<p>Mark Pellington's &quot;I Melt With You&quot; features &quot;Brand New Cadillac&quot; from The Clash's &quot;London Calling&quot;</p>

Mark Pellington's "I Melt With You" features "Brand New Cadillac" from The Clash's "London Calling"

UPDATED Exclusive: Sundance Soundtracks: 'I Melt With You' feat. U2, Clash, Pixies

Director Mark Pellington pulls out all stops, with Talking Heads, Beasties, the Cure, Joan Jett

PARK CITY -- This year I'll be reprising my role covering one angle of the Sundance fray, separating wheat and chaffe in scores and soundtracks.

Last year, big winners came not-coincidentally from two of my favorite films, period. "Blue Valentine" and "Winter's Bone" captured movement so easily in their music supervision and track choices, with the former laden with the heavy-lidded harmonies of Grizzly Bear and '50s pop heartbreak, the latter with authentic Ozarks folk and string musics.

There will be no dearth in compelling new projects this year, particularly when it comes to hip-hop.

But I've already got my eye on a horsey whose casting (Thomas Jane, Jeremy Piven, Rob Lowe) and story may be strange, but its soundtrack looks like perfect sense. "Melt With You" gets a 2011 remix of its namesake song from Modern English, but also another one of theirs too – along with about two dozen, top-shelf classic new wave, modern rock and punk tracks, from the Clash and the Sex Pistols, to X and Dead Kennedys, Talking Heads to Cabaret Voltaire, to Grandmaster Flash and Sundance co-headliners Beastie Boys.
I'm intrigued by the brutal teasers that have been seeping out to promote "Melt With You“ these "men on the brink of enlightenment." If the emotion meets the time period and the rock star arc to these songs, everybody goes home happy and paid.

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HitFix's Drew McWeeny, in speaking with Pellington publicist Bebe Lerner, was told that the director pulled out all the stops" all of his music video connects, favors, musical collaborators and friends“ to secure a top-notch, big-name final for the soundtrack.
I don't doubt it. Securing ALL these rights would be a flat-out miracle, and not just in terms of money. It's some of these acts' biggest tracks, thus those with the most legacy on the line, like "Just Like Honey, "Maggot Brain," "Debaser" and "Bad Reputation." And U2, I mean, just any ol' U2 (oh "Boy!"), a band with whom Pellington's helmed major video projects and who knows there won't be any mistreatment of the material.
Shocked not seeing any Pearl Jam in there, because hey it's Mark Pellington and, shit, Jane's and Filter are on there. The most contemporary artist -- and one of the few women artists on the list -- is a Swedish singer-songwritery type named Emma Ejwertz,. Pellington helmed a music video for her a couple years ago after having heard her music through a contest submission to the "Henry Poole Is Here" soundtrack. A 2009 gem from the late, great Vic Chesnutt also made the cut.
Below are the available and known cues for "Melt With You." Drew will be reviewing later during Sundance festivities. It debuts on Jan. 26 with additional screeners in Park City each day on Jan. 27-30.


What do you think of this little collection?


SEX PISTOLS - Pretty Vacant
CRAMPS - Primitive
X - Los Angeles
DEEP 6 - The Lawn
LOVE AND ROCKETS - Kundalini Express
U2 - Out Of Control
PIXIES - Debaser
TALKING HEADS - Memories Can’t Wait
DEAD KENNEDYS - Holiday In Cambodia
X - Hungry Wolf
GALAXIE 500 - Blue Thunder
FUNKADELIC - Maggot Brain
CLASH - Brand New Cadillac
JOAN JETT - Bad Reputation
ENGLISH BEAT - Click Click
PIXIES - Caribou
CURE - Lullabye
FILTER - Hey Man Nice Shot
MODERN ENGLISH - Gathering Dust
JULIAN PLENTI - Skyscraper
MODERN ENGLISH - Melt With You Remix 2011

UPDATE: NOV. 2, 2011:

The final artists from the cue sheet for the theatrical release of "Melt With You" is available, with many of the same names, but some missing. Here is what Magnolia wishes to share. "I Melt With You" is out Dec. 5.

