<p>Brian Eno</p>

Brian Eno

Listen: New track 'Glitch' from Brian Eno's literary collaboration album

'Drums Between the Bells' out in July

For about eight years, on and off, Brian Eno has been collaborating with poet/writer Rick Holland. On July 5 this year, fanc can finally hear the product of that experience, on "Drums Between the Bells."

The Warp Records release will feature 15 tracks (and a long bit of silence) of various artists reading and singing Holland's work, including a few with Eno and Holland himself.

Below is "Glitch," the second track from the set, and it sounds just like you'd think a song called "Glitch" would sound. The sound-master mixes up signatures and textures for a very woolly, intense track. I'd highly recommend hearing this one on headphones, or something better than those laptop speakers of yours.

A traditional CD and digital release is planned, though a super-insane deluxe-o-matic version will include a 44-page book and a hardback double-CD or double-vinyl version, with extra minutes filled with the instrumental version of the album.

The visual design of the album is by Nick Robertson, who has done the cover art and concept work on several other Eno efforts.

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<p>The Submarines</p>

The Submarines

Exclusive Song Of The Day: The Submarines strip down for 'Ivaloo' video

Austin performance focuses on heart-hurt of 'Love Notes/Letter Bombs'

Stealing hearts, losing hearts, falling in love: we use some awfully tragic language when it comes to the health of our strongest muscle. The Submarines have a full album full of such analogies. The duo’s latest album “Love Notes/Letter Bombs” has a title sweet enough to give you a cavity, but strong enough to just knock the tooth out, rightly insinuating there a little calamity in these robustly charming pop songs.

Blake Hazard and John Dragonetti were armed a silk flower-lined glockenspiel and a pair of guitars at the South By Southwest Music Conference this year, recording the following video for On-Airstreaming.com. Outside the trailer, there were drunk kids tattering around 6th Street in Austin, eating tacos and watching bad bands playing the drag. Inside, this married pair smiled though their own kiddish love, sunshine pouring in through their melodies.
OK, now even I have a toothache.

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Listen: Radiohead's two new Record Store Day songs streaming

12" single culled from "King of Limbs" sessions

We reported over the weekend that Radiohead wanted in on the Record Store Day action at the last minute. And today, we reap the benefits of the gesture.

"The Butcher" and "Supercollider" can be heard in full, streaming, below. According to guitarist Ed O'Brien, both were recorded during the "King of Limbs" sessions, though the latter was finished only after the album was done.

"Supercollider" is a pretty, easy-to-listen track, with Thom Yorke's yawp evened out with a dance-floor synth pounding on-beat throughout. It's a song to get spaced-out on, like seeing the same flat scenery from a fast-moving train.

"The Butcher" on the other hand is a little more troubled, with a tribal drum beat and shuffling vocal treatments swirling around an unpenetrable ozone of atmosphere. Plus Yorke call his enemy "a little bitch," which is sort of startling when you catch it.

The British band hasn't been trying too hard to promote "Limbs," considering these tracks aren't officially part of the release. The was the respectable, limited run of the "Universal Sigh" newspaper, but no tour dates have been announced, nor much of a push to radio or online social networking sites. There have been scant interviews with O'Brien, for instance, but it looks like Radiohead are already primed for whatever's next in their career arch.

Unless Yorke would like to show us some more of his moves, a la "Lotus Flower." Because that was kind of dope.

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<p>From &quot;This Is Why We Fight&quot;</p>

From "This Is Why We Fight"

Watch: The Decemberists go to war in 'This Is Why We Fight'

This is how we fight over a can of tuna; also, tour dates

The music video to The Decemberist's "This Is Why We Fight" looks like a combination of "Braveheart" and what people imagine my childhood to be when I tell them I grew up in Kansas.

The song is sticky, gummy and catchy as hell, and the clip is equally pro with exceptional casting of kids just turning mustache age. It features two outfits of poor scamps at war with each other, and an evil overlord who may just happen to ring reminiscent of Ezra Koenig. (I would pay money to witness a throwdown between Colin Meloy and the Vampire Weekend frontman.) I think it's no coincidence this debuted over tax weekend.

