<p>Cee Lo Green</p>

Cee Lo Green

Credit: Elektra/Atlantic

Reba McEntire, Underoath, Cee Lo, Kid Cudi lead new music release week

Live and deluxe albums from Dave Matthews Band, Thirty Seconds to Mars

Loretta Lynn gets made over by Reba. Reba sings Beyonce. Kanye helping out on Thirty Seconds to Mars. Kid Cudi releases sophomore set on Kanye's imprint.

There's a lot of crossover in the new music releases for the week of Nov. 9, including a pair of high-profile compilations: the next installment of the "NOW" hits compilation series and a stellar tribute to Loretta Lynn. Cee Lo is a "Killer"  while GWAR promises a "Bloody Pit" and Twista threatens a "Storm." How aggro!

Check out the major new albums hitting the shelves this week:

Susan Boyle, “The Gift” (Syco Music/Sony) – The Scottish internet sensation is back and while her first effort last year brought "Silent Night" as its yultide greeting, this sophomore set is chock full of Christmas classics. And remember that debacle with Lou Reed and SuBo's cover of "Perfect Day?" The Velvet Underground legend has gone out of his way to make it up to her, by directing the video for the cover, released this week. How  punk rock.

Cee Lo Green, “The Lady Killer” (Elektra/Atlantic) – Not every song on the set sounds like viral hit "F*ck You," but the soul's all the same. The Gnarls Barkley/Goodie Mob member mixes Motown with '70s soul, hip-hop and dance for this soul set. Read our interview with Cee Lo here.

GWAR, “Bloody Pit of Horror” (Metal Blade) – It's hard to believe  this vet metal group is from Virginia, and not an actual bloody pit of horror, with this newest effort as a reminder. Get ready for zombies, genocide, t*ts and many slain fans.

Hellogoodbye, “Would It Kill You?” (Wasted Summer/Rocket Science) – Want starter cash for your album? Fund it yourself. That's what Rocket Science founder Kevin Day did with his dancey-rock band for this sophomore album. "When We First Met"  is the single currently in rotation from that album; the group may even get an extra charge from touring with 3Oh!3 all this month.

Jamiroquai, “Rock Dust Light Star” (Mercury) --  Sorry, America: This album is import-only at this point, but funky "White Knuckle Ride" and forthcoming single "Blue Sky" is enough to throw-down extra for air mail. Jay Kay co-produced the set with Charlie Russell and Brad Spence.

Quincy Jones, “Q: Soul Bossa Nostra” (Qwest/Interscope) – Industry legend Quincy Jones' hits and collaborations get makeovers by some big names, like John Legend, Amy Winehouse (!!), Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, Usher, T.I., B.o.B. and David Banner. And, of course, Jones helms the reinterpretations himself. Just as he said, "Everything Must Change."

Kid Cudi, “Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager” (G.O.O.D. Music/Universal Motown) – Hinted in his first album, Kid Cudi incorporates more rock into his slacker hip-hop tunes. Kanye West helps out on single "Erase Me," a single that got a comedic video interpretation. It's out on the G.O.O.D. imprint, Kanye's label.

Dave Matthews Band, “Live in New York City” (RCA) – DMB is taking 2011 off in terms of touring, so it seems only right that they treat fans with yet another double-disc concert set.

Reba McEntire, “All the Women I Am” (Valory Music Group) – Country star Reba plays many roles in her life -- mother, wife, business woman, writer, singer -- so she crafted a whole album around the many "women" she must be. Its led by “Turn on the Radio” and includes her version of Beyonce's “If I Were a Boy,” performed earlier this year unplugged on CMT.

Aaron Neville, “I Know I’ve Been Changed” (EMI Gospel) – Same Neville you know, with the added bonus from producer and very-cool-man Joe Henry.

Twista, “The Perfect Storm” (Get Money Gang Entertainment) -- Twista. Storm. I see what you did there. The lightning-fast Chicago rapper gets a little help from his friends like Chris Brown, Raekwon, T-Pain and Waka Flocka Flame. Rumor had it he was shopping it to G.O.O.D. too. Maybe next time.