Big Dipper
Deep Six
Love and Rockets
Stone Roses
The Clash
The Dead Kennedys
Jensen Reed
Adam And The Ants
Galaxie 500
Crucial Music
Grandmaster Flash
The Specials
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
The Jesus & Mary Chain
Vic Chesnutt
Emma Ejwertz
Caberet Voltaire
Julian Plenti
The Sex Pistols

<p>Adam &quot;MCA&quot; Yauch</p>

Adam "MCA" Yauch

Beastie Boys' 'Hot Sauce Committee' previewed in Sundance's 'Revisited'

Forget the cameos: three album tracks steal the spotlight

PARK CITY -- Festival goers may not have noticed it, but Sundance seems to be the first stop of many in  promoting the Beastie Boys' new album. Thankfully for Adam "MCA" Yauch, it coincides with one of his other favorite pastimes.

Shorts Program I premiered last night at the Sundance Film Festival, and in it was the 30-minute short film "Fight For Your Right Revisited," written and directed by the Beastie Boy, out through his Oscilloscope Laboratories. And half an hour was just enough time to preview three tracks from the hip-hop veterans' "Hot Sauce Committee Part 2": "Too Many Rappers" featuring Nas, "Make Some Noise" and "Say It.

Of course, the former has been around for couple years now, released as a single and even garnering a Grammy nomination.

But the other two hadn't gone wide -- until now.

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Credit: Sara Kiesling

Low releasing first new album in four years, 'C'mon'

Sub Pop act's winter games

After a four year wait, Low are prepared to release another new effort, titled "C'mon." Sub Pop drops it on April 12, with tour dates forthcoming.

It's the follow-up to 2007's "Drums and Guns," and upon a couple listens, think less guns. Think more healing than aching, maturing rather than ominous. But, considering it's slow-core, shoegaze Low, of course there's still that good old ache. Slow-builder "Nothing But Heart" alone will put you in that lonely but happy place.

"With the last couple of records, we were grappling with something outside of ourselves," said frontman Alan Sparhawk in a statement. "This one feels more like, 'Well, forget that. I'm looking in your eyes right now, and we need to figure out how to get through the next moment, together, as human beings.'"

For this one, the Minnesota-based band returned to Sacred Heart Studio, built out of an old church, to take advantage of the vaults and natural reverb. Amen.

This is working for me on a number of levels, including the fact that last night it was seven degrees here in Park City, Utah, and Spring is far, far away. Let's just say "C'mon" is gonna be that first crack of melt come April.

<p>From &quot;Beats, Rhymes &amp; Life&quot;</p>

From "Beats, Rhymes & Life"

Sundance turns lens on hip-hop: Tribe Called Quest, Beasties, Lauryn Hill

Madlib, Questlove, Talib Kewli, Das Racist and more heading to Park City

Underneath the a firm base of snow in Park City, a hotbed of hip-hop is warming up for Sundance.

The festival this year will be featuring a number of films, performances and soundtracks with a hip-hop, rap and urban music bent, including a documentary on A Tribe Called Quest, appearances from Beastie Boys and a killer "Mixtape" with a score from The Roots' Questlove.

"Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest" as previously reported, turns the lens on the rise and fall of ATCQ, with Michael Rapaport helming. Not only will artists like Kanye West, Nas and De La Soul be providing some commentary on the troupe's influence, but producer and MC Madlib was on hand to compose the score and Peanut Butter Wolf was in charge of music supervision.

Check out stills from the documentary here.

Another doc, "Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975" focuses in on the Black Power movement in America during that year span, but has powerful contemporary voices with and behind the story. Questlove of The Roots is composing the score, and commentary from Black Star rapper and solo artist Talib Kweli and firey R&B/Urban singer Erykah Badu will feature.

And, of course, we've been eager to see Adam "MCA" Yauch take the stage to discuss his film short "Fight For Your Right Revisited." The star-studded film appears to have grown even star-studlier these days. Elijah Wood, Danny McBride and Seth Rogen are confirmed to play the Beastie Boys in part of the clip, with Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly and Jack Black on board to play the trio in another part.

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<p>The Decemberists, &quot;The King Is Dead&quot;</p>

The Decemberists, "The King Is Dead"

Credit: Capitol/EMI

Album Review: The Decemberists' 'The King Is Dead'

How does this exercise in brevity suit the quintet?

