<p>Tom Waits in &quot;Satisfied&quot;</p>

Tom Waits in "Satisfied"

Watch: Tom Waits is 'Satisfied' in new Jesse Dylan-directed video

Shot by Bob's son, featuring the guitar handiwork of Keith Richards

If Lou Reed is the drunk uncle that ruins your Thanksgiving, then Tom Waits is the uncle to whom you offer another glass -- in the off chance he may pull one of these in your backyard.

The songsmith turned to director Jesse Dylan, media exec and son of Bob, to helm this off-the-cuff black-and-white clip. It features a sweating Waits pointing his "gun" and scratching an itchy belly as he stomps around the dirt in front of a tree and a fence. That's it. Really.

The song is culled from "Bad As Me," the Anti- artist's latest and first top 10 set, and features steady hands from those like Marc Ribot on guitar, Les Claypool on bass, son Casey Waits on drums and a little stank from Keith Richards. In part, that's why Waits tips his hat to the Rolling Stones: they claim they can't get no satisfaction, but as he sings, "I will have satisfaction / I will be satisfied."

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<p>Naomi Campbell in &quot;Girl Panic&quot;</p>

Naomi Campbell in "Girl Panic"

Watch: Duran Duran merge with super models for 'Girl Panic'

Just hilarious

If you need a few moment of wank material, here's nine-and-a-half minutes for free, though not commercial-free.

Duran Duran unleashed their extremely expensive Jonas Åkerlund-directed music video for new single "Girl Panic" and, boy, are there girls. Lots of them. And they're all models, kissing each other, pretending to be hung-over, air-humping, drinking champagne RIGHT FROM THE BOTTLE (!!!), brushing their bed-head from their faces and walking around the hallways perhaps in search of some diet soda or a cigarette.

The figureheads of the video are Duran Duran, played by super models Naomi Campbell as lead singer Simon Le Bon, Cindy Crawford as bassist John Taylor, Eva Herzigova as keyboardist Nick Rhodes ("as the only blonde in the band" [!!]), Helena Christensen as drummer Roger Taylor and Simon's wife Yasmin Le Bon as "the anonymous guitarist" (ouch). They dryly talk about their stardom, address former allegations like addiction, and explain why the band is "still at it" after 30 years, in bondage unis. This "encomassing humour" is funny because super models are trying be rock stars. Isn't that hilarious?

Duran Duran meta-note that they were among the first bands to use models in the videos, because nobody would have ever thought of that. And if the models-as-rock-stars metaphor is to extended, then it appears the guys and their crew spend all their downtime just making out with each other.

But to be fair, some of the shots are head-rushingly beautiful, and the fashion is sometimes on fire. I'm still not so wild about the song, which sounds outdated, and I'm so damn sweaty and exhausted by the end, I don't have it in me to give it another go, to play a fun game of "name that designer."

Duran Duran fans who live to support this single, however, will love this.

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<p>Jason Segal and Amy Adams with The Muppets</p>

Jason Segal and Amy Adams with The Muppets

Listen: Jason Segal, Amy Adams, Feist sing a 'Happy Song' for 'The Muppets'

Mmm, smells like Flight of the Conchords... plus Joanna Newsom

Need a pick-me-up after the new "Breaking Dawn - Part 1" soundtrack? How about a "Happy Song" with the Muppets?

"The Muppets" 2011 movie principals Jason Segal and Amy Adams help to lead "Life's a Happy Song." The title may make you urp, as may some of the lyrical content, but it may be more digestible considering who wrote it. Bret McKenzie, one half of "New Zealand's second most popular guitar-based, digi-bongo, a cappella, rap-funk-comedy folk duo" Flight of the Conchords, is serving as music supervisor on the film. Blame him for this interestingly gummy original track for the film, due in theaters on Nov. 23. Keep your ears open: Feist and Mickey Rooney also pull a cameo on the track.

There's also Joanna Newsom's nice little take on the famous puppets' theme song.

