<p>The Killers kill for Christmas</p>

The Killers kill for Christmas

Today in Christmas music: The Killers, Polyphonic Spree, Bieber, Dawes

Honor Society wants to make you cry

A lot of people this way want to express the Christmas in their heart this week, just in different ways.

Just in! Justin! Justin Bieber will be unveiling his video with Mariah Carey in the revamp of her "All I Want For Christmas Is You" during the Tree Lighting Ceremony at Rockefeller Center tonight, to be broadcast on NBC.

Based on the preview, Bieber is more freaking Christmasy than you'll ever be.

The Killers are on the loose, again, to bring another holiday single for charity. This time, they've donned their boots and hats for "Cowboys' Christmas Ball," a quick-stepping country tune for you good little girls and boys. The song goes up on iTunes tomorrow (Dec. 1), which is World AIDS Day. It's sales will benefit (RED), as their songs in years past have.

I hate hating at Christmas, so it pains me to say, country doesn't suit these fine-feathered men well. Lasso another dance mega-hit, and color me happy.

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<p>Jay-Z and Kanye West</p>

Jay-Z and Kanye West

Watch: Kanye West and Jay-Z meet the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

'Stronger,' 'Niggas in Paris,' some confusion on angels

You know what's awkward? Calling your deceased mom your "super-angel" and then having to rap for super-model Angels. Those capital-A Angels were those of the Victoria's Secret variety, and that rapper is Kanye West, who told viewers at the annual "Victoria's Secret Fashion Show" on CBS that he was to perform "Stronger" at the 2007 show, but then his mom passed.


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<p>Devon Sproule</p>

Devon Sproule

EXCLUSIVE Song Of The Day video premiere: Devon Sproule's 'The Unmarked Animals'

Check out this outstanding track from 'I Love You, Go Easy'

Devon Sproule's album "I Love You, Go Easy" is one of those wordy-word albums. The singer-songwriter's unusual but transfixing voice has a lot to report, her lyrical stanzas dense against currents of a jazz horns, or pedal steel, or emotional piano lines.

That is to say, though, there's a lot to hear, but not too much. The sheer amount of narrative is dispersed seemingly among genres. iTunes indicates this is a country album. The opener's soft pop would say otherwise. The single "Now's the Time" sounds like Ben Kweller fronting the Flying Burrito Brothers, while the title track is an "easy" jazz tune.

Then there's "The Unmarked Animals," which divides its time between lounge rock and playful disco, with a slick guitar freak-out, congas, "the curvy stuff."

Below is the exclusive premiere of that song's music video, mysterious and glittery with some sustained eye contact. It's a little something that goes hand-in-hand with this wordsmith, who was raised on a commune and, seemingly, on a steady diet of country-rock: she never sounds miserable. There's a little glint in her eye.

"I Love You, Go Easy" really is among one of my favorite full-length albums this year; Sproule (rhymes with coal) isn't on tour currently in the U.S., but try to catch her and her expert team on the road at a later date.

Devon Sproule - Unmarked Animals from Anti/Type on Vimeo.



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<p>John C. Reilly and Becky Stark</p>

John C. Reilly and Becky Stark

Credit: Third Man

Listen: John C. Reilly's music singles... rock hard or 'Walk Hard?'

Actor and musician combines with Jack White, Tom Brosseu and Becky Star

Third Man Records released John C. Reilly's music singles today, and the label is streaming two of those four covers tunes in full now.

"Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar" with Tom Brosseu and "I'll Be There If You Ever" with Lavendar Diamond's Becky Stark are up on the Third Man homepage. Jack White made contributions to both songs, and both singles.

Check out that trill.

As previously reported, Third Man is also releasing and reissuing several White Stripes rarity records, on Dec. 6.

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Mastodon confirms team-up with Feist for Record Store Day

Metal band ready to meet 'Metals' for split 7"

Don't say we didn't warn you.

Looks like Mastodon is up for a little collaboration magic with Feist, and are planning to release a split 7" record with the Canadian singer-songwriter for Record Store Day next year. MTV Canada caught up with bassist/vocalist Troy Sanders, who said they were going to try and knock out recording one of her songs -- throw a little "hair and dirt on it" -- in the month of December in time for the indie record retailer holiday.

In our interview last month, Leslie Feist had told me she and Mastodon had created a little mutual appreciation society during their respective guest spots on "Later... with Jools Holland."

“So backstage I’m thinking about letting these two worlds collide, how they should collide, so I’m like ‘How about ‘Metals’ meeting metal?’” Feist said, explaining how she'd proposed a potential collab with Mastodon's Brent Hinds. “Brent was like, ‘Well, I do like that “Bad in Each Other” song, I could see that.’ Maybe now I will look into learning to cover 'Oblivion'… or anything off [‘The Hunter’]. That album’s amazing.”