While a lot has been made of “The King Is Dead” being a more country or Americana-leaning set, the ‘90s guitar rock makes quite an appearance, too. Particularly on “Down By the Water” (hey jealousy?) and “Calamity Song,” frontman and songwriter Colin Meloy allowed for a specific showcasing of R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck, doing what he does.

Buck’s contribution (or perhaps Chris Funk’s) on “This Is Why We Fight” really ties the room together and makes for one of the best songs the Decemberists have ever made. The drumming is tight; the chugga chug of acoustic properly preps the listener for this tiny war, capped by a fireside postmortem from Gillian Welch.

And it’s Welch’s voice that helps make this album stand out as more than wallflower music. Opener and single “Don’t Carry It All,” sweetened with tittering mandolins and harmonica, feature simple harmonies from the alt-country great, like a good omen that hangs over the rest of “King.”

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<p>&quot;Blue Valentine&quot;</p>

"Blue Valentine"

Grizzly Bear, Ryan Gosling sing on 'Blue Valentine' soundtrack

Previous Sundance pick finally gets a soundtrack release date

Way, way back last January I had pulled out "Blue Valentine" as one of my favorite Sundance Soundtracks. Why? Not only did indie fave Grizzly Bear leave their mark (ew) all over that thing, but Ryan Gosling actually sounded exquisite in the film, singing pop tunes from the '50s.

Now the film has gone wide(r) after a long battle with the Rating Appeals Board -- going from NC-17 to R -- and more folks are seeing just how sad is. But hey! On the bright side, more exposure for them Bears and Daniel Rossen's Department of Eagles.

Lakeshore, which works in tandem with the film company of the same name, will drop "Blue Valentine" on Feb. 1.

There are no previously unreleased Grizzly Bear songs on here, but some alternate versions. And Gosling's appropriate cover of "You Always Hurt the Ones You Love."

Fun fact: when I asked Gosling at Park City last year if he was planning on taking his mad vocal and ukelele skills wide, he laughed it off and offered up young Matilda Ledger -- real-life daughter to co-star Michelle Williams -- as the real musical talent. See you in 20, kid.

Here is the tracklist to the "Blue Valentine" soundtrack:

1. Granny Dinner - Grizzly Bear
2. In Ear Park - Department of Eagles
3. Easier (Instrumental) - Grizzly Bear
4. Lullabye (Instrumental) - Grizzly Bear
5. I Live With You (Instrumental) - Grizzly Bear
6. Foreground (Instrumental) - Grizzly Bear
7. Dory (Instrumental) - Grizzly Bear
8. You Always Hurt The Ones You Love – Ryan Gosling
9. You and Me – Penny & the Quarters
10. Shift (Alternate Version) - Grizzly Bear
11. Alligator (feat. Zach Condon, Dave Longstreth & Amber Coffman) [Choir Version] – Grizzly Bea
12. Easier - Grizzly Bearr
13. Lullaby – Grizzly Bear
14. I Live With You - Grizzly Bear
15. Foreground - Grizzly Bear

<p>The Dodos</p>

The Dodos

Neko Case sings with The Dodos on new LP 'No Color'

Watch: Trio becomes a duo, bringing the '90s back

The Dodos' last two albums have been incredible, so I'm quadruple-y excited for the third. Particularly since Neko Case appears to be involved.

"No Color" will be out on March 15 via Frenchkiss, who insanely continue to put out solid records, damn them. Alt-country standout Case is singing on about half the set, according to FrenchKiss.

This is after the San Francisco-based band has gone back to being a guitar/voice and drums duo, losing the vibraphonist the helped out on their last "Time to Die." Instead, expect a '90s comeback. Welcome to the twenty-teens

“I have a love for ‘90s riffs that I haven’t gotten to showcase in this band,” said singer/guitarist Meric Long in a release. “The most fun I had with this record was when I got to strap on the electric guitar and come up with Billy Corgan riffs while the tape was rolling.”

