<p>Arctic Monkeys</p>

Arctic Monkeys

Song Of The Day: Arctic Monkeys urge 'Don't Sit Down' on new single

'Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair' featured on forthcoming 'Suck It And See'

No need to pay for a ticket, folks, 'cause this drama's free.

U.K. rockers Arctic Monkeys have lifted the curtain on thudding, revving new single "Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair," featured on their forthcoming and totally mature-sounding "Suck It and See."

Alex Turner's melodrama goes counters Nick O'Malley's metal bass growl, and the band cuts it at almost three minutes on the dot, a feat most admirable. It won't be the headiest piece of music all day -- there's always the new Elbow if you're looking for extra verbiage -- but it is a ominous intro to things to come.

"Chair" will be a standalone single release on Record Store Day this year, a mere five days away on April 16. It will also carry the weight of B-Side "I.D.S.T" on the 7" and "I.D.S.T." and "The Blond-O-Sonic Shimmer Trap" on the 12" bundle. The song individually can be bought through digital retailers starting tomorrow.

"Suck It" will be out on June 7. It proceeds Alex Turner's solo effort for the "Submarine" soundtrack and an early peek at new full-band track "Brick by Brick."

What do you think of the song?

Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair by arcticmonkeys

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<p>TV&nbsp;On The Radio</p>

TV On The Radio

Album Review: TV On The Radio's 'Nine Types of Light'

Optimistic, on overload, a delight of excesses


In these slim financial times, it’s nice to hear a solid, fulfilling rock record of excesses. I don’t mean this in the sense that there’s tight pants and debaucherous music videos, but TV On the Radio has consistently produced albums that carry the heaviest burdens of sound, and to great, arching success.
For fans, “Dear Science” was the Brooklyn band’s pinnacle, but on new “Nine Types of Light,” there’s new favorites to replace the old ones that’ve been worn out. For instance, your new favorite song is “No Future Shock,” the band’s version of a beefy, ‘roided-out Watusi. It's overflowing with brrring distortion over a tongue twisting chant-speaking, tuneless until the chorus of horns burst into a ringing melodic sonic boom. It sounds like the apocalypse -- they should be so proud – something desperate and growling amidst a collection of love songs.
Of the latter, among the many, there’s honest “Will Do,” which was released a few weeks ahead of the album. It’s only a partial indicator of the set’s overall sound, though it does mix that neediness of “Future Shock” with a heart-warming set of majors and minor, a barrage of garbage noise next to Kyp Malone and Tunde Adibempe’s unison exaltations and a music box that, on and off, reminds you its there, patient.
“Killer Crane” is this set’s middle-set “Here Comes the Sun,” a moment away from the band’s busy schedule of burying vocals and guitar lines under the thud of the rhythm section. The peaceful waters of pastoral synths, “sunshine” and a plunking banjo then yields to tracks like shoulder-dancing “New Cannonball Blues,” synthetic, bad-omened “Forgotten” and “Repetition,” which bullies the listener into its repeating patterns, even after you’re good and done listening to it.
Self-conscious “Second Song” is a fine example of Adibempe’s joy in the Observational Narrator, sometimes with humor in its rhyming schemes, naturally parlay into that patented falsetto. It’s sunnier, like L.A.: in fact, the New Yorkers traded their Williamsburg industrial wasteland for the West Coast when it came to tackling this set of recordings, with Dave Sitek. It’s obviously still a TVOTR album, and economical only in its length, at 10 track (12 if it’s the deluxe, but then you’re just looking for a fight about sequencing “bonus” material). Otherwise, it’s a bullish set when light rock and art-folk of this cold winter held a bear stance. As is sung on “Caffeine Consciousness,” “I’m optimistic / on overload.” And he’s right on both accounts.


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<p>Britney Spears in &quot;Till the World Ends&quot;</p>

Britney Spears in "Till the World Ends"

Nicki Minaj in talks to join Britney Spears' tour: What's going on here?

Pop diva fields a tough and critical week

After a week of speculation, Nicki Minaj has at least confirmed that her camp is in talks for the Young Money star to open for Britney Spears on tour.

Speaking with MTV, Minaj said, "I am in talks of joining Britney Spears, yeah... I'm in talks about a lot of things, ya know. I don't know — oops, I did it again."

Usher and Joe Jonas (?!) have also been rumored to be in talks to join the jaunt.

Brit-Brit's Femme Fatale tour has been juggling that supporting slot vacancy ever since she announced the stint: the same day the dates were confirmed, "co-headliner" Enrique Iglesias dropped out.

