The Walking Dead” has been suffering from a mess of weird choices this season. From the bizarre way Glenn’s arc was handled to the extremely inappropriate timing of teen angst to sending Morgan from badass to “kill him please” in record time to cramming the entire plot into a 48 hour period, things have been…interesting.

But as the mid-season finale drew to a close, something happened that made no sense.


Leaving audiences with a cliffhanger for the mid-season finale is expected. With the casting of Negan, introducing his people makes sense. But after watching this scene, can you figure out what DOESN’T make sense?

The bikers are definitely hiding around a curve in the road but they aren’t so close that Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham didn’t have warning. They saw the band was armed; they were literally chased yesterday (in-universe) by thugs with guns. They have a rocket launcher.


So the question is, why didn't they use it? In what universe do these hardened survivors not throw the truck into reverse and turn the bikers into a smear on the concrete? One in which the plot drives character actions instead of character action driving the plot.


“The Walking Dead” returns on February 14, 2016.

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