We are less than two months out from the return of Game of Thrones. Fans have been living in anticipation for what the new season holds in store for favorite characters and hate villains alike. George R.R. Martin’s The Winds of Winter is still being polished, which means no one knows what fate has in store for the Starks, the Targaryens, or even the Boltons. The show’s history would imply the ruthless and cruel will win the day, but the tide must turn eventually right?


Today Game of Thrones released the red band trailer for Season Six. Maybe I’ve become numb to what makes something “adult” but ladies kissing and flayed men burning just don’t strike me as needing a red band warning. Check it out then meet me below to parse this sucker for clues!


That was…a lot. Between the major plot beats and the single second quick cuts, the trailer covered a ton of ground. I won’t be pulling out every single thing. Just the moments that captured my interest. For example, Arya’s blindness won’t intrigue me until if/when she begins to unlock her warg powers. Come on, Nymeria.

  • #1: Melisandre and Davos make unlikely allies.
    Photo Credit: HBO

    We're still not sure if Stannis is dead, but Melisandre is a woman having a crisis of faith. Will it be her or Davos who first realize the flames have been telling her about Snow?

  • #2: Who are you, sad man staring at kindling?
    Photo Credit: HBO

    Are you Stannis? A brother of the Night's Watch? What do you guys think?

  • #3: House Bolton is on the war path.
    Photo Credit: HBO

    After defeating Stannis on the field of battle, it appears the Flayed Men are on the march. Later sequences in the trailer show they're marching North. But can the armies of Roose Bolton withstand the might of the Wildlings? I wouldn't hold my breath.

  • #4: Where is Dany being taken with the others?
    Photo Credit: HBO

    As my co-worker Roth pointed out, only the unworthy walk. So are these people Dothraki or the captives/slaves of the nomadic people? Whoever they are, they're all being herded back to Vaes Dothrak.

  • #5: Jorah and Daario put aside their differences.
    Photo Credit: HBO

    But if they're both traversing the plains for their lost Queen, that leaves only one person in charge of Meereen. Tyrion. Well Tyrion and Varys, as I'm sure he'll pop back up. I'm 100% okay with this.

  • #6: Just a reminder that Jorah has been infected with Greyscale.
    Photo Credit: HBO

    There's a legitimate question as to whether he'll even live long enough to rescue Dany.

  • #7: The Greyjoys are having a Kingsmoot.
    Photo Credit: HBO

    Or maybe a Queensmoot. Or — based on a single frame later in the trailer — they're just baptizing more men in the name of the Drowned God. Regardless, a familial battle for the Seastone Chair is brewing as Pilou Asbæk has been cast to play Euron Greyjoy this season.

  • #8: Where is Sansa?
    Photo Credit: HBO

    The doom and gloom indicate she's still in the North. There are several options here. She's been recaptured and taken back to Winterfell. She successfully escaped and is being housed with nobles still loyal to House Stark. She was found by Brienne and spirited to relative safety. Or she made it to The Wall. Please let it be one of the good options.

  • #9: Zombie Gregor Clegane is ready to bring the violence.
    Photo Credit: HBO

    Those little Sparrows don't stand a chance. Interesting that Ser Gregor's corpse has a head. Makes you wonder what skull they sent to House Martell to "prove" The Mountain died. 

  • #10: Brienne just being Brienne.
    Photo Credit: HBO

    Trapped in the woods, surrounded by enemies, and with not a prayer of completing her mission? Time for a rampage. I still hold out hope that Brienne will meet — and survive — Lady Stoneheart. Together they could ride through the Riverlands, cutting down House Frey without mercy.

  • #11: Theon is either in serious trouble, or was just rescued.
    Photo Credit: HBO

    Hard to say. Those dogs don't LOOK like they belong to Ramsay Bolton. But they might.

  • #12: Yara is a lesbian.
    Photo Credit: HBO

    Yay!! That is all.

  • #13: Speaking of Pilou Asbæk...
    Photo Credit: HBO

    ...hello Euron Greyjoy. My co-worker Roth Cornet thinks he may be at The Wall. But I disagree. That rain slick cloak and worn stonework cries out Castle Pyke to me.

  • #14: Who is jumping off this ledge?
    Photo Credit: HBO

    And what are they running from? In the frame before this, it almost looks as if this mysterious person is being chased by Jaime Lannister.

  • #15: What crest is on this armor?
    Photo Credit: HBO

    At first I thought it was the Kraken of House Greyjoy, but I'm not sure the Westerosi Vikings wear plate as it would merely sink them to the bottom of the sea in battle. So is it the sigil of House Targaryen!? If so, Young Griff and Lord Connington could be on the horizon, making a play for the Iron Throne.

  • #16: Margaery Tyrell is a clever girl.
    Photo Credit: HBO

    The woman is made of Teflon. She married a gay man to become Queen. When that didn't pan out, she married a psychopath (and killed him) to become Queen. When that failed, she married the dead King's baby brother. Now that it seems the wind is shifting again, Margaery looks to be throwing in with the High Sparrow. If true, it makes sense. The people of King's Landing love Queen Margaery. Using the Sparrow to rid herself of Cersei is a very Tyrell-ian thing to do. Of course, as soon as he's outlived his usefulness to her, the High Sparrow better watch his back.

  • #17: Bran makes a terrifying new friend.
    Photo Credit: HBO

    Bran. Meet the Night's King. Night's King. Meet Bran. Also hello again White Walker in the background whom Samwell Tarly saw a few seasons back. There has been much speculation that the Starks of Winterfell are related by blood to the Night's King. So is this a family reunion? Perhaps.

    In the novels, once Bran is plugged into the tree he can see anything a Heart Tree has seen at any point in history. As Bran is standing, this is definitely a vision. But is he actively being courted by the Night's King or is this merely a scene that has already happened being replayed like a movie?

  • #18: Davos has come for Jon Snow's body.
    Photo Credit: HBO

    We began with blood and magic at the Wall, and we end there too. I bet you a shiny nickel that Melisandre sent Davos to recover Jon Snow's body so that she could perform the resurrection ritual on him. Whether Davos means to kill Ghost (unlikely) or the Night's Watch guards (likely), Davos won't be heading off to find young Rickon Stark any time soon.

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