Way back in February of last year, Jason Momoa’s look as Aquaman was revealed. The heavily tattooed Atlantean king is set to appear in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice next month. Unlike Wonder Woman though, Aquaman’s role has been kept under wraps. Assumedly because he plays a minor part that merely sets up the wider Justice League universe. Only this mostly monochrome image — and a shot of the ocean in the trailers — remind us he’ll be showing up at all.

Image Credit: Warner Bros.

Then along came ToyFair 2016. Ahhhh, good old ToyFair. Hosted in New York City at the beginning of each year, the convention showcases the best of upcoming merchandise to look forward to. It’s also ALWAYS good for a spoiler or two. One of this year’s was a complete look at Jason Momoa’s costume in Batman v Superman, complete with colors. Behold!



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The tattoos on Aquaman’s chest appear to continue onto his pants(?) which are a murky green. The better to blend into the ocean floor with. Of course, the cameo look is marred by the bright gold knee-highs, but a king has to make concessions for style. I’m curious if Aquaman’s asymmetrical armor has a backstory is just there to look cool. Also, he is totally standing in rubble. Could it be that Wonder Woman isn’t the only superhero to show up at the end to clean up Batman and Superman’s mess?

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice arrives in theater on March 25, 2016.

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