We are dangerously close to the premiere of “Ant-Man.” Soon all — or none — of our questions will be answered. Is Scott Lang going to take his new role seriously? Is Hope Van Dyne going to be the new Wasp? What happened to the original Wasp? And what is the heist Lang must pull off that could save the world?

As part of the final push, Marvel just released three new “Ant-Man” posters and they’re pretty fantastic. If you wanted to know the scale of Ant-Man compared to Mjolnir, or Iron Man’s face, or Captain America’s shield, your wish has been granted.

A more suspicious person might wonder if these posters were a clue about "Ant-Man" cameo appearances. Good thing we aren't that!

#1: Ant-Man with Mjolnir for scale.

Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment


#2: Ant-Man with Iron Man's face for scale.

Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment


#3: Ant-Man with Captain America's shield for scale.

Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment

"Ant-Man" scuttles into theaters on July 17!

[Via Marvel]

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