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Today in nostalgia: Promise Ring reunites, Fugazi posting live audio archive

Dischord posting 800 concerts in a pay-what-you-want format

I, like many Americans, traveled back to my hometown for Thanksgiving, and coming back to New York, I can't shake that good old high school feeling.

No, I don't mean that feeling you get watching "Young Adult" (just wait, ladies, you'll see). Emo jump-starters The Promise Ring are getting back together, and Fugazi are finally ready to launch a long-standing project that puts many of their live show recordings and paraphernalia together in one place.

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<p>Nicki Minaj in &quot;Y U Mad&quot;</p>

Nicki Minaj in "Y U Mad"

Watch: Is Nicki Minaj really the female Lil Wayne in Birdman's 'Y U Mad'?

All three rappers show up, but only one gender-bends

Nicki Minaj dresses down for once in a music video, but it's only to mimic Lil Wayne, in Birdman's "Y U Mad."

Weezy, Nicki and Birdman all show up and trade verses in this new clip, which features Nicki as the self-proclaimed "female Weezy" (in baggy pants, a wife beater and wack braids) and as the Nicki Minaj we're all growing used to -- that is, Nicki Minaj rocking Band-Aid couture.

First, let's start with the positives: Minaj on the hook is perfect. The lyrics are like a dare, a proclamation of war, and just goofing around -- the latter which I wish there was more of in this sometimes-dour clip. Birdman found the right, heightened beat for his drip-drop verses, and Weezy just sticks to being Weezy without any guitar riffs to mess with his froggy sound.

It's nice to see the Cash Money/Young Money crew hanging out around the holidays, but in a way, Minaj is still singled out, ever "the girl." See, to be playing on the same field as the boys, she has to dress like a boy. When she's flexin' with Birdman, she's wearing a ravaged-swimsuit look that the other toy-girls don elsewhere in the clip. Hell, why aren't the boys wearing some Crayola wigs and fetish heels?

Eh, let's not have that much fun. Minaj is still rising, with her "Roman Reloaded" to testify to her sophomore return in February. Wayne's still the face, even if "Carter IV" was kinda crap. The imbalance must remain, even if it shouldn't.

Also, the fade-out is a cop-out.

And, also, Wayne: you're banned from the spark-and-smoke intro. You've reached your quota.

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<p>Bon Iver / Justin Vernon</p>

Bon Iver / Justin Vernon

Credit: Jagjaguwar

Watch: Bon Iver's 'Hinnom, TX' gets an appropriately hazy video

Clip is part of larger A/V 'companion' to self-titled album

When you hear Bon Iver's song "Hinnom, TX," do you think of a sun-fueled hazy drive in the car as you roll right through that enormous state?

If so then, boy, do we have a video for you.

Isaac Gale and David Jensen directed the clip below as part of the larger video project from the soft-rockin' songwriter. As previously reported, there are 10 videos getting lined up for the 10 songs on the self-titled album, set for re-release as a digital deluxe edition tomorrow (Nov. 29); the vids are to be "consumed as a visual extension of the music, to enhance each listener's experience," reads a statement.

These aren't "official music videos" in the traditional sense, so perhaps that's why it's OK if you find this little orange-dappled stroll kinda boring. It's not like Bon Iver's songs are the audio equivalent of "Immortals" or anything.

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<p>Beyonce in &quot;Dance for You&quot;</p>

Beyonce in "Dance for You"


Watch: Beyonce wants to 'Dance for You,' detective

Seventh, noir-ish music video from '4' arrives

It was a stormy night, and the detective was hard at work, gazing out the window.

He suddenly found himself to be the luckiest heterosexual model-man on the planet, as Beyonce arrived and gyrated seductively at him.

If you're a hetero sexual lady detective, however, this is sort of boring.

"Dance for You" is the seventh music video to arrive from Queen B's latest album "4" (this track was culled from the deluxe version) and is the seventh of seven to be included on her latest "Live at Roseland" DVD 2-disc collection. It was directed by the singer and Alan Ferguson, who helmed "Party" earlier this fall.

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<p>&quot;Regular Show&quot; cast</p>

"Regular Show" cast

Watch: Tyler, The Creator appears in 'Regular' Adult Swim cartoon show

Hashtag rap in animated form

Actually, this is funny.

Odd Future has its own live-action, "Jackass"-style show coming to Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, but the hip-hop troupe's Tyler, The Creator is jumping the gun a little bit and appeared on "Regular Show" in animated form.

Tyler appears as a bully Blitz Comet along side the rest of his crew CrewCrew, with Alpha Dog (Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino) and Demolition (MC Lyte [YAY!]). CrewCrew engages in a rap battle with a Shakespearean spitter named Pops, to a delightful end.

Tyler doubles as another rapper in the ep, Big Trouble. Tyler's known for his admirably smart but confrontational (and sometimes misogynistic, offensive, among other adjectives, yes) style. It's kind of fun to see him get a beat down, in a way. Have some fun with that big head of his.

"Loiter Squad" comes to the network next year.

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