<p>A costume from Bjork's Manchester International Festival residency, courtesy <a href="http://www.nme.com/news/bjork/57600">NME</a>.com</p>
Credit: Carsten Windhorst/Press

Listen: Bjork previews new album with inaugural 'Crystalline' song

Are the lyrics a bit too 'nebulous?'

Bjork has begun her crusade to unveil her new iPad-album-interactive-media-thing "Biophelia," and the first song from the set has arrived.

"Crystalline" features all the jittery, time-challenging beats that her previous "Volta" reigned upon, her breathy Icelandic-accented and carefully-chose words floating above. And, as per usual, she plucks out the natural language and imagery, of crystal structures spreading out like fingers, under the rocks. And it sounds like a stoner anthem. Perhaps Bjork's been chasing the dragon?

The five-minute, wide-eyed love-in thrives in its minimal and, um, "nebulous" language, narrative-free, as the druggy rhythm takes over with the help of a toy piano and then climaxes in a sparkling trip-hop summit. It reminded me vaguely of "Hyper-Ballad," though that song crested back when the songwriter seemed still interested in penning A Big Chorus.

This track seems to be an introduction of her celebrations, of these weird "bio"-fueled anomalies in nature and in humans (and in "human nature," perhaps).

And it appears there are many a'remixer who may get their greedy little hands on the tracks. Best Mustache contender Omar Souleyman is giving "Crystalline" a crack apparently, video below. Reduxes like these may just put some meat on the bones of this skeleton.

Each of "Biophelia's" 10 songs/compositions will have "coordinated apps," but no word what the feature will hold for "Crystalline." The track will be available for purchase starting on June 30. Bjork will be performing new music from "Biophelia" -- defined by the singer as “love of life or living systems" -- during her three-week residency at art-centric Manchester International Festival starting Thursday (June 27) to July 16. Click here for all dates.


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Credit: AP Photo

Watch: Eminem's 'Space Bound' features suicide, porn star Sasha Grey

Graphic, ambiguous clip features Slim Shady suffering girl problems

In a weeks that may feature Jill Scott overtaking Eminem and Royce 5'9"'s Bad Meets Evil set on The Billboard 200, Slim Shady is back with a brand new music video from him "Recovery" album released last year.

"Space Bound" was one of the more pop-leaning tracks from "Recovery" I thought should be turned into a single, and here it is, almost exactly a year after the album release. For the clip, Eminem returns to his rain/fog motif, as he emotes about a break-up and a break from reality. The dream-like scene has him riding shotgun with his love on a quiet dark road, stopping off at a diner, and some sad suspicions derived from evidence on her cellphone. She leaves her table and disappears into a house, he follows her and can't find her.

At points, all along the "road," Em's split personalities stop, seemingly unable to handle it. And whether he calls it quits in the car, in the diner, in the house, the conclusion is the same: his love (or "lust") is too much. He offs himself in a graphic manner.

It probably doesn't help that his "supernova" is porn star Sasha Grey, who gives a, erm, minimal performance.


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Listen: Wilco release new single 'I Might'

Congrats are in order, with a glockenspiel to boot

Color me interested in Wilco again. As we mentioned before, the band was to bow its first single during its very own Solid Sound festival in Massachusetts this weekend, and the track, "I Might," is a doozy.

There's nothing stadium or over-the-top about it, but the simplicity makes it memorable. Tweedy doesn't go wild with the metaphors or with the dictionary, but pushes the easy melody through the chuh-chuh-chuh of guitars, fuzzy bass, and a cute glockenspiel. Mikael Jorgensen dialed in his inner-Steve Nieve circa 1978 with the keyboards. I could hum this thing.

The limited-edition blue vinyl release was sold at the festival and is up for pre-order via the band's own label dBpm, distributed by Anti-. The B-side is the band's cover of Immaculate Noise fave Nick Lowe's "I Love My Label." I see what you did there. A traditional black vinyl version will be out July 19. No word on if a digital version will become available at retailers same day, but vinyl purchasers will get a complimentary digital download.


