At midnight last night, Netflix and Marvel released the second season of Daredevil. In the spirit of last year, I binged the first few episodes and wrote down my stream-of-conscious thoughts as I went along. Breaking from last year’s tradition, I probably won’t be doing any more of them.

Daredevil is still a good show. It’s just no longer a good show for me.

Episode One - “Bang”

Image Credit: Marvel/Netflix/EW

#1: Last time, on “Childhood Trauma Leads To Superheroes”
#2: Watching a recap of an entire season’s worth of plot is weird. Binge-watching leads to another new change, this time to the “Previously On” formula.
#3: I hope this season they manage to stop using Asian actors as the monolithic, exotic enemy.
#4: The city’s most interesting water tower.
#5: Why is the lighting so green? What does green indicate when setting the tone? Help me, cinephiles. 
#6: What did Jesus do to deserve to be capped? 
#7: Pull it back Murdock, that was a supervillain smile.
#8: Are Foggy and Matt the best bromance since Turk and J.D. since “Scrubs”? Yes. Yes, they are.
#9: If “Daredevil” truly wants to show the hell that is NYC heat waves, they should descend into the swampy underbelly of the subway.
#10: Nothing suspicious about a well-dressed man standing alone on a street corner in the middle of the night.
#11: Animal abuse? Well, these men are all dead.
#12: Oh Lord, is the Irish mob gonna go to war with the Hand? Stereotypes, FIGHT!
#13: Are you serious with that ringtone right now?
#14: Karen has game. Respect the game. 
#15: It’s a desperate move when the Irish mob comes to a lawyer for protection.
#16: Wait, it’s called “Gang On Gang Overkill”? It’s called GOGO!
#17: Lol, the Dogs of Hell gang has a big sign announcing their clubhouse.
#18: This slaughterhouse seems really unsanitary. When was the last time the health inspector came through?
#19: Foggy might not have a superhero suit, but that kind of makes him even braver? These bikers know who he is. 
#20: My dad used to say you can get anywhere in life if you walk with purpose and carry a clipboard. In the case of Punisher, the clipboard is a sawed off shotgun I guess?
#21: I wonder if doing blood spit takes are fun or gross?
#22: Did…did Matt just try to catch a bullet?

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