I don't put that term in quotes to be vicious. It's just that procuring a name as big as Britney's to join her on tour has got to be a difficult task, especially as she and Jive are trying hard to maintain Spears as a premiere act. It's been an uphill battle for that exact prerogative this week...

Iglesias' departure was a bad enough omen anyway. Pair that with 2010 abysmal concert ticketing sales and the continued threat this year, picking a good dance partner has become increasingly imperative. Even other A-listers like Rihanna have had to fight off speculation that sales are bumpy.

Spears' last Circus tour was a spectacular success, but those were healthier times: 2008 was a proper comeback, after she spent years in the tabloids for erratic behavior and public breakdowns. "Circus" sold just over half a million in its first week and her live gigs were well-received.

Fast forward. This week, though her "Femme Fatale" topped The Billboard 200, sales were tepid to say the least, with a 276,000 arrival. "Hold It Against Me" wasn't held as dearly by radio and fans as, say, "Womanizer" was, and the jury's still out on dance/club-oriented track "Till the World Ends" and how well it fares over the spring and summer. Sales projections from this week are pointing to Adele's "21" to replace Spears in the penthouse next week. Granted, Adele's fanbase skews older, a little more generalist, and thus to listeners who tend to actually purchase their music. But critical reception of "Femme" was also mixed overall; HitFix's Greg Ellwood rather enjoyed the album, but many writers took issue with the facelessness of the set, sometimes pointing out that she had no songwriting credits unlike previous albums.

Then there were the TV appearances. Her dancing on "Good Morning America" didn't exactly leave critics screaming "gimme more," though things were a little brighter on her "Kimmel" stop.

There were also gratuitously toxic rumblings this week that Spears uses a body double for her crazier antics in "Till the World Ends" (along with the usual lip-syncing complaints). It seems unusual, but her camp actually addressed the unconfirmed rumor on her website, calling it "bulls***," courting a drama just by acknowledging it. U.K. newspaper The Sun also ran quotes from an anonymous source claiming that handlers are trying to convince the pop star to move the tour dates, claiming she's not ready to take the stage again.

I'm not against Britney enjoying success once more, which she inevitably will. She's an icon, to multiple generations. Her "...Baby One More Time" was my very first published music review, and being the same age as her, in a way I feel like I grew up with her.. I felt badly for her when she shaved her head and shook umbrellas at the paparazzi and I liked that she came back and made some killer new singles.

But she did have a tough week, two months out from the start of the Femme Fatale trek. The co-headlining or supporting act shouldn't be a friendly competition. Particularly sharing the spring release season with Lady Gaga, Spears probably doesn't want competition at all.

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<p>Fight for Your Right Revisited</p>

Fight for Your Right Revisited

Watch: Beastie Boys' 'Fight' trailer with Will Ferrell, Elijah Wood, Jack Black

Sundance short is like a long-form music video for three songs

The Beastie Boys have bowed a new two minute-long trailer for "Fight For Your Right Revisited," the film Adam "MCA" Yauch premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year.

This, on the heels of the rap troupe debuting their new song "Make Some Noise" earlier this week.

The 30-minute short features Elijah Wood, Danny McBride and Seth Rogen playing the trio from their legendary "Fight for Your Right (To Party)" music video, while Will Ferrell, Jack Black and John C. Reilley play the older version of the Beasties, returning from the future to teach the younger versions of themselves. As previously reported, their famous friends make cameos throughout, including Susan Sarandon (mother coming home to a wrecked apartment) to Orlando Bloom (car window washer), Steve Buscemi (bartender), Rainn Wilson (unfortunate passerby) and Will Arnett (unfortunate passerby, C'MON).

And, as I also wrote in January, the clip contains three new Beasties songs, including "Make Some Noise," previously released "Too Many Rappers" featuring Nas and distortion-heavy "Say It." I will warn you, it's not non-stop laughs as the trailer will have you believe, but it's a great medium to feature new tracks, like Kanye did with "Runaway."

The full-length video will drop closer the release date of new "Hot Sauce Committee Part 2," on May 3.

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Watch: Lil Wayne, Diddy join Mary J. Blige in new track from 'My Life II'

Watch: Lil Wayne, Diddy join Mary J. Blige in new track from 'My Life II'

'The Journey Continues' out in September

Mary J. Blige may be looking for someone to love her, but I'm already looking for the reggae remix.

"Someone to Love Me (Naked)," featuring Lil Wayne and Diddy, dropped this week, ahead of the announcement that Blige's new album "My Life II: The Journey Continues" will be released this summer.