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<p>Could Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer play Neko Case and Nick Cave in a biopic? A very <em>sexy </em> vampire biopic?</p>

Could Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer play Neko Case and Nick Cave in a biopic? A very sexy vampire biopic?

Song Of The Day: Neko Case, Nick Cave cover Zombies for 'True Blood'

Classic 'She's Not There' gets a little duet action

Guys, it's here! It's here!

No, not "True Blood" (season premiere Sunday). I don't drink the stuff. But a song for "True Blood."

As previously reported, Neko Case and Nick Cave combined their own willowy, billowy voices for a cover of the Zombies' famed "She's Not There."

It's here [KCRW].

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Credit: EMI

Listen: Coldplay unveils two more new songs from 'Waterfall' EP

'Major Minus' and 'Moving to Mars' will be available for download on Sunday

As HitFix's resident Coldplay apologist, I figured it best to inform you that more new music from the British soft-rock band is on the way. A digital EP "Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall" is going up at midnight on Sunday morning; all three songs -- including the title track -- can be sampled now.

Crooner "Moving to Mars" is short but sweet, with frontman Chris Martin letting his low end simmer before launching into space with that falsetto. "Major Minus" is a mega 'minder that they are, indeed, a very British rock-pop group afterall, though they muddle their typically clean sound with some fuzzy sonics.

This release is certainly a good method to tide over fans' appetite for another full-length from the quartet, who have yet to announce any details on said set aside from comments like those to the BBC that the developing album is about "love, addiction, OCD, escape and working for someone you don’t like.” This EP announcement is actually surprise news, and an excellent experiment that country artists have toyed with: many have put out a series of EPs with new music as opposed to enduring the usual two-and-a-half-year full-length album cycle. And for Americans who have to wait until August to see the band live here again, it's a way to access new music that attendees at Glastonbury may otherwise be solely privy.

That is, unless you're watching some late-night TV on Saturday. VH1 has laid claim to a "Live from Glastonbury" performance from the group.

Colplay will be at Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits this year. As previously reported, their Glastonbury warm-up group and recent Immaculate Noise interviewee Elbow will be at both as well.



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<p>Stephen Colbert with the Black Belles</p>

Stephen Colbert with the Black Belles

Credit: Third Man Records

Watch: Stephen Colbert collabs with Jack White, Black Belles for single

Third Man Records releasing 'Charlene II'; watch Bon Iver, Florence + The Machine

Stephen Colbert spent three episodes this week on his "StePhest Colbchella '011: Rock You Like a Thirst-Icane!" television music festival, the highlight being his time spent with Jack White.

Last night, the Third Man Records love-in reached its inevitable conclusion, with the funnyman announcing a comedy single to be released by the Nashville-based, White-run imprint.

White helped Colbert form ideas, looks and sounds for the follow-up single to his fake '80s stalker hit "Charlene (I'm Right Behind You)," a spoofy song the comedian first introduced to the world in 2006. Witchy, overwrought spooky garage rock quartet The Black Belles, who are signed to Third Man, were on hand to complete the vision: "Charlene II (I'm Over You)."

The 7" single pressing of the track is available now through the Third Man Records site. White and Colbert were on hand in New York this morning selling the vinyl from the record shop's roving store-on-wheels.


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<p>Explosions In The Sky</p>

Explosions In The Sky

Song Of The Day: Explosions In The Sky debut very first music video

And how: 'Last Known Surroundings' is a gorgeous trip to the universe

Explosions in the Sky have a very cinematic sound, an arching yearning, fantastical approach to instrumental rock and post-rock. But the band has left a lot to the imagination as far as visuals go, with no music videos to their name. Until now.

"Last Known Surroundings" is a computer-animated journey to outer space, wormholes, fantasy planets and the underground. (Spoiler alert: my favorite part was with the floating islands.) This eight-plus minute adventure was created by boutique design house Ptarmak, based in the band's home city Austin.