Underoath, “"Ø (Disambiguation)" (Solid State/Tooth & Nail) – Christian metalcore may sound a bit obscure, but remember that this troupe nearly took No. 1 on The Billboard 200 before ("Define the Great Line" made it to No. 2 in 2008). Expect Reba and Boyle to get a run for her money to the top next week.

Various, “Coal Miner’s Daughter: A Tribute to Loretta Lynn” (Columbia Nashville) -- What do Sheryl Crow, Faith Hill, Alan Jackson, Kid Rock, Miranda Lambert, Martina McBride, Paramore, Reba McEntire, Carrie Underwood, Steve Earle, the White Stripes and Lucinda Williams all have in common? They each interpret Loretta Lynn's songs on this new compilation, celebrating 50 years of this trailblazer's country and Americana music.

Various, “NOW That’s What I Call Music! 36” (Capitol) – At this point, there's no escaping these hits compilations, and with artists on the tracklist like Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Maroon 5, Chris Brown, Sugarland and other chart-toppers, expect to see "Now 36" in a Christmas stocking and sale aisle near you this holiday season.

Thirty Seconds to Mars, “This Is War: Deluxe Edition” (Virgin) – This previously released album gets a makeover with a DVD of music videos and the CD with three bonus tracks, including a Kanye West collab on “Hurricane.”


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<p>Michael Jackson's &quot;Breaking News&quot; cover</p>

Michael Jackson's "Breaking News" cover

Credit: Sony/Epic

Listen: Michael Jackson gets self-referential in new track 'Breaking News'

Is this supposed to get us excited for the new album?

Does Michael Jackson's new song "Breaking News" make you want to scream?

Media and character assassination weren't unusual topics for the late pop star, who made his frustrations known in hits like "Scream" and "Leave Me Alone." But the newly released song -- now streaming for the week on michaeljackson.com -- seems to be going a step further down the victim path. The King of Pop refers to himself in the third person, claiming that everyone wants "a piece of Michael Jackson," as it bops along to a New Jack Swing beat. Michael Jackson sounds as obsessed with Michael Jackson as everyone else.

The term "breaking" in "Breaking News" has him put in a vulnerable state, of his psyche and tolerance becoming broken down. But it's more the song itself that's broken.

The lyrics leave the listener a little dry, like weak punches at a straw man, as synthetic horns and strings sections artificially amp up the melody. It's chicken and egg with what could be a Justin Timberlake track from the early 2000s, though according to Sony/Epic, the song was recorded around 2007. The vocals -- especially during the verses -- sound like a badly compressed mp3 rip from a large file, the notes all watery and overly tinkered-with. The chorus is catchy but ultimately empty, given that the songs has two dynamics: play at 10, and stop. A couple nostalgic "whooos" are thrown in for good measure, like a stamp of approval, although something tells me that Jackson would have never given it the nod.

His family feels the same way. Jackson's father Joe's attorneys have released a statement indicated that the estate doesn't feel the song is a completed work and that its release would have gone against the singer's wishes were he still alive. Mom Katherine is reportedly outraged. Fans are claiming online that the vocals don't sound like Jackson's at all. Some feel that there shouldn't be the new album -- "Michael," out Dec. 14 -- at all.

However, Epic says the label has "complete confidence in the results of our extensive research, as well as the accounts of those who were in the studio with Michael, that the vocals on the new album are his own."

That all being said, if the Jackson family didn't think posthumous releases would demean his legendary body of work, then they should have either known fully what tracks they were sitting on or not entered into the $200 deal with Sony at all. "This Is It" feature the same incomplete state of Jackson's abilities, where were the complaints then? "Confidence" seems to be a farce at this point.

Click here to listen to "Breaking News": Do you like it? Are you looking forward to "Michael?"

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<p>Anna Kendrick in &quot;Pow Pow&quot;</p>

Anna Kendrick in "Pow Pow"

Watch: Anna Kendrick has magic powers in LCD Soundsystem's 'Pow Pow' video

What the hell is going on here

Anna Kendrick has skills. I mean, beyond acting skills. She has the pow-power of sending cosmic energy into mens' minds and capturing their souls in a different dimension, with the help of her thuggy friends.