The Aaron Stewart-helmed video is beautifully shot, and the location scout deserves a bonus, y'know, to help out after-taxes.

"This Is Why We Fight" is from the Decemberists' latest "The King Is Dead." They have since announced a tour, with dates below, with excellent openers like Justin Townes Earle, The Head and the Heart and Best Coast on tap.

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Watch: Monkeys' hands down their pants: Bruno Mars' 'The Lazy Song' vid

Watch: Monkeys' hands down their pants: Bruno Mars' 'The Lazy Song' vid

Is the singer-songwriter trying to cull a viral hit?

Bruno Mars has posted a single-shot music video to his soft-rock single "The Lazy Song," and it features grown men with monkey masks on dropping their pants, putting their hands down their pants and otherwise making gestures indicating their monkey privates.

It's all the stuff that "viral" videos are made of today, as opposed to just plain viral; OK Go started something when they prance between a set of treadmills, but now its just getting silly. It's like combining the humiliating panda-hilarity of "Drunk Girls" with the droopy headed funk of Jason Mraz, which at the end of the day makes for entertainment, and enough for other lazy folks to click: it's garnered around 1.5 million clicks on YouTube in the three days its been available.

The track certainly was far from my favorite off of "Doo-Wops & Hooligans," but "the kids" are gonna love that line about having "really nice sex."

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<p>Lady Gaga</p>

Lady Gaga

Listen: Lady Gaga's 'Judas' leaks early

Happy Holy Week

Lady Gaga's next single "Judas" has leaked four days early, but either way, it was no mistake it dropped in time for the Christian Holy Week.

The track is Mother Monster's most lyrically unguarded yet on matters of faith and religion, all within the usual trappings of producer RedOne's dance-flooring stompers.

The early lyrics Gaga revealed during her Google chat are barked with the same trademark "ehs" that Rihanna uses. "When he comes to me, I am ready / I'll was his feet with my hair if he needs / forgive him when his tongue lies through his brain, even if after three times he betrays me," goes the first verse, under a murky, transgressive beat.

Later, her big confession: "Jesus is my virtue / and Judas is the demon I cling to,” clunks the bridge. It's perhaps the best analogy for what's occuring sonically, as two worlds seem to collide. Swirls of dark industrial clash with the dusty, uplifting '90s Euro-techno of the choruses, where a gang of punching synths, lasers and a billion other sounds coalesce into what sounds like an early Sega videogame. It's like she's calling all to a revival, but the party's in two different tents. There's just too much going on.

And then there's the sin of laziness of using the word “baby” as a lyrical filler four times for each chorus; for a Song That's So Serious, there was plenty of opportunity to clear the clutter. Though not completely unexpected, it's still cartoonish. (And that's besides the "cultural" misrepresentations of the Biblical narrative, such as: it was Peter who betrayed Jesus three times not Judas; and continued misleading that Mary Magdalene was a "prostitute wench." BUT ANYWAY.)

I don’t find her desire to express or even explain her (obviously) complex faith as such as galling, and in fact I think it's -- her favorite word -- brave. But as a track, it's not the bag of silver she was hoping for. "Judas" and "Born This Way" (with a "capital H-I-M") both address the idiosyncrasies and spiritual battles of Gaga's own post-Catholic faith and America's gripped battles over moral ambiguities, but "Judas" misses the mark as a single. The forthcoming music video, at least, guarantees a wild boat ride with her Savior.

Gaga's album "Born This Way" is due May 23.

What do you think of "Judas?"

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<p>Tinie Tempah</p>

Tinie Tempah

Coachella Podcast: 7 Artists You Should Hear (Even If You're Not Going)

New Interpol remix by Salem, Twin Shadow, Tinie Tempah, Cults, Gayngs and more

Coachella may have expanded its lineup more and more over the years, but the desert is still an awfully good place to go dance and/or freak out.

