The problem with filming a show about the zombie apocalypse is that — to our knowledge — we are not currently LIVING in one. This reality has led to all kinds of wacky shenanigans on “The Walking Dead,” like driving cars that shouldn’t exist yet because the timelines don’t match up. Or lawns being tidy because humans still live/work there when the cameras aren’t rolling.

But for the most part, “The Walking Dead” has done a good job of making their universe feel lived in. Like everything would be either grimy or sticky if you touched it. This is particularly true of the walkers. Say what you will about the hot-and-cold plot developments, the visual effects have continued to impress each year. As the undead deteriorate, the effects department keeps pushing the envelope on how gross they can get. So it took me by surprise when I noticed the walkers reaching for Spencer Monroe on AMC’s website had immaculate hands. Just…flawless.

Surely it was a fluke? But no. An exhaustive search of every single official episode photo from the last six years confirmed: zombies are really picky about hand hygiene. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it.

  • In Season One, the delicate hands of walkers make sense. It’s early days and decay hasn’t set in yet. Look at those pristine fingers in the lower mid of the photo!
    Photo Credit: AMC
  • By the second season however, decay has set in. Gums are receding, skin it mottling…yet this walker is sporting a reverse French manicure and well-groomed nails.
    Photo Credit: AMC
  • Even the zombies trying to take a bite out of Rick displayed well-tended nail bed. They might be dirty, but they’re clean cut.
    Photo Credit: AMC
  • Once you notice, suddenly zombie hands become the first thing you see. You should think “Oh no!” at this image but instead you’re thinking “Those undead have nicer hands than me!”
    Photo Credit: AMC
  • I mean, come on! This walker is practically shoving his hand in your face and saying “You gotta try the nail place that just opened!”
    Photo Credit: AMC
  • His palm says ‘filthy walker’ but his nails say ‘trimmed regularly.’
    Photo Credit: AMC
  • Are these zombies trying to get to Father Gabriel or did the mistake the church for a spa sale?
    Photo Credit: AMC
  • Five seasons in, their skin may have turned a sickly pallor, but no walker wants to bee seen with long gnarly fingernails OR ones that have split down the middle.
    Photo Credit: AMC
    Photo Credit: AMC
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