Wait, what was that? Nonsense? Yeah

Just watch the video for LCD Soundsystem's "Pow Pow," which means those in debt to the beautiful "Up in the Air" actress suffer ridiculous special effects. It's a strange contrast to the party nature of the track, culled from James Murphy and Co.'s latest "This Is Happening."

As previously reported, the mysterious clip was directed by action writer David Ayers ("Training Day") as part of the new venture between Mean Magazine and MTV.

It may have fewer homicidal pandas in it, compared to "Drunk Girls," but it has its own charms.

What do you think of the clip?


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Watch: T.I. 'Gets Back Up' as he heads to jail

Rapper to release newly dubbed 'No Mercy' from the clink; Chris Brown gets back up after 'they' push you down

As Lil Wayne finally makes his way out of Rikers, T.I. heads back to the clink this week, and has a few announcements on his way in.

The rapper and producer returns to prison after violating his probation earlier this year and thus is no longer "Uncaged," the title he previously gave his forthcoming new album. The set has been re-dubbed "No Mercy" and now will officially be released on Dec. 7, as he serves out his 11-months in California.

As his note of departure, T.I. has unleashed a new track and video, for "Get Back Up" featuring Chris Brown.

It's less a matter of supporting or opposing when I say this, but more a matter of taste: it's just wrong to have Chris Brown singing the lines "When they push you down you got to get back up." It's not cute or ironic, coming from the lips of a convicted felon who beat up his girlfriend. But the tone of the track has Brown casting Brown as a victim. And hell, same with T.I.

T.I. and Brown call for no "judgement" -- of their crimes, especially after they've asked forgiveness from fans and media -- but as consumers of pop music, we can judge their reactions within their artistic work . Thus, "Get Back Up," as a pop tune is only sort of catchy but weighed down by the hopeful message mixed in with a defensive one and, given the context of these performers' perspectives, comes off as cheap and reactive. Chris Brown's voice still sounds tops, but T.I.'s rhymes are clearly curbed.

No matter. He's had a slew of hot records that came out all summer, including my favorite "Ya Hear Me." From his interviews, it sounds like T.I. is willing and prepared to weather another few months in prison, even if this album release suffers for it. There's no delaying that which wants to be uncaged.

Why do I have "Knock You Down" in my head now?

What do you think of "Get Back Up"?


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<p>Pink in &quot;Raise Your Glass&quot;</p>

Pink in "Raise Your Glass"

Watch: Pink wants you dirty little freaks to 'Raise Your Glass'

Party-starter pop star produces one of her most eye-raising music videos yet

Are you a dirty little freak? Dance like one? Drink like one? Sleep with one?

Pink has corralled all her favorite outcasts and her least-favorite "norms" into one hilarious and eye-raising clip for "Raise Your Glass," the new single culled from her forthcoming "Greatest Hits... So Far!!!"

Starring as narrator Rosie the Riveter, she immediately employs gender politicking, directly before she slays a matador the same way he slays his horned combatant. But then she turns around to "milk" women in the same manner as America's corporate farms in order to feed a calf .

There's a handful of approaches she and director Dave Myers take on marginalized peoples (and animals), which highlight the single itself, with its Max Martin-produced studio flubs and unscripted asides that make this party track perfect in its imperfections.

From Sumo wrestling Uncle Sam, to fist-bumping gangsters from a chopper bike, to finding holiness through sex with religious figures, to literally flattening two-dimensional high school girls appalled at that second corn dog, Pink claims the underdogs as her clan as the leader of the clan. She doesn't quite illustrate how she earns the distinction except that she can point to a decade-long history of edgy performances and willingness to become a chameleon for each.

Interestingly, it comes in the same season that Kanye West told us to raise our glasses for the "douchebags," "assholes," "scumbags" and "jerkoffs," an anthem like Pink's that celebrates more who we are less than what we aren't. But, y'know, with more sarcasm and admiration.