Much of the emphasis at the Indio, Calif.-fest is still on electronic music, sometimes put through the filter of rock, hip-hop, pop, new wave and even folk. We've got a little mix of all of that, seven new songs and some new artists you should check out, even if you're not going to the three-day event this weekend (April 15-17).

First up is Twin Shadow, who's really just one dude: Dominican-born George Lewis Jr.'s track "Slow" may have you pining for your Police records, but its cooled down further by his croon and icy, icy beats. He released his debut album last year through Terrible Records, run by Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear, and 4AD. His next set will be out later this year. He's currently touring with Pains of Being Pure at Heart (sorry, just, meh) and, sometimes, Florence + the Machine.

Francis & the Lights, on the other hand, remind me of Phil Collins meeting Chromeo. You guessed it: man's got a lot of soul. The latest album is "It'll Be Better," which dropped last year; he's since toured with artists from Ke$ha to MGMT to Oh Land.

Upon hearing the name Cults, I didn't think it'd sound like this. With a slow groove on "Go Outside," that girlie voice and glaring layer of atmosphere, I expected something darker, and maybe it is a little. You should check out their Record Store Day release, with A-side "Abduction" for a touch more of that. The debut album will be out in May.

Of course, Interpol's been around for a long time, but you've never heard them like this. Real-life cult-ish band Salem gave "Try It On" a good remix. It, too, is part of Record Store Day's new releases.

Tinie Tempah is a strong new artist on EMI's roster, and has been tearing it up in his native U.K. His album "Disc-Overy" (whatever) is making its way to these shores in May also, and he'll find some sweet success if his current single "Written in the Stars" makes a strong impression on radio by this summer. "Pass Out" is another mega-catchy, grimy tune.

Fat Possum signees The Felice Brothers have expanded on their weird, rootsy music and let it wander into sludgy, unexplored new territories for forthcoming album "Celebration, Florida," due May 10. "Ponzi" is on sale now at digi retailers.

Gayngs is a collective of members from Bon Iver (who's had a notable day), Megafaun, The Rosebuds, Solid Gold and Doomtree. Songs from their album "Relayted" were deconstructed into stems then remixed by a number of producers for "regrinded" EP "Affiliyated," downloadable on the whole here.

Here is the tracklist for Immaculate Noise's 2011 Coachella Podcast:

Twin Shadow, "Slow"
Francis & the Lights, "Knees to the Floor"
Cults, "Go Outside"
Interpol, "Try It On" (Salem Remix)
Tinie Tempah, "Pass Out"
The Felice Brothers, "Ponzi"
Gayngs, "Fight, F*ck, Fall Asleep" (Cecil Otter Regrind feat. SIMS)

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Are The Shins and Modest Mouse bouncing back this summer?

Are The Shins and Modest Mouse bouncing back this summer?

Listen to a new Shins track, performed live

Two days after the initial announcement went out, Outside Lands has another major addition to its festival lineup. The Shins will be performing sometime over the weekend of Aug. 12-14 in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, their first live full-band show out since 2009.

Meanwhile, Modest Mouse has announced a scant few North Americanshows for the month of May, leading up to their appearance at Northwest-centric Sasquatch music festival in Seattle. Those are below. They also recently confirmed a stop in Australia for the Splendour in the Grass music festival

There's some overlap in the fandom of these two acts, but also importantly, there seems to be some crossover of one member, Joe Plummer.

The drummer has been working on side project Mister Heavenly (aka Michael Cera's band, sorry), but it seems he's now drummer for both The Shins and Modest Mouse. (Fun fact: Mister Heavenly is on Sub Pop, The Shins' old label, before James Mercer decided the next effort would be out on his own imprint.) He can be seen supporting Shin-man James Mercer when he broke out a new song live last month, posted below (via 24bit). 

