Well this is a surprise! With one day to go until Thanksgiving — in America — Marvel has pushed out the “Captain America: Civil War” teaser trailer. But for a teaser, there is a lot of footage!

With “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” getting tantalizingly close to release, everyone assumed Disney would tout their other mega-franchise in the previews. Now it looks like those assumptions were correct. Some other assumptions that turned out to be accurate? The MCU version of “Civil War” does not revolve around the registration of superheroes as secret identities don’t exist there…yet*. Instead the focus seems to be on getting the Avengers some oversight so they don’t keep blowing up small cities.

*With the introduction of Black Panther and Spider-Man, we could very well be seeing the beginnings of secret identities.

Also, Cap is very adamant that no one touch Bucky.

But as is the nature of the trailer beast, it isn’t fully consumed until we break down every frame to see what we can infer about the plot, the characters, and the settings. Time to digest this meaty carcass!

  • #1: Sometime between the end of "Winter Solider" and now, Bucky found another change of clothes.
    Photo Credit: Marvel Entertainment
  • #2: These people seem waaaay too happy to be running for their lives. Get it together, extras!
    Photo Credit: Marvel Entertainment
  • #3: Wherever Cap and Falcon are hiding Bucky and his giant vice is a German-speaking country. Ironic, all things considered.
    Photo Credit: Marvel Entertainment
  • #4: Yes, yes, the Sokovia Accords. But look at that manicure. Scarlet Witch is at the table too.
    Photo Credit: Marvel Entertainment
  • #5: General Ross is looking good. Though it seems awkward to have the Hulk's ex-girlfriend's dad giving orders to Black Widow.
    Photo Credit: Marvel Entertainment
  • #6: Remember how Scarlett Johansson cut all her hair off last year? Marvel's wig budget is on point!
    Photo Credit: Marvel Entertainment
  • #7: They took Cap's shield away. THEY TOOK CAP'S SHIELD AWAY!
    Photo Credit: Marvel Entertainment
  • #8: Hey guys, what are counting down to? Cap is wearing the same jacket from the previous image, so this is post-bro-break-up.
    Photo Credit: Marvel Entertainment
  • #9: T'Challa knows how to make an entrance (and a suit)!
    Photo Credit: Marvel Entertainment
  • #10: Rhodey are you okay? Did Bucky kill you? DID MARVEL FRIDGE YOU? Speak to us, Rhodey!
    Photo Credit: Marvel Entertainment
  • #11: Bucky has Cap's shield! They're passing it back and forth! This is totally — maybe — a metaphor for the future of Captain America!
    Photo Credit: Marvel Entertainment
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