The new “Ghostbusters” movie has been beset from the beginning by people — mostly dudes — complaining that it isn’t a really Ghostbusters movie because the original cast is not returning. To add insult to (perceived) injury, all these new busters of ghosts are WOMEN.

And these disenfranchised folks have been very vocal about their dislike. From social media tantrums to invading a children’s hospital Facebook page to insult the cast, Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon have been buffeted by the winds of howling man children.

Earlier today? They responded. Behold the power of this fully operational female cast and crew!


3 cheers to @theellenshow from all the remarkable women of #ghostbusters. When we stand together we are unstoppable! #girlpower

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Allow me to translate this fantastic work of brass with a GIF. If you don’t like that the new “Ghostbusters” are women?


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