"Surroundings" is culled from Explosions' perfectly titled album "Take Care, Take Care, Take Care," out now; It's extra odd that this mark's the band's first video because this set is their sixth full-length.

A word of warning, however: the crappy compression of the track does no favors for the band's well-deserved reputation for delivering an incredible and incredibly loud live show. Fans can have their opportunity to absorb "Last Know Surroundings" as the band tours various surroundings, dates below.


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Listen: Sublime With Rome collabs with Wiz Khalifa for song about weed

Listen: Sublime With Rome collabs with Wiz Khalifa for song about weed

'Can You Feel It' sounds just how you think it would

Sublime With Rome is a trio that consists of two of the three original members of California ska-stoners Sublime, sans late singer Bradley Nowell with singer Rome Ramirez in his stead. They mostly play old Sublime songs together

Wiz Khalifa is a rapper whose primary subject matter is on smoking weed and having sex.

These two artists have combined together for Sublime With Rome's new track, "Can You Feel It," a song about getting high.

It sounds exactly what you think it sounds like.

SWR's album "Yours Truly" is due July 12.


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<p>Grace Potter</p>

Grace Potter

Credit: AP Photo

HitFix Interview: Grace Potter on her inner-Beyonce, Radiohead, cartoon

What does the singer have to say about her Disney attachments?

Grace Potter looked, well, immaculate after her major stage performance at the Bonnaroo Music & Arts fest earlier this month, despite the 95+ degree days and rising dust for feet into the air. The rock singer and songwriter had told AP earlier in the month that she was in the middle of unleashing her “inner-Beyonce,” shedding her jeans for micro-minis and owning the stage like a Tina Turner.

It’s a good look for Potter (and yes, that’s her real name), and it’s a good time for Grace Potter & the Nocturnals, who released their self-titled album last year with the help of Queen B helmer Mark Batson. They’re hitting “Leno” and Cee Lo’s new show “Talking with Strangers” this month, are taking the stage at Lollapalooza for the first time in August and are headlining their own music festival off of Lake Champlain in Vermont. She’s also sharing the stage with Stevie Wonder, Sharon Jones and Janelle Monae at Los Angeles’ Hollywood Bowl on July 24 for KCRW’s World Festival.
This winter will mark a new step for the singer, as well, as she voices and sings as a cartoon in ABC/ABC Family’s holiday special “Prep & Landing.” It’s an opportunity she says she’d never have if she wasn’t attached to Hollywood Records, a Disney imprint.
“I wrote a song for it,” the vocalist laughed, “called ‘Naughty Naughty Children.’ You know I can’t really fully adhere to the Disney thing.”
Below is my chat with Potter, on her Beyonce thing, her Radiohead thing and splashing against rocks like Ariel.
How do you unwind after a big stage thing like Bonnaroo?
My favorite thing to do is to pick out my next outfit to put on. [Laughs]
I feel like I’ve seen you in a few costume changes today.
Technically this is my fifth change, because on stage I had three. It helps that I’m in a cape phase.
Who were your original “people” at Hollywood Records?
We have a lot of A&R people who are in an argument over who really found us. The truth of it is is that we don’t have any A&R guy. Bob Cavallo – the head of Hollywood – has always kind of been the connoisseur of Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. He’s guided us and had his faith in us from the very beginning, and he’s the only one who has been working beside us the whole entire time. But there’s a lot of people who have been involved. Give credit where it’s due.
With Hollywood, though, of course it’s got the straight Disney offshoot thing. You guys were not part of that world, no pun intended. Where are you at with your contract with Hollywood, and your impression of the label on the whole? What is it to be attached to Disney?
Nobody’s ever asked me that before. It’s the most bizarrely beautiful relationship because they’re just far enough off from what we do. We’re the oddity at the label, the exception to all the rules, because I wasn’t brought up through the Disney community. Normally, you’d be on the Disney music label and as you grow up you’d sign to Hollywood and develop your adult career like that.
They had the Polyphonic Spree on the label when we first signed. The Indigo Girls, Queen, plenty of people on the label that aren’t Disney people… But what I love about Disney is that I’ve attached myself to things that I never would have been able to, like “White Rabbit” in Tim Burton’s [“Alice in Wonderland”] and I had the end credit song in “Tangled,” which was a total childhood dream come true. So as much as I love the rock star side of it, I also get to tap into the kid channel in myself. Because I will always be a Disney kid. It was like seeing Ariel [in “The Little Mermaid”] splashing against the rock with the water, when I was a kid -- I was like, “That’s me!”
Bob Cavallo is by no means is a man to be trifled with. When he came to us, we totally scoffed at him, we were like, “We’re not going to dinner with Disney, no way.” But it’s actually turned into the most incredible relationship. I hope to work with Disney forever. I really do. No matter where our career goes, that I can still attach myself to Disney animation projects. Like, I’m gonna be the voice of this Christmas special…. I hope to never lose that connection, because we’re made for each other.
When you were taking those meetings, you must’ve considered going with the indies, and what distribution you wanted, but now you have this big network.
We always pictured ourselves as an ATO band. There was interest there, but at the time we didn’t want to join the ranks. We wanted to be the exception to the rule. I think that this band had to forge our own path and we needed a label that could be patient with us, and had the pockets for us. Because I mean, we need a lot. We come from Vermont, we like to do things ourselves, we’re grassroots. We have our own idea of how to run things, so we needed a label that said, “Cool, do that. Good luck. See you in a year.” And then we all could say, “We told you so.”
You’ve talked before about unleashing your inner-Beyonce. But you guys have some good instrument and cool toys you play with. Don’t think I didn’t see your many, many guitars, like your flying V…
You’re lucky I haven’t gotten into the pedals yet. All the boys and Cat [Catherine Popper, formerly of Ryan Adams & the Cardinals and Hem] now have pedals. But I’m staying away from them. Because if I got into pedals, I’d never been singing into the pedals. Nels Cline all day long.
That’s for your latter-day Radiohead era.
We’ll do a Radiohead record.
No more smiling, get real dark.
Jeans and t-shirt and you’ll never see my face. [Laughs] This is just phase two of Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.


