Last month, “Guardians of the Galaxy 2” writer/director James Gunn took to social media to dispel some rumors. No, Hulk would not be appearing. Yes, Peter Quill would remain the sole Earthling character. But Gunn also stoked the flames around another rumor…that another woman would be joining the Guardians on their sophomore outing.

Now that rumor has more credence with the casting of relative newcomer Pom Klementieff. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Marvel conducted an exhaustive search before selecting Klementieff. THR also says actresses had to do several rounds of “chemistry reads” though that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s a love interest.

But it does raise the question: what character IS Klementieff playing. There are a few likely candidates. HitFix Harpy rounded-up four of the most likely denizens of the galaxy that Gunn could have in mind.

  • #1: Mantis
    Photo Credit: Marvel Entertainment

    Who she is: Originally a woman of German/Vietnamese descent, Mantis was raised by a religious sect of the Kree who believed her to be the Celestial Madonna — their version of the Virgin Mary — set to give birth to the Celestial Messiah. Eventually she was mind wiped and sent back to Earth where she became embroiled with the Avengers, married and merged with the Eldest Cotati, then left our reality to give birth to Space Jesus. Eventually she hooked up with Guardians of the Galaxy to become a member of the team and their unofficial psychological counselor. 

    Powers: Superhuman strength, speed, and agility. She is a master martial artist, can astral project, and possess formidable telepathic, telekinetic, and pyrokinetic skills.

    How she’d fit in: Mantis is the obvious choice here as she’s another female member of the team, has a long history within the Marvel universe, and could kickstart multiple plot points.

  • #2: Moondragon
    Photo Credit: Marvel Entertainment

    Who she is: Originally a casualty of Thanos’s time on Earth, Moondragon began life as Heather Douglas. When her parents were killed, the girl was whisked away and raised on the planet (not moon) of Titan as another potential Celestial Madonna. Calculating and arrogant, she fights on the side of good.

    Powers: Psionic powers including telekinesis and telepathy. She can also shapeshift into a dragon.

    How she’d fit in: Well, she IS the long lost daughter of Drax the Destroyer. If Gunn doesn’t take the path that Drax was originally human, it could allow for Heather to reappear at the opportune — or inopportune — moment.

  • #3: Aleta Ogord aka Starhawk
    Photo Credit: Marvel Entertainment

    Who she is: Part of one of the many Marvel alternate Earth’s, Aleta and her brother Stakar grew up with an intense sibling rivalry that culminated in an accident during Stakar’s coming of age trial. As a result Aleta was transformed into light energy that she can manipulate to appear solid. Over the course of the comics, Aleta has been a solo entity and fused with her brother at various times. These mergers never went well.

    Powers: Superhuman strength, stamina, agility, and the gift of flight at near light speed. She also has the ability to focus photons into both offensive and defensive beams of light and phase through matter.

    How she’d fit in: While fused with her brother’s personality, Aleta was a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy and she rejoined after they once again split. If the Badoon are the villains of “Guardians 2,” Aleta was present during that particular war.

  • #4: Phyla-Vell
    Photo Credit: Marvel Entertainment

    Who she is: The genetic clone of Captain Mar-Vell (not Carol Danvers), Phyla-Vell is an Eternal/Kree hybrid who was aged at an accelerated rate on Titan. When her genetic twin brother Genis-Vell went insane, she helps restore him to himself. During this arc, Phyla-Vell also become involved in a romantic relationship with Moondragon, one that would led her to the Guardians. She would become one of those telepathically “persuaded” to join the team by Mantis.

    Powers: Superhuman strength and endurance. She also has the ability to fly and can absorb energy blast and redirect them back to the enemy or another target.

    How she’d fit in: Should “Guardians 2” go down the path of building up the team in order to take out a new threat, Phyla-Vell would make an obvious — if reluctant — ally

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