Marvel and Netflix are moving forward with their latest collaboration — Iron Fist. Finn Jones as Danny Rand is the last chess piece needed before the game of Defenders can begin in earnest. As Netflix releases season in their entirety for binge-watching, it’ll be a while before fans see Jones in action. But the first photos from the set are out, and Danny Rand is rocking some trust fund hippie chic.

Do you want ringworms? Because this is how you get ringworms!

In the video (above or below), my colleague Roth Cornet and I discuss what clues can be garnered from the way Iron Fist is styled. My best guess? He’s just returned to NYC from the mystical land of K’un-L’un, hence the ancient clothing and even ancient-er iPod. I mean, look at it! This thing is probably Gen One...practically an antique!

Iron Fist is slated to arrive on Netflix sometime in 2017.

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