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Review: 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn - Part 1' soundtrack is heaven and hell
Credit: Atlantic/Summit/Chop Shop

Review: 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn - Part 1' soundtrack is heaven and hell

Sap and strength for Bella and Edward's wedding music

The soundtrack to “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1” follows a similar template from series music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas. Conscious of its audience and of the romance and melodrama of Bella Swan and her fans’ vampiric love affair, the sets have alternated between mania and depression, bliss and melancholia, or, as “Part 1” contributor Aqualung sings, “between heaven and hell.”

This 15-track collection furthers that dichotomy, even in its missteps and variance on that love-sick theme. To those who know Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s narrative propulsion in the forthcoming film, these polarizations can be easily heard in the warm ache of Christina Perri’s voice on “A Thousand Years.” There’s a half dozen songs here that’ll whet the rabid whistles of viewers eager for the wedding ceremony, and of Edward and Bella’s longed-for love-making.

And then there’s Bruno Mars And Theophilus London. The former’s screaming bawler “It Will Rain” smacks of studio or label interference, a big-name draw from the Atlantic crew among a sea of comparatively tiny ones (apologies, recent Warner Bros. convert and labelmate Iron & Wine). And while fresh Warner Bros. signee London’s urban/electronic sound is among the most lively of the bunch, it sticks out like a sore protagonist.

The upshots are tracks like Joy Formidable’s energetic rock opener “Endtapes” and Twilight actress and singer Mia Measto’s soothing “Llovera.” The Belle Brigade is still unconvincing as a scorned-woman blues outfit but it’s countered by a hard-working stomper Noisettes; as “Part 1” looks to capitalize on the other “F” word – feminine – it’s nice to have tracks like these to compliment the emotional sap of the soft middle section of the album (Cider Sky, Iron & Wine, Imperial Mammoth, Aqualung... damn, where are the Weepies?), a situationally befitting roar instead of a whimper from our constantly imperiled Bella.

There’s also the closer from score composer Carter Burwell: getting the full context on these songs, but especially this brilliant mood-making bit, will be a welcome sound to Twi-Hards.

"The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" is out Nov. 8. The film drops on Nov. 15.

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<p>Real Estate</p>

Real Estate

Song Of The Day: Real Estate's 'It's Real' music video is for the dogs

Indie-pop-rock group's 'Days' already out

Real Estate's first music video from new record "Days" is for the dogs.

Beginning with what appears to be a Ralph Lauren commercial circa 1987 tumults into an amiable Twilight Zone of happy pooches in "It's Real." The clip was shot in Livingston, N.Y. and directed by Weird Days, who named themselves keenly.

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<p>Sigur Ros' &quot;Inni&quot;</p>

Sigur Ros' "Inni"

Listen: Sigur Rós' sad, previously unreleased song 'Lúppulagið'

Culled from festival film 'Inni'

Earlier this year, we alerted you to the existence of "Inni," the new documentary on Icelandic band Sigur Ros. Now, the film is making its way around the country in varying theaters, and music from it is being released in bits and bobs.

The impossibly titled and previously unreleased "Lúppulagið" is now streaming, and boy is this piano-led track sad. Watch a dully fading sunset. Consider your options to otherwise support the 99%. Write your dead grandmother a letter.

The live album companion to "Inni" is out on Nov. 15, and the doc is heading to CD/LP and DVD in different combinations therein.

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<p>Amy Winehouse's &quot;Lioness&quot;</p>

Amy Winehouse's "Lioness"

Listen to two new Amy Winehouse tunes, including 'Like Smoke' with Nas

Tracks from forthcoming 'Lioness,' recorded in 2002 and 2008

With any posthumous album, there's going to be some mixed -- if not completely sarcastic -- feelings about what comes out. 

With Amy Winehouse, there were only two complete albums to her name, solo; like a lot of people (including Tony Bennett), I felt that Winehouse had such an impressive amount of talent and it was a shame she passed before she had more to share. This is no Michael Jackson moment, and thankfully "Lioness: Hidden Treasures" has been framed as a rarities collection, and not as a totally separate, purposefully formed album

I'm glad there will be more to hear, particularly after hearing the two tracks that are out today. Nas was the inspiration behind Winehouse's "Mr. Jones" and he show's up on "Like Smoke," recorded in 2008, on a pair of verses.

