Olivia Munn’s sister Sara was recently on hand to witness Munn’s wire work practice. After all, What’s the point of your sibling starring in the “X-Men” franchise if you don’t get to come hang out on set?


Wire training for #psylocke @oliviamunn #stickit

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It seems Munn is fully committed to Sparkle Motion™ when it comes to Psylocke’s martial arts training and assassin background. That cardboard cutout in Munn’s left hand is also the first proof we’ve seen that Psylocke’s psychic blade will be making an appearance. The Entertainment Weekly cover showed Munn with glowing arcs of purple energy in her fist, but nothing so defined as the classic weapon wielded by Psylocke in the field.

Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment


Are you looking forward to Munn destroying her enemies with violet psionic energy next year?


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