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<p>Black Keys on &quot;Colbert Report&quot;</p>

Black Keys on "Colbert Report"

Black Keys and Vampire Weekend defend sell-out status on 'Colbert'

Host praises alternative album Grammy nominees for equally 'whoring' music

This holiday shopping season, in particular, you may have noticed the abundance of commercials sporting an indie-rock soundtrack. Two of the most spirited contributors -- the Black Keys and Vampire Weekend -- earned their public due for the feat on "Colbert Report" last night, as Stephen Colbert had Ezra Koenig, Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney had a little chat at the Comedy Central studio.

The Grammy Award-winning host was parsing through his own 2011 Grammy ballot, musing the past winners behind "screwing on your lunch break" ("Afternoon Delight") and "touching Justin Bieber" (a current best new artist nominee).

And then the battle for best alternative album was staged. Literally. Colbert forced Koenig from Vampire Weekend and Carney and Auerbach from the Black Keys into a "sell-out-off" -- combatants who had "equally whored out your music."

Let's just say the ultimate face-off involved "Holiday," "Girl Is on My Mind," a baseball bat, chains, a crowbar and the Recording Academy president.

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<p>Cake's &quot;Showroom of Compassion&quot;</p>

Cake's "Showroom of Compassion"

Album review: Cake's 'Showroom of Compassion' wants you off its lawn

Six years in waiting for the same dog-and-tiger show

The good news, Cake fans, is that the band is still up to its old tricks. The bad news is, it feels like bad news. 

“Showroom of Compassion” is the Sacramento band’s first studio work in six years. The title of the set itself reeks of the usual, dry sarcasm perpetuated by John McCrea and his crew; its cover features a fierce-eyed tiger attacking a human. I see what you did there.
But irony is blunted by joylessness. In between the signature whoops and “heys” from McCrea’s speak-singing yaw are lyrics of droll disenchantment -- of coughing cars in “Easy to Crash,” L.A. hipsters, goobers of “Italian Guy” and the politicos of “Federal Funding.” The interplay between mariachi brass arrangements, and mechanical, frills-free drums are punctuated with the cute dots of vibraslap or cheap keyboard sounds, like those on “Long Time” and “harpsicord” in “Italian Guy.” Same thing with ominous instrumental “Teenage Pregnancy,” as an elementary piano line gives way to an obnoxious retelling of that same line on a plunky keyboard. It’s not a story, it’s a diversion.
The band even seems to make fun of – and pull punches – on itself in single “Sick of You.” “I’m so sick of you / so sick of me / I don’t want to be with you” the lead-in to the thin, conclusive chorus line “I want to fly away” (so you… just want to fly?). It lacks the upbeat ascent or any ounce of fun that previous hits like “Wheels,” “Short Skirt, Long Jacket”  and their cover of “I Will Survive” boasted.

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<p>Cover for Kanye West and Jay-Z's &quot;H.A.M.&quot;</p>

Cover for Kanye West and Jay-Z's "H.A.M."

Listen: Kanye West and Jay-Z are hard as a mother... in 'H.A.M.'

Review: 'Watch the Throne' is under surveillance today

It's kind of nice that when Kanye West says he's gonna do something, he's actually done it. A 30-minute mini-film for "Runaway?" A collaboration with Justin Bieber (sigh)? Solid Getting Out Our Dreams (G.O.O.D.) signees and a G.O.O.D. Friday release every week leading up to his album release last year? Check, check, check, check.

When he boasted of a forthcoming EP -- and then a full-length album -- with Jay-Z, I'll admit I doubted. But this thing, "Watch the Throne," just got a lot more real.

As previously reported, Ye and Hov plotted a single release for today, and I'll be damned, they're trying hard. "H.A.M." is raucous and urgency, bursting with paranoia when those choral voices jump in, dripping with bravado when both rappers are released from their respective cages with some of the same *rowr* they harnessed in "Monster" from West's "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy."

But -- hear this -- West's nasally "haaaam" on the chorus sounds downright silly, a made-up acronym for "hard as a motherfucker," as bleating, double-time beats, a full string-orchestra and instrumental interludes force "Transformers" level of mechanized drama. It makes me take the thing less seriously, but I don't blame producer Lex Luger, who's signature move is those gargantuan peaks. Jay-Z seems to have more fun with his rhymes, so maybe it's just West you makes it sound like he's the only one who thinks he's got something left to prove.

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