<p>J. Cole in &quot;Work Out&quot;</p>

J. Cole in "Work Out"

Watch: J. Cole's official 'Work Out' music video

Remember the '90s?

J. Cole isn't the global superstar he deserves to be yet, which is probably why his music video for "Work Out" was budgeted only $16, for solo cups, lanterns and some masking tape. A certain liquor brand product placement likely paid for the rest.

I don't mean to be cruel. I'm a fan of this first single from his Roc Nation debut, "Cole World: The Sideline Story." But this clips certainly brings it back -- with the voice box sample and the basketball-in-the-yard, it's the '90s, and it looks the part. (He also rips from Paula Abdul's "Straight Up," but the '80s has no place here.)

Cole also looks a little stiff here, and a little hallow-eyed. Loosen up, guy, you've got a Sept. 27 drop date to promote.

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<p>Hi, Tom Waits! Hi!</p>
<br />

Hi, Tom Waits! Hi!

'Bad' new Tom Waits song due next week

Songwriter has something up his sleeve

Did you hear that thud? That was me falling out of my chair. In excitement. That's what happens.

Tom Waits has let his newsletter subscribers and Twitter followers know that he's aware of the "rumors," and that soon he'll be setting the record straight.

Amazon has posted a pre-order option for a little 3:10-clocked MP3 called "Bad As Me," which could very well be the title track from an upcoming album from the legendary singer-songwriter. The listed drop date: Aug. 23. That's next Tuesday, people.

The Anti- Records-signed artist also encouraged fans to head to his website on that date. This may be all the more entertaining, considering another time he "set the record straight" during a "press conference" in 2008. He's hiding something from the rest of us.

Waits' last studio release was "Real Gone" from 2004. He also dropped triple-disc compilation "Orphans" in 2006.


Tom Waits Bad as Me

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<p>Ben Folds</p>

Ben Folds

UPDATED: Ben Folds Five releases first new song in over a decade, 'House'

One of three new songs on career retrospective triple-disc threat

Not every band that makes great music is somebody's favorite band. It's one thing I liesten for whenever I spin a new artist: like, Yeah, it's good, but will this ever be somebody's favorite band?

Ben Folds Five was never my favorite band, but it's obvious why they were for so many fans. Folds' voice has such a purity, and while he often bordered on precious, his narratives were entertaining, witty and sometimes very emotional. There was a bouncy chemistry to trio. He also pumped out one of my favorite kiss-off lines of all time: "Give me my money back / give me my money back, you b*tch... / and don't forget to give me back my black tee shirt."

A career collection "The Best Imitation of Myself: A Retrospective" is due Oct. 11 via Legacy, three themed discs of hit, live cuts, collaborations and rarities. Included in the mix are three new songs, "House" being one of them.

[UPDATE: Stream has been restored, listen now over at NBC.com.]

Yup, all the things you loved are there. The triad reunited especially to record it and the other two tracks, so this is from recent times.

Speaking of new things from Folds, he's re-upped as a celebrity judge on NBC's "The Sing-Off"; he was probably partially responsible for roping in Sara Bareilles for the same duties, too, as he's producing her next EP.

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<p>Lady Gaga in &quot;You and I&quot;</p>

Lady Gaga in "You and I"

Watch: Lady Gaga is a mermaid in Nebraska in leaked 'Yoü and I' video

Mother monster makes out with herself

Lady Gaga may have tried to connect to the Heartland when she posted the country mix of "Born This Way," but now she's literally walking there in the new music video to "Yoü and I."

The Springfield, Neb.-based clip leaked a whole two days early, as the singer was waiting for Thursday to post her 1000th Tweet and celebrate with a premiere through all the normal channels.

She spent Tweets 997, 998 and 999 acknowledging the early drop, with a "F*CK" and "THURS" and "DAY"; No. 1000 conceded with a new YouTube link and the message, "You must love all + every part of me, as must I, for this complex + incomprehensible force to be true."

Speaking of complex, check out what Gaga goes through in the video, all in the name of love. The premise revolves around her walking from cosmopolitan New York all the way to field-strewn Nebraska, her couture heels cutting into her feet and legs. When she gets there, Gaga is apparently willing to be tortured in a barn and medical experiments are performed upon her; her alter-ego Yuyi, a mermaid, is made to flop in a water trough.

But it all works out: Stockholm Syndrome makes for great nuptials, multiple climaxes and hate sex. But mystery remains unsolved: just how do you make love to a mermaid?

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Listen: Lil Wayne taps Drake for new 'Carter IV' single 'She Will'

Listen: Lil Wayne taps Drake for new 'Carter IV' single 'She Will'

Finalized tracklist includes Young Money cohort, Nas, TechN9ne, T-Pain, John Legend, everyone

Y'know what's better than Lil Wayne's "Tha Carter IV" single "John," aka "If I Die Today?" A totally different, new single from the same album, "She Will." And a complete tracklist from the effort.

