Fans were crushed when ABC decided to cancel Marvel's Agent Carter but they weren't about to let that be the end of her adventures. A campaign to get Netflix to pick up the show for a third season or film was started immediately and has since garnered almost 114,000 signatures. Actor Hayley Atwell was recently asked about her thoughts on Agent Carter's future and she seems as determined as any fan to get Peggy Carter back.

Twitter user @agent_aurelie attended Atwell's panel at MegaCon in Orlando, Florida this past weekend and relayed some of the best answers the actor gave to the audience. Even though the actor is set for another ABC series (Conviction) she would make a busy schedule work to bring us more Peggy.

She also touched a bit on where the show could go from here story-wise.

At another convention in London actor Lotte Verbeek, who played Jarvis' wife Anna, told fans "You guys were just amazing supporting it and I'm sorry it got cancelled. I feel like we're kinda letting you guys down - but it wasn't my decision, unfortunately."

In related news, this public appearance by Atwell was apparently the first time she was told about the latest Marvel Captain America (do we need to say spoiler anymore?) reveal of Steve Rogers saying, "Hail, Hydra." Her reaction went as expected.

Unfortunately it doesn't seem as if anyone brought up #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend but Atwell did weigh in on Cap's relationship with Peggy's niece in Captain America: Civil War.

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