Listen: Coldplay releases new single 'Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall'

The next edition of 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'

You can go ahead and add the new Coldplay to our already-bursting list of Top Summer Jams of 2011.

"Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall" is the first single from the British band's forthcoming album, details pending. And it continues a long line of Coldplay singles that utilize the four-and-the-floor crescendo, heavenly atmospheric underbelly and Chris Martin's stupidly effortless ability to pick out a memorable choral line. Look at "Lost" or especially "Viva La Vida": in other words, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

The Edge's Jon Buckland's jittery, flipping guitar line is reminiscent of the band's previous "Strawberry Swing" but mellows into U2's "Where the Streets Have No Name." The new element here is the swimming synths, normally carried by guitar with massive reverb, strings or Martin's simple, pulsing piano parts. Perhaps its an indicator that the band is integrating more than just an orchestra into their new material. Their very expensive-sounding new material.

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<p>Matt Bauer</p>

Matt Bauer

Exclusive Song Of The Day: Matt Bauer covers Magnolia Electric Co.

'Hammer Down' could lift you up

I first saw Matt Bauer at a tiny show in Portland, Maine a few years back. I spent most of the show as one big goosebump.

You needs to mic the living hell out of a singer like him, but that doesn't mean Bauer lacks boldness; the Brooklyn-based songwriter has a narrative that is sometimes daunting and others euphoric. It's a trademark that's spread all over his new album "The Jessamine County Book of the Living," out today. And bless him, this murmuring folkie's a mean banjo player too.

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Credit: AP Photo

Watch: Robyn's dance-heavy 'Call Your Girlfriend' music video

Is this good romantic advice?

People just want to see other people dance, whether it's Thom Yorke or Beyonce. And, actually, Robyn is a little mix of those two in her new moves-heavy "Call Your Girlfriend" music video: the Swedish dance-pop singer treads that delicate line between jittery spazzdroid and a well-oiled machine.

The single-shot clip is in support of her new EP/single of the same name, a track culled, too, from her "Body Moves" album from last year. There are four remixes included in the digi-only release, including this one from Feed Me. She is also on solo tour through June 5, before she joins as the opener on Katy Perry's national stint, a hot summer trek.

Robyn's contribution to the new Teddybears single made our Top Summer Jams of 2011 list, and this vid continues my well-documented girl-crush on her. What's with all these awesome women making news today?

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Listen: Grace Jones releasing 'Hurricane' in U.S., first in 22 years

Listen: Grace Jones releasing 'Hurricane' in U.S., first in 22 years

'Sunset Sunrise' gets up, puts you to bed

Grace Jones hasn't put out an album in the U.S. for 22 years, but this summer, that run comes to an end. "Hurricane," previously released abroad in 2008/2009, found a home on PIAS and arrives on Sept. 6.

Included on the short, nine-track set is "Sunset Sunrise," streaming and available for download below.

For those who had the patience (or were out-of-the-know) to wait for the 'merican version, you are rewarded: a bonus disc will include a remixed dub version of the entire set.

A friend in the U.K. had sent me this album when she got it a couple years back, and, like the woman herself, it's sultry, weird and a little bit dangerous. It has the help of luminaries and icons like Brian Eno, Sly & Robbie and Tricky.

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Bjork details next album, iPad, interactive multi-media-thing 'Biophelia'

Michel Gondry and viruses: Who better than to shirk the traditional album?

There are many artists who have a desire to shirk the traditional album release. Bjork, of course, is one of them.

The Icelandic singer/songwriter/artist is prepping the release of "Biophelia," her next music project, and it seems to eschew the normal song-and-song-and-song album standard. The set will get a conventional release, but it's intended to be more like a bundle of themed multi-media pieces, some to be experienced live.

"Where do music, nature and technology meet? Björk introduces Biophilia, her most ambitious and exciting work to date. A multimedia project encompassing music, apps, internet, installations and live shows, Biophilia celebrates how sound works in nature, exploring the infinite expanse of the universe, from planetary systems to atomic structure," reads a statement.

"Biophelia" will be partially made by Apple's iPad (taking a tip from Gorillaz?), and will include video pieces, including a music video by frequent collaborator Michel Gondry. For each of the 10 songs/compositions, there will be "coordinated apps": for example, the song "Virus" will feature a video of a literal virus attacking cells.

The relaunch of Bjork's website is also part of the whole package. The results are quite beautiful.

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Watch: Rihanna draws fire from parents' group for 'Man Down' video

A victim of abuse shoots back; is it a true conversation starter?

Rihanna released her new music video for "Man Down" yesterday, and not everybody likes the final product.

Watch it below.

Featured in the beginning is the singer taking aim in a crowded "central station," like in the song, and shooting a man down. Folks scatter, the guy lays dead with a pool of his own blood. Then it rewinds to the day before, in the same unnamed island town, and Rihanna struts and bounds around her city, happy, and ultimately ends up at a nightclub. A potential suitor sees her across the room, makes a few moves, they kiss and rub and then she pushes him away: game's over. She leaves, he follows her into an alley and he rapes her. The rape itself is obviously not shown in the video, but Rihanna's bright colors become muted and she crumples, ultimately going home, and finding her gun.

The Parents Television Council has already condemned what it views as a violent message.

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<p>Cee Lo in &quot;I Want You&quot;</p>

Cee Lo in "I Want You"

Watch: Cee Lo 'Wants You' in Las Vegas

Check out the singer without his shades on (!!)

The city of Las Vegas owes Cee Lo Green a little bit of scratch for putting on such a nice commercial for them.