As I previously reported, Mercer has been hard at work on Broken Bells with Danger Mouse over the past year, most recently with their "Meyrin Fields" EP. It's a collaboration that "will continue to record and tour together for the foreseeable future," as said in a release. But like Beyonce and Glastonbury, the Outside Lands gig may signal the start of something new with that long-awaited Shins record.

A spokesperson for Modest Mouse indicated "there is no official info on a new album" at the time, but I wouldn't put it past Isaac Brock et al. to preview some new material live this Spring. (And for what it's worth, Modest Mouse also used to be on a prominent indie, Matador.)

And not to force it, but "Inception" score guitarist Johnny Marr did just quit The Cribs and may have some hours opening up (besides, y'know, two planned solo albums and movie soundtrack work)... The former Smiths guitarist toured with Modest Mouse toward the end of the '00s.

Both the Shins' and Modest Mouse's last proper studio releases were out in 2007.

Here are Modest Mouse's tour dates:

May 26            Boise, ID                    Knitting Factory
May 27            Missoula, MT           Big Sky Brewery
May 28            Spokane, WA             Knitting Factory
May 29            George, WA                Sasquatch Music Festival (SOLD OUT)

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Yes, this is a tease of a new Bon Iver song

Yes, this is a tease of a new Bon Iver song

And so it begins

I avoid posting teaser-snippets of songs because I hate not-news (I'm looking at you Britney), but in this case, I'm making an exception.

Bon Iver posted a 50-second wordless music clip with some video of a pretty object to the website.

I justify this discussion because, one, I loved the "Blood Bank" EP and "For Emma, Forever Ago," and 2008 was forever ago; two, as confirmed by a pair of sources, this is material that will be on the Bon Iver sophomore set; and three, now that Vernon's played in a pair of other recent bands (Gayngs, Volcano Choir) and his name has only grown in stature since "For Emma" has gone global and Kanye West and Peter Gabriel joined Team Vernon, there is assurance that Bon Iver's next release could be one of the biggest independent releases of the year. Self-conscious hand-wringing, over and out.

I can't say much about the clip, except that it certainly sounds like Vernon, the choirs sound right on par with expectations and I can't wait to hear what that crescendo is all about.

According to Rolling Stone, ish may be out as soon as June and has taken a while because Vernon needed to re-learn the songwriting process; he also describes one of the 10 album songs as a "Civil-war sounding heavy metal song." If Vernon doesn't wear a uniform, I'm gonna be pissed.

Let it begin!

Untitled from Bon Iver on Vimeo.


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Credit: Katie Hasty

Song Of The Day: New Santigold, Karen O track posted on Jay-Z's website

'Go' is an American Dreaming exclusive... now, what's American Dreaming?

Santigold, Karen O and Jay-Z... together at last?

Santigold debuted her fresh track "Go" featuring the Yeah Yeah Yeahs frontwoman today on American Dreaming, the new lifestyle and fashion website from mogul Jay-Z.

And the name-power doesn't stop there. The YYY's NIck Zinner plays guitar on the cut, while Q-Tip and Switch of Major Lazer (man, those guys are popular today) co-produced the track with Santi.

The result is a party song, though in the interview posted on the section, it also comes with a bummer of a message about, well, American dreaming.

However, I will pull out one of the sweeter moments, in a description of how Santi White and Karen combined for the project:

So I worked on it a bit and sent it to Karen. I felt all insecure and was like, “You know, if you’re feeling it, if you could come up with something, but if not, it’s cool.” And then I didn’t hear back for a while. So, I sheepishly reached out again, and was like, “Hey, no pressure, if you weren’t feeling it, it’s cool.” And Karen was like, “OMG! I sent it back to you a week ago. I thought you hated what I did so much you didn’t ever want to speak to me again.” I told her I never got it, and we agreed that being an artist was insane and we laughed at our psycho- insecurity, and were both psyched on what she called our “rad track.”

Aw, the stars! They're just like us!

"Go" will purportedly be included on Santigold's as-yet-untitled sophomore set, due this year. Her first album "Santogold" -- her old moniker -- was released in 2008.

What do you think of the track?

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