Silk is coming. After a decade barricaded in an underground bunker, Cindy Moon is ready to take take on being a superhero. With nothing to do for ten years but practice her Spider Powers™, she’s up to the task…even if her quips are painfully outdated.

Introduced to Marvel’s lore during the Spiderverse Event, Cindy was the second victim of the spider that bit Peter Parker all those years ago. But instead of honing her new skills in the underground wrestling circuit, her powers drew the attention of the supervillain Morlun. For her protection, Cindy stayed in a secret bunker until Spider-Man “freed” her, thinking Cindy was being held against her will.

Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment

Now that she’s out, Silk is wasting no time. In her new on-going series, written by Robbie Thompson, Cindy will balance finding her legs as a superhero with figuring out what happened to her family.

HitFix has an exclusive look at the first four pages of SILK #1. After the jump, meet Cindy as she learns the art of the inner monologue!

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