75 years after his debut in PEP COMICS #22, Archie Andrews is getting a whole new dimension. A third one! In case you haven’t heard Archie Comics with teaming up with The CW to bring the iconic red-headed teen to life in Riverdale.

Executive producer Greg Berlanti is taking a short break from single-handedly reviving television superheroes to go back to his teen dramedy roots. Riverdale will take cues from the critically-acclaimed 2015 relaunch of Archie Comics. With the cast in place — including the transformation of K.J. Apa into Archie Andrews — the only thing left to do is wait.

But The CW and Archie are merciful. Today they released a handful of photos from the set. Fans can get their first look at Pop’s Shop and Riverdale High. No peek yet at the beach, Pickens’ Park, or the Riverdale Mall yet. I suppose they can’t give it ALL away up front.

The pilot for Riverdale is currently in production. Here's hoping they get picked up!

  • Archie's family made their money in construction.
    Photo Credit: The CW/Archie Comics

    But does the red-haired Andrews want to inherit the family business?

  • It wouldn't be high school without mandatory school pride.
    Photo Credit: The CW/Archie Comics

    Whether their getting in the spirit to boost morale or to take on Central High School in the big game, Riverdale has spirit, yes they. They've got spirit, how about you?

  • Pop's Chock'Lit Shop looks like it could be right out of the 1950s.
    Photo Credit: The CW/Archie Comics

    But in a town as small as Riverdale, the kids will make due with their hang-out options.

  • Is Pop's just now opening?
    Photo Credit: The CW/Archie Comics

    Or should the gang be worried about a rival cafe putting their favorite after-school hangout spot in jeopardy?

  • Someone has to keep the kids from getting out of hand.
    Photo Credit: The CW/Archie Comics

    But since this is regular Riverdale and not AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE, at least the officers won't have to contend with zombies or Satanic witch cults.

  • The iconic three-strawed milkshake.
    Photo Credit: The CW/Archie Comics

    But no sign of Archie, Betty, or Veronica. Did the trio share? Or was someone's hopes left dashed on the diner table?

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