parody promo video for his latest album "Yeezus." So this West "remix" essentially brought collaborators back together.

"The Canyons" hits theaters and iTunes VOD today. Check it out:

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<p>Drake single art: Still at Degrassi High?</p>

Drake single art: Still at Degrassi High?

10 best and worst lines from Drake's new 'All Me' feat. Big Sean and 2 Chainz

Is the Aziz Ansari bit right on?

Drake posted another new song to his OVO website overnight, and despite its title "All Me," he gets a big bump from its guests: Big Sean, 2 Chainz and a bit from Aziz Ansari.

The latter appears only in a sampled quote from the comedian's "Funny People," as rap-inspired Randy, the stand-up with a DJ. "These bitches gotta start paying me for this, can't get no more free Randy," is the line. It's something simultaneously so quotable and yet obviously satire.

There's an element to Drake (and, at times, his cohorts) that toys with the absurdity, of the Lifestyle, the brags, the bravado and, of course, the money. Drake's last album "Take Care" cast Good Drake and Bad Drake together, often in the same verse, and like an alter-ego gabbing all over his most vulnerable self. Or is it vice-versa?

On "All Me" -- which moves smoothly over church bells, clanks, a music box, video game bomb noises, the constant brrr of bass and a dark, dirging voice --  there's a continuation of Drake at his most divisive, and correspondingly, his most absurd. Big Sean and 2 Chainz follow suit. The result are some good, bad and funny lines, check them out below.

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<p>Explosions in the Sky with David Wingo</p>

Explosions in the Sky with David Wingo

Credit: Munaf Rayani

Explosions In The Sky and David Wingo composing score for Al Pacino-starring 'Manglehorn'

Musicians gather together for another David Gordon Green flick -- after that Nine Inch Nails tour

AUSTIN - The soundtrack for director David Gordon Green's "Prince Avalanche" will be dropping only next week, but the film's score composers David Wingo and Explosions In The Sky are already eying another project together -- this one starring Al Pacino.

With a script by Paul Logan from a story by Logan and Green, "Manglehorn," will begin shooting this fall with Pacino as its title character, A.J. Manglehorn, "an eccentric man who tries to come to terms with a past crime that cost him the love of his life." In an interview with HitFix, Wingo and Explosions drummer Chris Hrasky said they'd reunite for recording and composing starting in late 2013.

"We'll spend the end of the year diving into that," Hrasky said.

That doesn't mean that Explosions In The Sky and film composer Wingo (who also releases albums under the name Ola Podrida) won't be brainstorming before then. Wingo will be playing some guitar, bass and samplers with Explosions while they go on tour this fall; at first they'll be headlining in August, but then they'll be hitting arenas as one of the opening bands on Nine Inch Nails' much-anticipated comeback tour in support of "Hesitation Marks."

Wingo and "The Sitter" co-composer Jeff McIlwain have completed their score for David Gordon Green's next film "Joe" (starring Nicolas Cage and Tye Sheridan); that Texas-based movie will be out soon on the festival circuit. Wingo said that Green's work on a "Suspiria" remake is "still on hold."

"Prince Avalanche" with Paul Rudd and Emile Hirsch goes wide to theaters on Aug. 9, while its soundtrack hits shelves on Aug. 6 via Temporary Residence. You can hear the "Prince Avalanche" soundtrack in its entirety here.

Hrasky said that Explosions In The Sky will concentrate on a follow-up album to their 2011 set "Take Care, Take Care, Take Care" in 2014.

Stay tuned for a complete interview with Wingo and Hrasky, about Nine Inch Nails, instrumental music, "Prince Avalanche," Ola Podrida and rebirth.

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<p>Maggie Carey</p>

Maggie Carey

Watch: Director Maggie Carey talks 'To Do List,' John Hughes and the female orgasm

'Maggie, are you ever gonna make a movie we want to see?'

SAN DIEGO - "'Maggie, are you ever gonna make a movie we want to see?'"

"The To Do List" director Maggie Carey was talking about her parents, and their reaction to her describing her new film.

"And I said 'Probably not.' They wish I made a Ken Burns style documentary.'"

