If you’ve been around here for a while, you know I’m a big fan of DC Comics’ Poison Ivy. So when I got to announce Ivy’s miniseries earlier this year, I was so excited to see Dr. Pamela Isley stand in the spotlight.

Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death has now completed its six-issue run, and DC Comics has been silent on what’s next for Ivy. Comic-Con seemed like the perfect opportunity to ask DC co-publisher Dan Didio if fans should be on the lookout for more Ivy-centric series.

Didio told me Poison Ivy is what they call a “cusp” book. Her individual issue sales did well enough — averaging around 20k copies per month according to ComicChron — but they’re hoping graphic novel sales will be robust. They have high hopes since Steve Orlando’s Midnighter series also had average single-issue sales but then exploded once graphic novels hit mass market (bookstore) shelves.

Didio also said, “People love to write [Poison Ivy] so we’ll probably work something out.”

One of those people who love to write Ivy is Cycle of Life and Death author Amy Chu. I caught up with Chu at her San Diego Comic-Con booth to see if I could get her to spill the beans on the possibility of Ivy’s return. Chu did not disappoint.

“[DC Comics] hasn’t said no [about more Ivy comics]. We’ve talked about some ideas. They’re busy with Rebirth right now, but we’ll see where it goes after that,” she said.

While not a confirmation, the fact that DC Comics even reached out to Chu to pick her brain for new storylines is a good sign. Hopefully, whenever the Cycle of Life and Death graphic novel arrives in bookstores, it flies off shelves like hotcakes. Because we all need more multi-faceted LBGT women in our lives.

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