Too, it comes a week after Katy Perry made her own statement about being yourself, also featuring a girl struggling with her body image. It's sort of like Freak Flag Flying vs. "Firework," with Pink (and Tony Hawk) getting down and ugly while Katy Perry just keeps her eyes to the sky. Do you think they're raising their glasses the same way?

The clip certainly increased my appreciation of the song, while it gives my eyes a lot to look at and applaud. She may not pull off the "nerd" look the same way Taylor Swift does in "You Belong to Me," but those dance moves are right on track.

"Greatest Hits... So Far!!!" is out Nov. 16.

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<p>Nicki Minaj</p>

Nicki Minaj

Watch: Nicki Minaj gets steamed in 'Right Through Me' vid, adds Eminem to debut

Second clip to debut in a week from the hot MC

I love me some Nicki Minaj, but the wait for her debut "Pink Friday" to finally drop is starting to get too much to bear. Particularly after getting declared the No. 6 "Hottest MC" without a full-length set to her name, it's time to flip the cards and show us what she's got.

Thankfully, the Young Money star is doing so in rapid fashion, debuting two new music videos this week. The newest, "Right Thru Me," features a more downbeat, less-bonkers version of Minaj -- Queens Barbie, really -- in a bikini, no less.

Minaj sings through steam -- and as she's steamed -- at and about her lover, who infuriates her yet calls her on her "sh*t" (or her "ish" if you're hearing the clean version). I feel the conflict, even though the intro to the clip is kind of a bummer: she verbally lays into her lover, smashes a glass, he threatens to leave, she 180s, whimpering. He won't be winning an Oscar any time soon, but he looks good in the water.

The repeating refrain "how do you do that sh*t" gets a bit like nails on the chalkboard, calmed by the addictive, sweeping lyrics of the title. It's legions better than the will.i.am vehicle "Check It Out," and it brings Minaj's personality back down to earth, if even temporarily.

[More after the jump...]

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<p>Katy Perry</p>

Katy Perry

Credit: EMI

Watch: Katy Perry's chest lights up in feel-good 'Firework' video

What's with the body double-standard?

Katy Perry's boobs shoot firecrackers in the new video for "Firework." There is no way that this fact was lost on the clip's creators.

Yes, of course, it's not lost on me, either, that the sparks are supposed to be interpreted as flying from her heart, or her soul, or whatever. But this, after the summer of "California Gurls," which featured the pop star's infamous breasts sporting a whipped cream-canon bra. Perry's cleavage got her in trouble with some parents watching "Sesame Street" -- a snafu to which Perry reacted to be wearing a tight, equally revealing t-shirt on "Saturday Night Live." It's like Christine O'Donnell declaring in campaign commercials that she's "not a witch" -- a rumor which she hoped to drop by further promoting it.

But you couldn't shoot fireworks, say, from the tops of their heads, or their nether regions or from their shoulders. Because then that would look just plain silly. So bosoms it is, and thus two making a trend of things exploding out from Katy Perry's breasts (three, if you count "controversy" from the "Sesame" snag).

So anyway, the ludicrousness of fireworks flying from Katy Perry's and others' chests overshadows (pun intended) the clip's larger intent and message: you just keep being you.

In my review of "Teenage Dream," "Fireworks" was one of my favorite tracks from the set, and revisiting, it holds up. I like its message, I like its delivery. Perry has gone on to dedicate it to the "It Gets Better" campaign, which encourages gay teenagers that the bullying, the inner conflicts, the search for a partner -- it gets better.

But the feel-good gets a honey-sticky makeover, sometimes cheapening the problems presented. A kid about to get robbed by thugs SHOULD NOT try and pull magic tricks on them. A cancer-stricken child likely doesn't have the energy to go dancing in the public square.

[More after the jump...]