Carey used the term "earnest" over and over again as we discussed her very funny new film, which stars Aubrey Plaza as overachieving teenaged girl Brandy who is curious about sex. Like all other things in her life, everything's a goal to cross off of a literal list, even the vaunted "first time" of getting lucky.

"[Firsts] are always so awkward as a teenager, and there's an inherent humor about that," Carey said. "That's what's fun about the point of view on the film, is that you don't normally see an overachieving girl like this trying to tackle something that should be more... organic."

And precisely because the POV is female is also what makes "To Do" worth doing. Viewers are used to watching total squares trying to have their first sexual experience, but they're typically male. We've also got the backdrop of John Hughes' coming-of-agers like "16 Candles," which Carey loves. Her 1993-set "frank, honest" film doesn't look, sound or feel like those, because frankly and honestly, blowjobs, handjobs, masturbation, premature ejaculation, anal sex, car sex and the female orgasm are literally the touchstones of Brandy's own "coming of age" (no pun intended).

What age Brandy is arriving at is central to its plot. Her transition from high school to college is about experience, but also about the journey from getting laid to getting properly laid. It's not a perspective Carey sees much in movies today in part because it takes an amount of maturity and a lifting of male-female "double standards" to tell the story.

"[Brandy] is also 18," Carey said, noting that her heroine knows about condoms and birth control. "She's always in control, she's never taken advantage of."

Check out the rest of our interview, on hip-hop, college radio and pop in the era; Andy Samberg's grunge guy and her low, low budget; how sexual "firsts" are like war stories; ironing Grateful Dead t-shirts; her crush on Eddie Vedder; and how Aubrey Plaza's character is about to get awesome.

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<p>TV&nbsp;On The Radio</p>

TV On The Radio

NOT a Kanye cover: TV On The Radio release new song 'Mercy'

Lost and lethal or just dead fast?

TV On The Radio haven't announced a new album, but they have offered up a new song: "Mercy" arrived today. And, no, it's not a Kanye West cover.

The fast track has the band at a snap-hip pace, with the lyrics intimating some forthcoming, soul-challenging forces.

Kyp Malone told HuffPost that it's one of two new songs on the way from the band, the other being a tune called "Million Miles."

“Couldn't be more excited to be getting back into it, all together," band member Kyp Malone tells HuffPost. "The new songs 'Mercy' and 'Million Miles' came to fruition with such ease that it felt like an invitation to get back to this good work.”

This marks the band's first outing under Dave Sitek's Federal Prism label. Their last album was 2011's "Nine Types of Light," which made it to No. 12 on the Billboard 200.

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Watch Justin Timberlake's 'Take Back The Night' music video

Watch Justin Timberlake's 'Take Back The Night' music video

Michael Jackson, Chinatown and stepping back from nudey ladies

Justin Timberlake's "Take Back the Night" music has the singer keeping to his black and whites but also copping a little MJ for your pleasure -- remember his "Black or White" video? How he took to dancing in the streets all over the world? Well, Timberlake only tries world domination in Chinatown -- and only in order to get bizzay -- but some themes are still there...

The white tennies I'm feeling. The black bib shirt I am not feeling. Ugly concert footage intersperses the night footage of romping through the nabe. And there are very few Chinese people living in New York's Chinatown, apparently. I'm learning a lot.

Still, it's good-natured enough, a far cry from his NSFW "Tunnel Vision" booby-ladies-dancing video and a casual evening (positively slumming) after the dressing-up for "Suit & Tie."

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Watch Avicii's fashionable 'Wake Me Up' music video

Watch Avicii's fashionable 'Wake Me Up' music video

Get out of your po-dunk town, ye young and beautiful

Avicii's "Wake Me Up" music video has some advice for you: If you ever get the feeling you're too young and beautiful for your tiny, inbred, podunk town, then find your way to the closest metro and dance your ass off to Avicii.

The clip was shot as part of a fashion campaign (which rhymes with Lalph Rauren) and features several nonsensically beautiful models. A woman and a child are stared down by the townspeople as they strut through town.

"They don't like us... why?" the child asks the "mother."

Because you are traditionally pretty, immaculately conceived and wearing a belt, and that ish is just mind-blowing.

Conform and get a tattoo and turn up "Wake Me Up," featuring the talented Aloe Blacc.

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