In case you didn’t know, “Ghostbusters” has been filming in the middle of downtown Boston for the last month. Knowing this, the kids at a local Boston hospital — Tufts Medical Center — put signs up in their windows that asked “Who you gonna call?”

No Ghostbuster worth their salt could resist the siren call of that question. So this past Saturday, Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon put on their full costumes and stopped by for an unexpected visit! The even brought along their brand-new proton packs (which are slightly different than the one Paul Feig showed off). The kids got an awesome surprise and the “Ghostbusters” movie got some nice, fluffy PR. Win/win, right?

Image Credit: Tufts Medical Center


NOT SO FAST. Almost immediately after putting up the images on their Facebook page — go here to see the whole set! (unless you plan to spout anti-lady-Ghostbuster rants) — Tufts Medical Center was deluged with fans that were VERY angry that these imposters dared to besmirch the good name of the Ghostbusters with their gross girl cooties.

Image Credit: Tufts Medical Center

Image Credit: Tufts Medical Center


Things devolved so quickly that Tufts’ social media manager had to remind everyone that this was a hospital Facebook page and the post in question was celebrating a good deed. Trolls would be removed. Forcibly.


Please remember our Facebook policy is that any comments with profanity will be deleted. Thank you.

Posted by Tufts Medical Center on Sunday, August 2, 2015


Tufts is still scrubbing profane comments from the article. Everything from gendered slurs at the actresses to wishing harm on the children have been removed. Some however, are flying under the radar with mock civility.

This is why we can’t have nice things, y’all.

  • This gentleman may have just been trying to get online emergency assistance from the hospital.
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  • Some comments remain by the grace of being nigh-indecipherable.
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  • There seemed to be a lot of confusion about who these famous actresses were.
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  • Just who do these "untested talents" think they are? Multimillionaire comediennes?
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  • Staying in character is tantamount to success! What is this, amateur hour?!
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  • Classic, but not classy.
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  • Ah yes. What a terrible PR stunt to submit these children to.
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    Clearly no other celebrity would ever visit a hospital in costume to put a smile on the faces of children. What monsters.

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