The set is the sequel to her 1994 sophomore set "My Life," the follow-up to her debut "What's the 411?". Both were produced by none other than Sean Combs. She and Diddy cut ties soon thereafter, so this is a reunion of sorts; "My Life II" is set to drop in September.

And now I can't believe we're even talking about September.

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<p>Beastie Boys</p>

Beastie Boys

Credit: Phil Andelman

Song Of The Day: Beastie Boys reveal new 'Make Some Noise'

From forthcoming 'Hot Sauce Committee Part 2'

Beastie Boys' "Make Some Noise" made it onto the leak list this week, so instead of trying to plug it up, the trio just let it rip.

The track is posted in full on the veteran hip-hop group's website; it's culled from their forthcoming studio set "Hot Sauce Committee Part 2" and was previewed in Adam Yauch's Sundance short "Fight for Your Right Revisited."

I loved it then, and I love it now. The live drum thunk, the vocal reverb and those killer synth lines may be enough to part you from your money, as you throw it in the air.

"Hot Sauce" is out on May 3. It comes after a long wait since 2007's "The Mix-Up" and after it was announced in 2009 that MCA (Yauch) was battling cancer.

Hold fast, ye heathens.

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<p>Jared Leto in &quot;This Is War&quot;</p>

Jared Leto in "This Is War"

Watch: Thirty Seconds to Mars' dramatic 'This Is War' music video

Jared Leto moves to the frontlines in the war on terror, cheap films

You gotta hand it to him: Jared Leto certainly has a flare for the dramatic.

Whether is the down-and-dirty revealing of his preferred fetishes in "Hurricane," the pink mohawk in "Closer to the Edge" or turning downed bicyclists into galloping horses in "Kings + Queens," the Thirty Seconds to frontman goes big or goes home when it comes to directing the rock band's videos.

"This Is War," the title track and anthem of peace to 30STM's most recent album, is no different. It places the actor-turned-singer and his bandmates on the frontline somewhere in the desert, purportedly in the Middle East, full camo, automatic weaponry, sexy slow-motion footage of firearms and flying tanks and aircraft carriers.

Wait, what?

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Listen: Incubus drops new single 'Adolescents' ahead of new album

'If Not Now, When?' due in July

There are people in the world whose favorite band ever is still Incubus.

This is for them.

"Adolescents" will be available for purchase on April 19; it arrives ahead of the July 12 release of the rock act's new album "If Not Now, When?"

It will be the follow-up to "Light Grenades," which blew up at No. 1 on The Billboard 200 in 2006.

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<p>Death Cab For Cutie</p>

Death Cab For Cutie

Watch this space: Death Cab For Cutie's new video, streamed LIVE

Live stream of live-action, single-take clip for 'You Are a Tourist' at 6:45pm EST

Prepare yourselves for a live event: Death Cab For Cutie will be debuting their unique new music video to "You Are a Tourist" at 6:45 p.m. EST.

What makes it so special? They're performing the video live, as in live-action, in a single take and streaming it as it happens.

So we made a little nook for it, figured it'd be fun. For a song that lasts less than five minutes, I don't have high hopes to live-blog.

"You Are a Tourist" is the first single from forthcoming DCFC album "Codes and Keys," out May 31. Enjoy the free ad, Atlantic Records.

And, as previously reported, frontman Ben Gibbard has contributed a new track to the "Arthur" remake soundtrack.

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Watch: Mumford & Sons announce North American tour

Watch: Mumford & Sons announce North American tour

Nathaniel Rateliff, Low Anthem, Cake, Matthew & the Atlast on board

They haven't quite gotten that No. 1 album yet -- they've skimmed it at No. 2 -- but Mumford & Sons' "Sigh No More" has had long enough to gestate to prime the British act for the best North American tours in their life.

The band will already have completed the cutest tour ever with Edward Sharpe and Old Crow Medicine Show when they strike out headlining on June 3 through the 16th. With them they're bringing support from Immaculate Noise favorites like Nathaniel Rateliff and the Low Anthem, plus Matthew & the Atlas and Cake. Tickets go up April 8, details here.

When I last saw the group, it was an almost sold-out at the Bowery Ballroom. Small no more. Mumford & Sons were among the other acts helping a sepia-toned Bob Dylan through his track at the 2011 Grammys, trying to out-folk the Avett Brothers; they're now hitting big rooms on this jaunt like Merriweather Post Pavilion and Denver's Fillmore.

Meanwhile, in case you needed the tour dates in video form, the band put about four minutes of work into the clip below, complete with a dorky "thumbs up" at the end.

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