Archie Comics has a long delightful history of insane mash-ups. From Punisher to Predator and everything in between, no premise is too insane.

Continuing that tradition, this summer the denizens of Riverdale will face off against a tornado of sharks. A ‘Sharknado,’ if you will. In ARCHIE VS. SHARKNADO #1 Archie and the gang brave a storm that riffs off SyFy’s pop culture phenomenon! Who will live? Who will die? Will this take a BITE out of the end-of-the-year prom? 

BONUS: The comic is happening concurrently with the plot of “SHARKNADO 3” and hits stands right before the film’s premiere in July on Syfy. 

Image Credit: Archie Comics. Cover by Francesco Francavilla.

This variant cover a little too spooky for you? Need a little more light-hearted absurdity and/or crowbars to shark faces? Archie has two alternative Sharknado covers that will also be available wherever comics are sold!

Image Credit: Archie Comics. Cover by Dan Parent.


Image Credit: Archie Comics. Cover by Robert Hack.

ARCHIE VS. SHARKNADO #1 ONE-SHOT goes on sale July 22, 2015!

Written by the SHARKNADO trilogy director Anthony C. Ferrante with Dan Parent.
Script: Anthony C. Ferrante with Dan Parent
Art: Dan Parent, Rich Koslowski
48-page, full color comic
$4.99 U.S.


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