It's raining men on the new album with guest spots from Nas, TechN9ne, John Legend, Busta Rhymes, Rick Ross, Bun B, Jadakiss... add just a couple more, and you'd have yourself a Drake album! Bad-um-bum!

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<p>Reeve Carney as Jeff Buckley</p>

Reeve Carney as Jeff Buckley

'Spider-Man' Reeve Carney to play Jeff Buckley in as-yet-untitled biopic

Broadway musical man starring in 'Welcome to the Rileys' director's pic: how will he fare?

The star of Broadway's "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark" is taking on another iconic  -- and musical -- role.

Reeve Carney has been cast as Jeff Buckley in the biopic based on the deceased singer's life. He will be led by director Jake Scott, who was behind "Welcome to the Rileys," and it has the backing of Buckley's estate: his mother and executive producer Mary Guibert and Jeff Buckley Music exec and associate producer Alison Raykovich.

"We are over the moon that Reeve has agreed to take on this challenging role. I've seen him perform several times...he's been getting ready for this all his life," said Guibert in a statement. "It certainly doesn't hurt that he looks so much like Jeff."

“We are excited to have found in Reeve the perfect combination of musical prodigy, impish charm, innate intelligence & sensitivity to play Jeff," Scott gushed.

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<p>Win Butler</p>

Win Butler

Watch: Arcade Fire's Win Butler joins Mavis Staples on 'The Weight' cover

One thing you missed from Outside Lands

Two of my favorite things from 2011 Bonnaroo combined for a cool moment at the Outside Lands music festival in San Francisco this weekend: Mavis Staples' cover of "The Weight" and Arcade Fire.

AF frontman Win Butler joined up with the gospel and soul mainstay during her set, on The Band original. Sporting a stripey top and a colorful guitar, he sang during that well-known chorus. This fan-made video was just too cute to pass up.

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<p>David Lynch</p>

David Lynch

Listen: David Lynch releases debut solo album details, drops 'Good Day'

'Crazy Clown Time' to feature track with Karen O

David Lynch has been woven in and out of the music industry for a long, long time. One of his most notable contributions was his collaboration with Danger Mouse and late Sparklehorse mastermind Mark Linkous on cult-ish collabo album "Dark Night of the Soul."

Now the video and film director is stepping out full force with his debut solo album, a seemingly dance/electronic set called "Crazy Clown Time." We must wait to see why we endure such a silly name, but the lead single "Good Day Today" is fun enough.

While Lynch's work is often heady, this is a fairly straightforward, upbeat pop track. His voice is heavily modified with auto-tune and pitch-shift, as he reports from the minor to the major, "Send me an angel."

"Good Day Today" already dropped earlier this year, but it's one of 14 (!) tracks due from the rest of the set. "I Know," another track, appeared very late last year. It's much less house-pop, more "Dark Night," melancholy. Both are below.

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Listen: Feist releses first single from new album 'Metals'

'How Come You Never Go There' goes there with electric guitar, slow rock

Feist's new album 'Metals' is out the block with something a little softer than the album title implies.

"How Come You Never Go There" may sound grammatically incorrect, but this love song in context connects through its small, slow beat, Feist's typical stacked vocals and a second verse that will just kill you.

What I love about Leslie Feist is that all of her vocal takes sound like they were recorded with her lips just so up against the hood of the mic, like she was somewhere dark and intimate for even the fleshiest of full-band encounters. It sounds sexy because it is. This is one of those sexy songs, despite the evident loneliness.

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<p>Kanye West and Jay-Z in 'Otis'</p>

Kanye West and Jay-Z in 'Otis'

Watch: Kanye West, Jay-Z bust up a car with Spike Jonze in 'Otis' video

Sort of like 'Bellflower,' without all the paramount heartache

Hey Eminem, are you paying attention? Y'know how you forgot to smile, or, like Ebenezer, how to even loff?

Let Kanye West and Jay-Z remind you how. The hip-hop superstar duo -- who are attempting to go under the name The Throne right now -- have released the first official video from their new album "Watch the Throne." And "Otis," like the song, is a blast, literally and figuratively.

The pair paired up with acclaimed director Spike Jonze for some flames, a chopped and screwed Maybach and a quartet of panty-flashing girls just wanting to have fun. Hov lip-syncs the track's inspiration Otis Redding, Ye pretends to rap like his cohort and they goof on each other in a giant parking lot. It's sort of like "Bellflower" (HAVE YOU SEEN IT YET) only without the paramount heartache and subsequent death-courting rampage.

The narrative is non-existent, but it's a cute clip overall. It's nice to get away from the dark hues and booty shorts and on to what everybody really wants: something beautifully expensive torn to bits with electric saws and blow-torches. I'd love to see its equivalent done to their other brand name drops.

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