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<p>Britney Spears in &quot;I Wanna Go&quot;</p>

Britney Spears in "I Wanna Go"

Watch: Britney Spears pokes fun at paparazzi, self in 'I Wanna Go' video

Chris Marrs Piliero strikes again with another bizarre clip

Video director Chris Marrs Piliero knows how to use low-brow, absurdist and the spotted use of cameo, as is apparent by one of his brightest, the Black Keys' "Howlin for You." Now he's been paired up with America's sweetheart and punching bag Britney Spears, and together they strike back and break hearts with "I Wanna Go."

And the result is fun for fans. There's little Easter eggs throughout the clip of Britney's past and present, and of course, the recurring theme of death-to-the-paparazzi. The former Mouseketeer dons a cutoff tee with a Mickey Mouse skull, and a polka dot bikini underneath like Minnie. Her "Got Milk?" campaign gets turned around on her cameo cohort Guillermo Diaz ("Weeds"). A marquee at a movie theater touts the fictional sequel to Spears' movie bomb "Crossroads" with "Crossroads 2: Cross Harder."

The video starts out with Brit-Brit addressing The Media head-on, fielding stupid questions about "love children" and the various arbitrary bans at her concerts. Ultimately the (literally) spiky diva flips the bird at her tormenters and takes the street in Hot Topic wear that would turn Avril Lavigne red. Her field hockey skirts of Old has been replaced with safety pins and tears in a jet-black mini, her argyle with punky stripes. She grabs the proverbial package of an adoring fan and turns the heads of mere babies. She flashes the street, then gets a full-body search from a cop (and returns the favor). Then she breaks the camera of the pap, who then turn into evil cyborgs from the "Terminator" franchise, before she is swept away in a convertible by Diaz.

But it was all a dream! Or was it?! End scene with a tip of the hat to "Thriller."


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