I think it’s safe to say Twitter has become a vital part of the television watching experience for many people. While the social media platform will never replace the water cooler, it is a nice dovetail for people who want to share their shows in real time with fellow fans.

So, of course, a debate has erupted over whether or not this is a good thing. People who aren’t at home or live in different time zones lament they’re being spoiled. Would it be nice if Twitter proper would take a page from Tweetdeck and allow people to mute hashtags and keywords? Yes. But in the meantime, Arya Stark herself (Maisie Williams) has a suggestion for you:

Image Credit: Twitter

Lady Stark has spoken. If you don't want Game of Thrones spoilers, stay off Twitter. I'm gonna have to agree with her. I mean, come on, y'all. This ain't exactly our first livetweet rodeo.

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