When Supergirl arrived on CBS last fall, it was the first female-led superhero TV show since Wonder Woman went off the air in 1979. In a climate of grimdark reboots, there was some fretting the lighter tone taken by Supergirl would cause the show to crash-and-burn. Luckily that wasn’t the case. While CBS is passing the baton to The CW for Season 2, Kara Danvers will continue to save her city in the bright warm light of day.

The show performed so well that DC Comics released a Digital First comic all about the television universe version of Supergirl entitled The Adventures of Supergirl. The thirteen chapter limited-run series drew to a digital close back on July 10, but some folks like their physical copies. So — as with all DC Digital First comics — the final issue will also be released wherever comic books are sold on July 20, 2016. Check out the synopsis below!

Who is Supergirl? Kara Danvers has learned a lot about her super-abilities, her strengths as a friend and as a sister, her love of being human and alien at the same time. And now she’ll need to pull it all together to defeat her most dangerous foe to date!

HitFix Harpy got an exclusive look inside the issue (for those of you who haven’t been reading online!) after the jump. Will Kara be able to get it together in time to save the day?

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