"Firefly" alum Jewel Staite will be guest starring in an upcoming episode of "Legends of Tomorrow".

When "Legends of Tomorrow" kicks off later this month, it will be taking its audience to DC Comics's past, present, and future. Characters from "The Flash" and "Arrow" will be moving backwards and forwards in time meeting younger versions of themselves, older versions of themselves and distant relatives of characters that may not have yet made their CW debut. 

This will be the case when the "Legends of Tomorrow" team meets Rachel Turner -- the new character played by "Firefly's" Jewel Staite. According to Comic Book Resources, Turner is a "tech genius/roboticist who exists in a future in which technology has an even firmer grip on our lives than it does today." While Turner believes her technology can help the world, it will unwittingly fall into the hands of Vandal Savage (Casper Crump). 

Apparently Turner comes from a long line of inventors and is the descendant of a DC Comics character. Could she be the great great granddaughter of Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh)? Perhaps when Palmer meets her they will have a kindred connection.  Jewel Staite will make her "Legends of Tomorrow" debut in episode 10. 

"Legends of Tomorrow" premieres January 21 on The CW at 8/7C. 

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