Jared Leto recently wore a wide-brimmed hat while outside in the scorching summer sun. If you think this isn’t news, you don’t know Batman fans.


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Fans of both “Suicide Squad” and “The Killing Joke” wasted no time to draw comparisons between Leto’s shadow and his character’s silhouette from the controversial graphic novel in the comments of the image. And I'll admit the similarities are definitely there, in the broadest terms imaginable.

Both Leto and the Joker are wearing a hat. Both are using a camera. Both are wearing shorts. Both are human males with full mobility.

Image Credit: DC Comics/Brian Bolland


Of course, as Leto is starring in “Suicide Squad,” it’s possible this is his way of letting fans know that Oracle will be appearing? Though we could do without the sexual assault of Barbara Gordon being relived on the big screen, the fact Warner Bros. is ALSO creating an animated version of “The Killing Joke” implies they’re hellbent on bringing this story back into the public eye. So maybe Leto IS saying that his Joker — which up until this point has more closely resembled the character’s slick gangster days mixed with a modern underworld crime boss — will visit parts of Alan Moore’s origin story. Or maybe Leto is just out for a walk.

After all, his Instagram feed is peppered with nature photos from the last week as the actor explored Yosemite.



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Sometimes a hat is just a hat, y’all. Just sayin'.


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