The solo and Gnarls Barkley singer has released the new music video to "Lady Killer" track "I Want You," based in Sin City and amped with the dollars of a heavily branded liquor (the name to which I will not mention, for I have not been sent my own sample).

While Green showed the world he could pull off a mean Elton John impression at the Grammys, he tips his hat here to Liberace. To get ladies. Because Liberace loved the ladies. (Right, OK, but he goes by Loberace here instead. Get it? Loberace? Oh forget it, I'll explain it to you later.)

This Vegas lover courts his lady with fine jewelry, to the detriment of her sultan or whatever he is. Women: so easily won.

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<p>Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman in &quot;The Change-Up&quot;</p>

Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman in "The Change-Up"

Set Visit Preview: A dirty Jason Bateman, Ryan Reynolds 'Change-Up'

'Hangover' writers, 'Wedding Crashers' director and why Will Ferrell won't kill a hobo

Everybody’s got that friend. He can’t get through a sentence without a few f-bombs and would rather chat about your or your wife’s breasts – right in front of you -- than about the babbling newborn twin babies nearby. He doesn’t know how high is a little too high to be playfully tossing a little girl in the air. He doesn’t know how to talk to children, or about children, or even about growing up. Because he is a child.

“You see that look of innocence in that little girl's eyes and you say, ‘I need to push her into the stairs. I need to quiet that innocence,’” Ryan Reynolds laughs, after shooting a scene where he does just that.

That’s Reynolds’ Mitch in “The Change-Up,” forthcoming from “Wedding Crashers” director David Dobkin and “The Hangover” writers Jon Lucas and Scott Moore. The “Green Lantern” actor performs opposite of Jason Bateman’s Dave, who plays into somewhat familiar territory as a family man holding down the domestic fort with wife Jamie (Leslie Mann). Mitch is a blonde-streaked womanizer and aspiring actor, still living in a man-cave covered with band posters and college tchotchkes, and best-friend-since-high-school Dave has a straight-laced j-o-b (and law associates with what’s described as “dream girl” Olivie Wilde, as Sabrina).

Now imagine they magically switch, switch bodies, and go through what Dobkin describes as a “hall pass” conversation about men, marriage and fidelity (and what you’d have tattooed onto your buddies body while he’s not “looking”).

Does it sound a little heady? Add in the movie’s hard-R rating. This is no “Vice-Versa.”

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<p>The Dismemberment Plan</p>

The Dismemberment Plan

Exclusive Interview: Dismemberment Plan on ‘Live,’ Pitchfork, letting go

Travis Morrison talks Tiki Barber, Death Cab for Cutie and why it can’t all be ‘Purple Rain’

In 2002, I was helping to promote my college’s concerts, at Northwestern University; that May, the Dismemberment Plan was on our annual music festival bill. I was beside myself: “Emergency & I” had been on constant rotation ever since I’d heard “You Are Invited” on one of those CMJ Monthly CDs. “Change” – which later was revealed to be their swan song -- had dropped the previous fall.

It was one of those shows that gave you temporary vertigo. The set had been moved indoors from out due to typical Chicago weather instabilities, and the collective equilibrium of students and stragglers was swimming in excessive levels of merciless bass. I remember drummer Joe Easley’s hair doing its own dance on tracks like “Ok Jokes Over” and breathless “Gyroscope.” Jason Caddell worked his guitar around the elbows and knees of odd time signatures.

Frontman Travis Morrison – taking advantage of the band’s few stable instrumental breaks – would oscillate between articulate banter and what could be described as fissures of reality. During one of these, he closed his eyes and, in his falsetto, urged “I’m a cheerleader” in a feverous chant, while running his fingers up the sides of his own ribs and “cupping” what I suppose was this cheerleader’s imaginary bustier. Perhaps it was on “Bra.” The show was silly, and mostly magnificent.

About a year later, the Plan split. Morrison released his solo debut “Travistan” in 2004, and “All Y’all” in 2007 under the name Travis Morrison Hellfighters. His bandmates formed new projects, like Eric Axelson’s group with former Promise Ring members, Maritime. But the band couldn’t stay away from each other for too long: they reconvened for two “one-offs” in 2007, and they embarked on a proper tour this past January to promo the vinyl reissue of “Emergency & I." The stint took them all the way to Tokyo, where they recorded 23-track “Live in Japan 2011,” D-Plan’s very first live set. It will be out internationally tomorrow (June 1), and available digitally.

“Our live show was so much a part of our rep, so it’s nice to have a statement that presents and explains that,” Morrison tells me, before going into self-deprecation mode. “But it’s like Chris Rock said in an interview once: ‘It can’t always be the “Purple Rain” tour.’”

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<p>Asher Roth</p>

Asher Roth

Listen: Asher Roth returns with 'Last Man Standing' featuring Akon

'College' rapper growing up

Considering their outputs, I was abhorred at the possibility of two the annoyances of Akon and Asher Roth combined for a song. Then that idea became reality. But I'm finding myself pleasantly surprised.

"Last Man Standing," a new Roth single with the singer guesting, has teh rapper sounding hungry. After the runaway success of "I Love College" and the fratty white-boy dorkishness that thrived therein, it sounds here like Roth is trying to put his smarts into some serious spit.

And the hook, as it pretends to break no new bounds, is catchy as hell.

The beat is a thudding rally-time boomer, and obviously label-backed since that exactly who "leaked" it to us.

I am merely told a new Asher Roth album is "to come." His last proper studio set, "Asleep in the Bread Aisle," was released in 2009 on Universal Motown.


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