So far Suicide Squad has played it close to the vest on what exactly the Squad is doing. Amanda Waller thinks they’re bad people who can do some good (and who can be thrown under the bus if it all goes sideways). But just what good are they doing? And how is the Joker involved?

Funko partnered with Warner Bros. to produce a line of Pop Vinyls for Suicide Squad, and the finished products are now online. Harley Quinn has several costume changes, but no one has a bigger wardrobe than the Joker. If he were only a tertiary character, I doubt he’d have so many clothes. Is the Squad trying to take out the Clown Prince of Crime?


First up we have the outfit the Joker is probably wearing during his infamous “I’m just gonna hurt you really, really bad” line. Do you think Arkham sells these sweatpants to non-inmates?


The Joker from Suicide Squad is available now! #funkotree

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Next is the tuxedo seen when half the Joker’s face is melted off. Obviously, this is pre-melting.


@hottopic exclusive The Joker (Tuxedo) is available online now! #funkotree

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The Joker also has a regular suit. You know, for everyday casual crime-bossing.


@walmart exclusive The Joker (Suit) is coming soon! #funkotree

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Finally there’s this interesting get-up. That slick purple snakeskin trench coat? It’s bart of the Joker’s boxing uniform. What?


@target exclusive The Joker (Boxer) is coming soon! #funkotree

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Suicide Squad hits theaters and shows off Joker’s extensive wardrobe on August 5, 2016.

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