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<p>Sugarland's Kristian Bush and Jennifer Nettles</p>

Sugarland's Kristian Bush and Jennifer Nettles

Credit: AP Photo

Interview: Sugarland's Kristian Bush on No. 1s, evolution and the chorus of 'yes'

'The Incredible Machine' marks a new era for the country duo, in more than one way

Kristian Bush was in a very good mood. Yesterday, one-half of the country duo Sugarland was preparing for the band’s appearance on “Ellen,” where he and Jennifer Nettles would be sharing airtime with the First Lady. It was assumed, too, that Sugarland’s new album “The Incredible Machine” was about to bow at No. 1 on The Billboard 200, which it did this morning. The single “Stuck Like Glue” this week is still rising at country radio after more than a dozen on the charts.

But Bush, on a larger scale, is also happy because “they keep telling us yes.’”
“Jennifer and I… we don’t dream small. We always set out with big dreams. And we keep throwing those ideas out there,” Bush says of Sugarland’s handlers and label, Mercury Nashville. “They haven’t said no.”
There’ve been requests like, Can we tour overseas? Should we tour before the albums out? Can we make the album sound like this? Could we co-produce? Can we play stadiums? “Yes, yes, yes.”
Of course, the chorus of yeses is helped by the fact that this Grammy Award-winning outfit sells literally millions, starting with 2004’s “Twice the Speed of Life,” in an album era where positive expectations are curbed by double-digit drops in sales percentages year to year. The band gambled by making “Incredible Machine” its least capital-C Country-sounding album yet, but admits that the genre is one that thrives on change.
“Pop country, alt-country, folk, Americana, bluegrass… There are more versions of country than anything else I’ve seen,” says the former rock band guitarist. “It’s not about the instrumentation or a country lifestyle, it’s more about, ‘Do you like it? Do country lovers love it?”

[More after the jump...]

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<p>Nicki Minaj and will.i.am (x2) in &quot;Check It Out&quot;</p>

Nicki Minaj and will.i.am (x2) in "Check It Out"

Watch: Nicki Minaj and her crazy-eyes highlight 'Check It Out' with will.i.am

'Video Killed the Radio Star' sample the BEP's second to ravage this week

Nicki Minaj busts out 32 flavors of her infamous Crazy Eyes (TM) for her new video and single with will.i.am, "Check It Out."

The track will likely be included on the lady MC's forthcoming debut "Pink Friday," out on Nov. 26, and was previewed by the pair at the MTV VMAs last month. While that live performance was underwhelming, lip-synching issues don't seem to be a pressing matter for Minaj in this (literally) robotic performance. The BEP frontman spends most of his time extolling his own beats as Minaj dots in her Harajuku Barbie style raps and a lightning round verse in front of a stilted, weird Korean audience. They each get three costume makeovers, will.i.am donning the plastic hairpiece at least once more.

It's worth noting that, since the Black Eyed Peas premiered their new, sure-to-be-smash-hit "The Time (the dirty bit)," this marks the second time in a week that will.i.am has ravished a great standard of the '80s: "(I've Had) The Time of My Life" was gutted for BEP while "Check" directly samples The Buggles' "Video Killed the Radio Star."

[More after the jump...]

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<p>Lykke Li</p>

Lykke Li

Song Of The Day: Lykke Li is your prostitute in 'Get Some'

Free download bundled with 'Paris Blue'

Singin' Swede Lykke Li is well on her way to releasing her sophomore set, and has a single to show for it. "Get Some" with B-side "Paris Blue" are available now on her website for free, at the cost of your left arm your email and some vitals.

The as-yet-untitled album is due sometime "early next year" and, judging from these very different tracks, fans can at least expect diversity.

"Get Some" is a little naughty in its lyrics -- which Lykke Li posted proudly to her site -- declaring that she considers herself your prostitute and one ought not pull one's pants before she "goes down." But it's at least all in good fun, as the shimmy of shakers and a buzzing bass make for a primal dance track. Her sultry voice in the lower registry hums while those high notes would work easily for a girl group in the '50s.

"Paris" (pronounced "pah-dey") is considerably slower than 90% of what made the cut on her 2008 debut "Youth Novels." The invisible hand of Peter Yttling's (of Peter Bjorn & John) production shows up more keenly, in the exaggerated reverb and live sound of electric and drums.

Lykke Li has only one, sold-out show scheduled for the U.S., but be on the look-out for dates in the new year.

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