Stream "Like Smoke."

Additionally, there's the 2002 cover of Ruby & The Romantics’ reggae track “Our Day Will Come,” below.

These aren't insta-classics, and I don't think they're meant to be. It fills in the blanks of a decade-short career, and in both, Winehouse exhibits her flare for character and woozy soul.

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Credit: Mary Rozzi

Interview: Feist talks new album, metal meeting 'Metals' with Mastodon

As tour kicks off, Leslie Feist pages the Flaming Lips

When it came to writing her latest album “Metals” last winter, Leslie Feist took inspiration from Jonathan Franzen, when he was writing his 2010 novel “Freedom.” The writer whittled down his work space to a minimum, to objects of bare necessity, with only a desk, laptop working solely as a word processor and a “beige, buzzing overhead light. 

“I wanted to do the same thing, so all I had was my laptop, with no internet, a floor tom and one old guitar, an amp and one new guitar. I made like a little altar, with things that were dear to me like a few postcards and couple of books. It was basically modernity-forbidden zone,” Feist told me in our recent interview. She banged out ideas for “Metals” from a “shed” in the backyard of her Toronto home. When it came time to record, she and her backing players set up shop in Big Sur, out of a converted barn where “it took 20 minutes just to get drive down the driveway, to get to the highway.” There was almost no cell reception, and getting online was a hassle.
“You felt so cutoff. It was a bubble and really potent, if not a little irritating. It’d be like, ‘Oh the internet’s down again, I guess we’ll just make a record.”
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<p>Ty Segall's &quot;Singles 2007-2010&quot;</p>

Ty Segall's "Singles 2007-2010"

Credit: Goner

Song Of The Day: Ty Segall preps new single and singles compilation

'Skin' will have you itching for more

Ever since Ty Segall set my face on fire at SXSW earlier this year, I gotta admit: dude's gotten under my "Skin."

You guessed it! "Skin" is the name of the new single from the consummate rock 'n' roller, who has opted to release singles, splits, EPs and one-offs more often than he does full-length records. That's why his next release may be a better overall offering than any single disc he's released (though 2010's "Melted" is divine).

"Singles 2007-2010" is a double-discer boasting 25 songs, including "Skin," and it's out via Goner on Nov. 22, in time for a psych-rockin' Christmas. It contains rare and out-of-print tracks, plus those totally unreleased.

Ty Segall - Skin - Singles 2007-2010 by GonerRecords

Here is the "Singles 2007-2010" tracklist:

#1 Where We Go
#2 It
#3 Sweets
#4 Son Of Sam
#5 Skin
#6 Booksmarts
#7 Ms. White
#8 ...And Then Judy Walked In
#9 Cents
#10 No No
#11 Standing At The Station
#12 My Sunshine
#13 Fuzzy Cat
#14 Maria Stacks
#15 Caesar
#16 Bullet Proof Nothing
#17 Lovely One
#18 Happy Creeps
#19 Hey Big Mouth
#20 Dating
#21 So Alone
#22 Shoot You In The Head
#23 The Drag
#24 Standing At The Station (demo)
#25 I Think I've Had It

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<p>Kirsten Dunst, the anti-"Melancholia"</p>

Kirsten Dunst, the anti-"Melancholia"

Watch Kirsten Dunst do nothing in one of two R.E.M. vids for 'Belong'

Stark videos for 'We All Go Back to Where We Belong'

Dial-A-Poem poet John Giorno has worked with a number of literary and art mainstays over the years, including Andy Warhol. It seems we have Warhol's continuing influence to thank for R.E.M.'s "We All Go Back to Where We Belong" two music videos.

Actress Kirsten Dunst and John Giorno star in two separate videos, during which nothing happens in either. Really. Nothing warms my heart like an old man smiling as Giorno does in his twice. Dunst sits and plays coy.

The clips were shot in black and white, with high contrast, "an effect that Stipe describes as lending 'gravity and beauty' to the proceedings," reads a release.

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